Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites - Sunshine Edition

It's Friday!! WOO! HOO!  This week has been a great one - but I'm ready for a nap this weekend :)

Linking up again with my girls Erika and Narci for another edition of Friday Favorites!

The weather here this week has been INCREDIBLE!  I feel like that's been a common theme this winter, but I'm going to soak it in and appreciate it while it lasts. 60 degrees is my FAVORITE.  Monday afternoon the boys wanted to stay at ESS and head to the playground with their friends, so Griffin and Dave and I had some sweet time together.  Griffin wanted me to sit in the middle of the trampoline while she ran around the edge.  So cute!

Using my crock pot and having dinner ready when I get home is one of my FAVORITES.  And when it's super easy I love it even more.  

I tried this chicken recipe the other day and it was awesome!  

I quartered an onion and threw that and a bulb of garlic into the bottom of my crock pot.

I placed a whole chicken on top of the onion and garlic, rubbed some olive oil on it and then sprinkled on some paprika and lemon pepper.

Eight hours on low and it was perfection!  And all that juice is from the chicken!  I served it with a side of barbecue sauce and pasta.  The chicken was tender and delicious!

This shirt is still a FAVORITE.  Unbelievably soft and the BEST drape!

Sweet hugs are my FAVORITE. :)

And Mason's picture of his family cheering for him while he plays soccer is my FAVORITE.  Check out those stands!!!

Lopsided piggies are my FAVORITE...

... and mismatched shoes are too :)
(if you're kiddos are fans of Natives too, check out this pair on sale for 50% off! and Mason's dinosaur hoodie you can find HERE.)

Talking expressively with her hands (and carrying around a calculator cell phone) are her FAVORITE.

And wearing his shirt backwards and backpack on his front for opposite day were Mason's FAVORITE.

Today Mason will be reciting Little Boy Blue as part of Pre-K's Nursery Rhyme Day which got me thinking about when Luke was his age and he recited Hey, Diddle Diddle.  Look how teeny tiny he is!!!

And last, if you liked my fair isle hat from last week, I found it for under $20 HERE!

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  1. Mason's picture!!!! It's a framer! Hope he does awesome today!

  2. Thank for the party Andrea. Always nice to visit your page and see what's so happening in your world.

  3. Trampolines are the best! My kids have loved them from an early age and even now as a tween and teens occasionally go out and have a jump on the trampoline. Now however it's more about the tricks and flips they perform on the tramp than straight out jumping.

  4. Oh my gosh--mason with his backpack on backwards!! Adorable!! And you and Griffin on the trampoline are precious!!

  5. I want to come over and jump on the trampoline with G! You girls looked like you were having the best time!

  6. That chicken looks delicious and so easy. I need to give it a try!

  7. that chicken looks amazing! i think ill have to look into making it sometime soon!

  8. What an awesome drawing by Mason! And that chicken looks sooo good, I've always wanted to try slow cooking a whole chicken!

  9. It looks like you guys are all having so much fun! Very jealous of your outside time, we could definitely use some vitamin D in this house!

  10. Love Mason's take on opposite day! And spending time with GG on the trampoline.....priceless:)

  11. I make chicken breasts in the crock pot all of the time, but never thought of cooking a whole chicken. Great idea!

    Also, you are a brave lady to have an open mug on a trampoline. ;)

  12. This MN girl misses sunshine, bare feet, no jackets, and little boys in Natives!

  13. Your little girl and her pigtails are just the cutest!!! I make chicken in the crockpot like that a lot.. it turns out amazing!!! have a great weekend!!!

  14. That chicken looks GIGANTIC!! Yum for crockpot recipes!!

  15. Hi!! Do you do the link up every Friday and is it always on Friday Favorites? I would love to add my blog to the link up, I am a new blogger and am looking for all the help I can get ;) thanks!!

  16. Love your orange jacket, where is it from?

  17. That chicken looks so yummm! And I love that FP top on you!! :)


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