Thursday, August 27, 2015

What's Up Wednesday - Day Late Edition

I always get sad that I miss out on the "What's Up Wendesday" link up party since I do recipe club, so I decided to join in a day late.  Better late than never, right??? :)  So here I go!

What We're Eating This Week

This week we've been eating the quiche I blogged about yesterday as well as taco pie and some good ol' fashioned grilled cheese sandwiches.  

What I'm Reminiscing About

That darn Facebook "This Year In The Past" feature has me reminiscing on a daily basis.  Some of my favorites this week have been these:

2013 - Griffin at 4 months old

2012 - Luke's First Day of PreK

And then this was this week in 2012 as well...

That was a text between me and Shay on the day that I found out I was pregnant with Griffin.  I was a HOT MESS of emotions.  Crying.  Laughing.  Shock.  I vividly remember laying down on my couch and just staring during my planning period.  Miss Lisa still jokes with me about how weird I acted when I picked Mason up that day :)  

What I'm Loving

I love Matilda Jane for a lot of reasons beyond the cute clothes.  Their commitment to charitable organizations and helping others is one of the main reasons I love to support their business.  On their blog right now they've launched a "Spread the Love" campaign where you can nominate someone to be surprised with a little MJ love.  Details on how to nominate someone are below.  I've already sent a couple emails in and I have a couple more on my list to send.  How fun would it be for one of your nominees to get a surprise from Matilda Jane?!?!?!  

What We've Been Up To

The boys and I have been doing school and all that that entails, but on Monday, Dave and Griffin had a super fun day together.  They ran a couple of errands and then he took her to eat and play at Chick-Fil-A.  As you can see, she hated it ;)

After lunch, they ran by school to drop something off for me and since it was during lunch, I got to hang out for a few minutes.  Griffin LOVES integers! 

She also loves the lollipops I keep in my room!

I was walking G and Dave out and we saw Mason headed to art after recess.  HIS FACE!!!  hahaha
Think it was hot that day??? 

I love seeing my sweet girl!

hahahaha ;)

What I'm Dreading

Honestly, not much.  Probably the heat going into September, but I'm hopeful we may get some cooler mornings to hold us over until real cool weather starts.

What I'm Working On

Christmas Cards!!!  The first week in September I'll post all the details and info.  Until then, check out a few of my favorites from last year!

What I'm Excited About

Fall activities!  I was calendaring this week and having a little bit of a freak out moment over our Fall schedule, but I am so excited about the activities we have going on for the kids in the coming weeks. Luke is starting back to soccer (Dave got suckered into coaching again. hahaha), we've registered the boys for AWANAS and have made a commitment to get involved in Wednesday night activities at church.  Griffin is taking dance and we're looking for an activity for Mason.  I'm not sure he's up for a team sport yet, but we're thinking possibly golf lessons.  It's going to be a little crazy, but so much fun!

What I'm Watching/Reading

I've been reading "How to Raise an Adult" by Julie Lythcott-Haims and it's been awesome.  I find myself highlighting every other line and putting lots of stars and AMENS in the margins ;)

Being a teacher (and in a private, college prep school to boot), I've witnessed my fair share of "helicopter parenting" and am bound and determined to not over parent my kids while still being supportive. 

I'm not finished with it yet, but so far I'm loving it.

We recently got a Roku in our bedroom so we can watch Netflix and Hulu and all of that and I convinced Dave to watch The Mindy Project with me.  I've watched it from the beginning and LOVE it, but he's never watched it.  He's a new convert and I think he loves is just as much as I do ;)

Preach, Mindy.  Preach.

What I'm Listening To

I listen to Pandora in the afternoons during my planning periods and my current station is a jumbled "eclectic" mix ;)  Think Jason Mraz, David Crowder Band, Taylor Swift, Sam Hunt, Meghan Trainor and Alison Krauss.  Welcome to my brain ;)

What I'm Wearing

Dresses!  Lots and lots of dresses.  Specifically lots of Free People dresses.  They're cute and unique, work appropriate and breezy for teaching 6 classes and walking all over campus in the 99+ degree heat.   This red dress is EVERYTHING.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

The regular.  Laundry, meal prep, etc.  We don't have any major plans and I'm thrilled.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Our Fourth Annual scarf Post Labor Day Scarf Exchange!  This is one of my FAVORITE parties of the year.  A group of girlfriends and I meet up at Starbucks and we each bring a scarf wrapped in a bag.  We draw numbers and do "Chinese Christmas" opening gifts, stealing from each other and laughing way too hard as we usher in Fall.

In 2012 I had JUST found out I was pregnant (surprise!) and so I made a little onesie and put it in my bag (only Shay knew).  Someone opened up the bag and pulled it out along with a scarf and then the screaching and guessing and finger pointing began.  NO ONE thought it was me and so by the time the accusations made their way around the table and landed on me I was pretty much in tears from laughing so hard.  And then in 2013 4 month old Griffin joined me at the exchange.

I'm also looking forward to decorating for Halloween! I have a few fun ideas up my sleeve this year and I'm ITCHING to get my spooky on!

I hope you all have a FABULOUS Thursday!  See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

PS - This post contained affiliate links which means that if you clicked on a link and purchased an item, I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I can't stop laughing at Mason's sweaty face!!! Bless his heart! Glad you participated in this! Fun post!!

  2. Um, so I'm still kind of in shock that you had Griffin. It's been 2.5 years but it was such a surprise that I'm still a little in disbelief :). And by the way...I agree, with fall coming up, there is NOTHING to dread. Love you!

  3. Oh yes...the scarf exchange surprise of 2012. I remember it well. And fyi: I want a piece of quiche and taco pie IMMEDIATELY.

  4. I'm so ready for the cooler temperatures too!! And I've been wearing lots of dresses and flats to teach in--I'm all about comfort when I'm standing all day long :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Aww!! Baby Griffin is so sweet!! Can't wait for the scarf exchange this year!! :)

  6. I love your decorations for each holiday/season, it is so fun! Those Christmas cards are beautiful! and Mindy Project?! YES PLEASE! love it!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  7. Wow! I don't know how you manage to do all you do. You are young, I guess:) And it makes for good blog reading! I smiled at Mason's sweaty face and noticed he's not the only one. Hot for days. Looking forward to what the new fall season brings for your family, thanks for sharing it all with us.

  8. And thanks so much for the book recommendation! I have raised 4 children to adulthood so far and think they are wonderful human beings ( of course, they are!;) but I have 14 yo twin sons and I think since they are my "babies" I could use a refresher. This looks perfect!

  9. Seems SO early to start on Christmas cards - but it sneaks up!! We have to get our fall family photos first and then I will be doing the same!

  10. Ahh awana!! I've been doing it since I was a baby and now I'm receiving my citation award this year! It's a crazy ride but I encourage your kids to stick with it!

  11. Love The Mindy Project!!! :-)

  12. If you don't feel comfortable answering, I totally get it ... But, did you and Dave think you were done after 2 kiddos? Thank the LORD for His plan because G is too freaking cute!!

    1. Ps- because of your use of the nickname "G" for your sweet girl, I convinced my husband we needed to name our baby girl something with a G! In 8 weeks (or less, please!!) we will have our own G, GiGi, G-baby, GG :)

  13. Hello following (stalking, j/k) from San Diego!! I love your blog!! I also following many of your friends! It has been such a blessing to me. I'm a full-time working mama of 2 (12 and 9 years) and I love to read your blog during my lunch/work break (supposed to be working, but...RIGHT!?) I love all of your tips, recipes, creativity, fashion, decoration ideas, etc. I'm hooked. Please keep blogging!! May God bless you, your family (beautiful by the way) and friends.

  14. Hello following (stalking, j/k) from San Diego!! I love your blog!! I also following many of your friends! It has been such a blessing to me. I'm a full-time working mama of 2 (12 and 9 years) and I love to read your blog during my lunch/work break (supposed to be working, but...RIGHT!?) I love all of your tips, recipes, creativity, fashion, decoration ideas, etc. I'm hooked. Please keep blogging!! May God bless you, your family (beautiful by the way) and friends.

  15. Your pregnancy reveal idea- love! May have to steal that next time around!

  16. Such a fun post! Love your sweet kiddos faces! At work visits are fun for you I'm sure! I don't decorate for Halloween but do for fall and I am itching as well!!

  17. Love your blog! Can I ask what size you are wearing the the red dress? I have totally been stalking it and trying to decide between and XS and S. Thanks!


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