Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites - End of August Edition

When the school posted the following photos they were automatically my FAVORITE from the week.    They're our entire lower school (PK-5th grade) praying together for our school year during their chapel.  LOVE our school!

Can you spot Mason???  Far left... little guy :)

Dave and GG killed it with my FAVORITE "Happy Morning Pics" ;)
She is still obsessed with the neighbors ceramic bunny. hahaha

So Griffin is WAY better at taking a picture than I am.  I asked Dave to snap a picture of me in this dress yesterday after school and got this.  And yes, Mason is giving me the side eye ;)

I've decided to single handedly attempt to bring back clogs.  Some of y'all are shooting me the side eye (ala Mason), but I'm obsessed.

So fun, right?!?!?! I picked this pair up at Free People last year but these are similar and so so so cute!

And in true fashion blogger form (insert sarcastic eye roll here), I threw on a pair of jeans with my dress so you could see how stinkin' cute the clogs are going to be with jeans and sweaters this Fall.  Hop on the clog train, girls.... you won't be sorry. ;)

So I love dresses and looking cute for school and all of that, but my FAVORITE is layering on the comfy when I get home :)  #amen

Griffin feels the same way about PJs that I do and she's been LOVING her new Halloween jammies from Crystal Faye.  (She's sold out of Halloween jammies, but if you follow her on Instagram she'll be posting extra Christmas ones you can snag!)

So Luke has been running ahead of me and Mason in the mornings (he's been trading Lego mini figures in the multi-purpose room before school. hahaha), but don't feel too sorry for Mason.  The big kids are his FAVORITE and I think they like him a little bit, too.

I got Griffin ready for bed the other night and the boys were out back with Dave.  Being with her brothers is her FAVORITE and she was not loving being inside while they were out.  I caught her climbing, peeking and jabbering at her brothers through the window.

The boys have been bringing home lots of super cute school work and I decided to throw our hodge podge of crummy magnets away and picked up a whole bunch of these stainless steel clips.  The papers don't fly off the fridge, they're strong enough that crafts and such don't pull the magnets down the fridge and they're on the less ugly side ;) hahaha  And they were cheap!  BONUS!  It's silly how happy these made me, but they were totally a FAVORITE from the week. 

 And since we're talking about art, Mason has taken an interest in making artwork for me after school and yesterday I received a self portrait of him as well as a picture of him at the base of a clock tower and all of his friends on the floors above him.

He also made a rainbow and, my personal FAVORITE, a drawing of him driving a boat with me parasailing behind him. :)

Luke has been producing some quality journals as well :)

This is an awful picture, but this dress is so comfy and cute and is under $35 at Anthropologie (All the sale items are an extra 30% off).  It came in the mail last night and I just slipped it on, but I think it will be cute with a cardigan as we head into Fall and then great for next summer as well.  The fabric is so cute!

There are several other great pieces marked down as well, click below to grab some fun pieces at great prices! (Click the pictures to shop)


Last up, the boys FAVORITE moment from the week (by far!) was Tuesday night when Dave and my Dad took them fishing after bedtime :) 

Apparently shoes are optional when fishing. 

They caught and released, had the most fun and then came home and went straight into the shower. 

 We're ready for the weekend and I hope y'all have a fantastic and restful time with your families!  HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS!


PS - This post contained affiliate links, so if you clicked on a link and purchased an item, I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!


  1. You might need to get Griffin a live rabbit for a pet seeing she loves the ceramic one so much! My kids have pet rabbits and they love them.

  2. What a fun week!! Have a great weekend, friend!! Xoxo

  3. Happy weekend, friend! I'm so glad it's Friday! :)

  4. I always love how making a simple change up like your new magnets makes me so happy! Finally dealing with something like pictures flying off of the fridge just makes my day so I totally get it. Have a great weekend!

  5. Does dave dress griffin everyday?! If so, that is super impressive he is able to pull that off and she still looks adorable! {I don't even have kids but I don't think my husband could even dress our dogs if I wanted him too hahah} I love both dresses on you and your comfy clothes, you are way cuter in comfy clothes than I could ever be #hotmess

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  6. For some reason, in my head on repeat right now is "I'm bringing clogs back" to the tune of "I'm bringing sexy back". Thanks for that. ;)

  7. Dave does such a good job with Griffin's pictures!! And little Miss is so good at posing cute in them too! And listen, if anyone could bring back's you friend :). You rocked them!

  8. What a great week! Love the "Happy Morning" pics. Definitely a favorite! Enjoy the weekend!

  9. The ceramic bunny is one part hilarious and two parts adorable, such a fun morning tradition! I love the shot of all the kids praying for their school, definitely a perk of private Christian school! Happy Weekend! :)

  10. Love the artwork. Someone suggested starting a private IG account, taking pics of kid artwork on a white background and then printing it in a photo book at the end of a year. I think I'm going to try that!

    Mason with the adoring bug kids is darling!

  11. Hanna Andersson always has cute clogs for kids and moms! :)

  12. Those pictures of G peeking out the window are adorable!

  13. My favorite are all the pictures of G with the bunny. too funny!! I think she needs a bunny for Christmas...a ceramic one...ha!

  14. Looks like y'all had a great week

  15. Ohhhh Mason and the BIG Boys is my favorite!!! So very cute!

  16. Those clogs are seriously so cute! Yes bring them back girl!!!

  17. 100% on board to bring back clogs with you! Adding them to my shopping list now! lol! I always love seeing those adorable pics of GG too! Keep em' coming! :) My mom had those same magnets for all of my stuff as well! They were great! I forgot about them...those will be added to the shopping list too :) Thanks Andrea!

  18. Love all your pics! Where is your happy camper tee from?

  19. I'm with you on the comfy clothes. I actually have a shirt that I love so much that it's practically falling apart. My husband even says he's tired of seeing it! Blah blah. Comfort wins! Love all the pictures and fishing is so much fun! Happy Weekend to you!


  20. I have to admit: your clogs are fabulous! They look great with your dress & especially your jeans! I might be convinced (; and your boys' artwork & journals were TOO cute! Make sure to save a few of those journal entry's... it's fun to look back and compare their progress!!

  21. At our Christian school we have a 1st day chapel that that parents stay for. At the end they have all the students k-12 sit on the gym floor and the parents make a circle around them to pray for the school year ahead. It's something to be seen. Impossible not to tear up!


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