Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Recap - Nursery Rhyme Edition

Friday morning was so much fun.  It was nursery rhyme day in PreK where the students got to stand up in front of all their peers and their parents and recite a nursery rhyme that they had been assigned earlier in the month. 

Mason recited Little Boy Blue and he made his own horn ;)

He did so well and we were so proud of him!  He worked really hard on memorizing it (despite telling me multiple times that he "had lots of days work on it") and he said it perfectly!

Dave and Griffin came to watch and she was so excited to run and give him a hug after :)

I had to get back to class, so I didn't get to stay through the entire program, but when I was looking through the pictures Dave snapped later that night I GASPED when I saw this one.  The sweetness!  The little hand on his arm.  Sigh.

Griffin had to be picked up a little early from her sitter and so I grabbed her and then she and I swung through Starbucks before going to get the boys.  When did she get this big?!?!?!

We got home, changed clothes and got straight to jumping!

Big brother love!

It was GORGEOUS and we played outside until dark.

Saturday morning Luke tagged along to Dance with me and Griffin.  The backward hat kills me!

Then we hit up Trader Joes for flowers, trail mix and other essentials.

When we got home Mason and Dave had just gotten back from Bitty Ball and were busy raking and riding out front.

Best. Ever.

Saturday morning/afternoon Luke had Aiden over and Mason had two of his besties, Ben and Jack, over to play!

Loved having all these cuties around the table (and two more big boys playing Legos in the backyard!)

"Thank you, Jesus, for macaroni and legos and friends.  Amen"


Cutest play date EVER!

We ended the afternoon with some Wii U and giant marshmallows :)

Luke left to go see a movie with Carter and after naps the little ones and I had fun with more jumping...

... sidewalk chalk...

... and lots and lots of playing in the leaves.  

I feel like Griffin is becoming less and less toddler and more little girl every day.  Watching her run this weekend was crazy!  No baby anymore!

Sunday we were up early with a puny Griffin.  Fighting a cold and just not feeling herself.

I had an open house at MCA in the afternoon and went straight from there to my Matilda Jane open house. Griffin still wasn't feeling herself, so she hung out with Dave and watched a movie while the boys went to AWANAs - and the only picture I took all day was the one above.  

And here's a little video ;)  I promised myself that I would take more videos in 2016 and am trying to follow through.  And I'm bummed that Luke is in a total of 1 video - but apparently that's what happens when you're 8 and have a social calendar all your own :)  Also - the video ends totally awkwardly, I'm working on my iMovie skills. hahaha  No judging - I'm an amateur :)

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Last, but not least - be sure to check out my post below for all the info on scooping up some new Spring Matilda Jane!

Happy Monday, Friends!!!


  1. Mason reciting her nursery still my heart! Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway friend!! Love you! xo

  2. Mason can jump!!! He got major air before landing in that leaf pile!

  3. THAT PICTURE of G and M!!!! OH MY GOODNESS it is PRECIOUS! Looks like y'all had a fun weekend! I can't get over this weather, but I'm soaking it all up!

  4. What a fun weekend!! Hope your precious girl is feeling better!! Love all of the pics of the nice weather!! Xoxo

    1. Still a little under the weather, but hopefully on the mend!!! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, Mason is so cute! Hope G is feeling better today and what an awesome giveaway!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! I'm trying hard to capture more videos of them :)

  7. I had to stop for a minute and remember which season it was when I saw the leaf pile pictures! :)

  8. What a beautiful weekend!! GG in that leotard --- TOO MUCH!!!

  9. GG pushing that little shopping cart around? I die. Adorable times ten!

  10. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! The shopping cart picture is adorable!

  11. Cuteness overload, epscially GG in that leo and cute cat shoes, I die. I can't wait for my little to start dance!

  12. Love the videos & their sweet little voices! Thanks for sharing :)


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