Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend Recap - Jack Bauer Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!!!  I'm back at work today - and as you're reading this I'm probably starving and going through caffeine withdrawals - as any time we have a break from school I get used to "grazing" and drinking hot tea all day long. hahaha  I'm also wearing real clothes and am hating every second of not being in PJs :)

Our weekend started on Friday when I picked up our new puppy, Jack Bauer!!!

On Monday night, a family I know from school found Jack wandering through their neighborhood.... it was cold and rainy and he was two pounds of pitiful.  He was matted and obviously uncomfortable and itchy.  He spent the day on Tuesday at the vet getting shaved, scraped, chipped, clipped and everything in between.  Other than a case of mange and some open sores from bites and the skin infection, he was given a clean bill of health and estimated to be between 8-10 weeks old.  They think (based on the hair he had when he went in) that he is a poodle mix and will be under 15 lbs, but only time will tell.  The family that found him kept him for us until Friday because the sulfur solution he was dipped in (to treat the mange) can't be washed off and isn't great for little kids.  

We didn't tell the kids anything between Tuesday and Friday and Dave and I started brainstorming names.  We decided on Jack Bauer while discussing "tough guy names" that we thought would be fitting since he had survived in the cold, wet woods all alone for who knows how long.  We tossed some names back and forth, and being AVID 24 fans as soon as Jack Bauer came out in conversation we knew it was meant to be.

My mom came with me on Friday morning to pick him up, while the kids thought I was running to the grocery store.  We walked into the house and Luke goes, "Gibi!  You have a puppy!!!  Whose puppy is that???" and she answered, "he's yours!" and then squealing and jumping up and down and mass hysteria ensued.  :) Luke LOOOOOOOOVES dogs and has been asking for one for, literally, years.  Before we had Mason, we had a yellow lab, and we'd been talking about getting a dog that would better suit our family for several months.  

GG was instantly enamored with the teeny guy...

... and the boys were equally impressed.  Please note how sweet Jack Bauer is!!!

Mason (and his bedhead) were OVER THE MOON!!!

We let Jack Bauer (yes.... we're calling him by his full name), take a rest and the kids played with Duplos :)

Note how GG wedges herself in there and squeezes her biggest brother out :)

More playtime!!!

And then a little Kindle time :)

And then he slept in my jacket to stay warm. hahaha

Friday night GG impressed us with her new trick and then we all called it a night early.

Saturday mornign G was HAPPY it was the weekend!  We celebrated with dry cereal and cartoons in our bed :)

After our snuggle time, the kids and Dave braved the cold to head to the Home Depot kids workshop while I got some things done around the house (mainly, cleaning up and out toys and other junk).

Luke was so excited that they ran into one of his buddies from school!!!

Stop - it's hammer time :) hahaha

Sister bear hung out and watched her big brothers do their thing...

... and then they were off to the library to read with dogs and get some new books and DVDs to bring home.

G checked out the puzzles...

... and Mason hung in the stroller. ;)

When they got home they ran around like crazy people, ate lunch and danced in the kitchen. :)

After lunch we were reading in G's room when I snapped this pic! LOVE!!!

Saturday afternoon the sun peeked out and so Jack Bauer and I headed out to the front yard for a few minutes.  Check out those ears!!!

Saturday night we said some EXTRA EXTRA special prayers for our friends in China :)  When we say or blessing at dinner this is how GG prays.  SO SWEET!

Sunday morning with one extra cutie in the pic!!!

Told y'all! Besties!!! :) hahaha

And I can't even with this girl :)

Sunday afternoon I ran a few errands including heading to school to work on lesson plans and make copies.  My classroom was CHILLY!!!

SAD FACE about break being over!  I'm going to miss my babies!!!  My middle school babies are cute and all, and they do ask for snacks about as often as my own babies, but they're just not the same :)  You better believe that there will be some SERIOUS snuggling going on at my house tonight!!!

We ended Sunday night with chocolate chip cookies, the Cowboys game and this.... 

... pure sass! hahaha

Our break was so much fun and rather than dwelling on it being over, I'm going to be excited about the fresh semester and about MLK Day coming up :)

One last thing.... didn't you LOVE G's hat in the pics above???  It's handmade from LaikynLeigh and I'm in love!!!  It's super soft and thick and warm and GG LOVES wearing it!  I have the adult version and love mine as well.  I wore mine for Jammie Cocoa Christmas...

And GG wore hers last week :)

You can order your own hat (or other item! She has several cute styles!) today on her site here and this week you can use MOMFESSIONALS15 for 15% off your order!  AND you can enter to win a hat in your choice of color and size below by following laikynleigh on IG!

I'm also excited that tomorrow is the very first SHOW AND TELL TUESDAY!!! All about your resolutions and goals for 2015!

Happy Monday, girls!!!


  1. Jack Bauer seems to be the perfect fit for your family: cute and playful!

  2. The puppy...adorable...and Griffins hair is so perfect!!

  3. The puppy is adorable...and Griffins hair is perfect!!!

  4. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack B is so adorable and is the luckiest little man on earth to have found your family. He will get a lot of love. I love your blog. :) Happy Monday. Kelly in Michigan

  5. I love how when your son Mason feels joy it's written all over his face :)

  6. There is just way too much cuteness going on in this post! Jack Bauer seems to be the perfect fit for your family.

  7. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I would give this to a little girl at church:)

  8. Oh that Jack Bauer is so stinkin exciting to add a puppy to the family! The kids look over the moon excited!!! Sounds like a fun weekend!!! Happy first day back to school, hope it's a great one!!!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway! Love reading about your sweet fam!

  10. Your puppy is ADORABLE! We just got a puppy too - she's an 8 week old Border Collie that we named Dot. We live on a cattle ranch, so all of our dogs are cattle dogs....but right now I am LOVING the puppy phase! And I love the pics of your kids with Jack Bauer - and that you rescued him - he's going to get to live a great life with you all!

    - Darcy @

  11. Cute puppy! Kids will have fun with him. Love the name...we're big 24 fans as well. Have you seen Homeland? If you like 24, you'll LOVE Homeland (although kind of R rated). And I need to send my hubby to Home Depot to do these workshops so I can have some time for housework. If we see y'all we'll say hello. I love your white vest and that hat. Looks warm! Good luck with school this semester...I'm sure your kiddos are glad to see you even though they have to go back to school.

  12. Jack Bauer?!! Oh my word, so precious! Love to hear about your adventures with your new little guy!! Sad face for back to school, stay warm!!

  13. I am so not a dog person, but JB is SO cute! And I love seeing how the kiddos reacted to him being theirs! Precious! And that hat on GG is adorable! Heading over there now for myself :)

  14. He's so tiny!! Adorable! Can't wait to see all the adventures of Jack Bauer!!

  15. Wow, I didn't realize how much Mason looks like you (and GiGi) until you made that pouty face! ;) Your blog always makes me so happy to have little kids still and really inspires me to be a better mom- thank you.

  16. Jack Bauer is the perfect name for that little pup! Mason looks smitten!

  17. He's so tiny! Love his name and seeing the pure joy on your littles' faces!

  18. Jack Bauer McAnally is adorable! I can't believe how tiny he is!
    I love that black and white photo of Mason & Griffin!! :)

  19. So So tiny!! A puppy this little i might consider getting for myself!! HA!! Love all the sweet pics and his name!! Hope the first day back went well...have a great week! Excited for your link up tomorrow!

  20. Adorable dog. G is so cute praying like that. I love this post. Can't wait for tomorrow.

  21. I love Mason's face with his new buddy!!! It was SO hard going back to school today for me too, but seeing those sweet faces when I walked in the door made it all better!

  22. Ahhh Mason's face in every pic with Jack Bauer is pure joy, so adorable!

  23. seriously. can not even get over the cuteness that is the joy your new puppy has brought your adorable kids! so excited to read future blog posts about their moments together. :)


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