Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Favorites - Oma Edition :)

Happy Friday, Friends!  Except that this Friday is a little bittersweet as it's my last "official" day of Christmas break!!! BOO HOO!!!  I'll pout for a few minutes, but then buck up when I get out my lesson planner and start on a new semester (and see that we're only like 9 short weeks away from Spring Break!).  One of my FAVORITE things about being a teacher is the fresh start I get every quarter.  Blank slate for everyone!  The week back from Christmas break is always ROUGH, so I'm planning on bringing in some candy (hahaha) and mixing up seating charts and even attempting to get them outside a bit if it's not too cold.  We'll see!

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First up, this is more of a PSA than anything, but GAP put out their Valentines shirts (my FAVORITES!) and they always go fast, so if you're into that sort of thing, scoop one up this week while they're 30% off with code 2015.  I snagged this one for Mason at the mall earlier this week and he LOVES it because of the motorcycle :)  Luke wasn't a fan of any of the "themed" shirts (so sad!), so I'm on the hunt for a buffalo plaid shirt for him to wear.  They have some really sweet girls pieces as well, but I already have a couple of things I picked up last year on clearance for G :)

And since we're on the topic of Valentine's Day, these plates and cups are going quick at Pottery Barn as well.  There were already out of one of the styles in store this week!  (Sidenote: The easter ones are really sweet as well!)

I think my very FAVORITE part of Christmas was that my Oma got to come in to town from Canada to celebrate with us.  The last time she was here was when I was pregnant with Griffin and so it was extra special that she got to meet her for the first time.  Oma is my mom's mom and she has always been so much fun!  She has the best senses of humor and loves to play games.  She and Luke played countless games of Uno over the few days she was here.

She flew home on Monday morning, but stopped by on her way to the airport to say bye.  GG couldn't wait to see her! (excuse the handprints... I'm pretty sure that the day before Mason ate sausage balls and then wiped his hands on the window. hahaha  #christmas)

We were all still in our sweats/jammies (including Mason wearing his FAVORITE pair of pants that I've attempted to get rid of at least three times... hahahaha).

I'm so grateful and happy that all of my kids got to spend time with her!  We can't wait until her next visit!

Did I mention it was early????
Oh well ;)  Priceless regardless. hahaha

My FAVORITE store is doing their tag sale - and all sale merchandise is an extra 25% off.  Here are a few of my picks from the sale...

I love the mixed print and relaxed feel of this tee.  I think it would be cute with a jacket and scarf now, but also with jeans and flats for Spring.

I love this ruffled jacket because it's basic with a twist.  The little ruffle makes it interesting without it being too over the top.

If you're looking to make more of a statement - this sweater coat is so fun!!!  I love the colors, drape and how they have it styled.

If you're in the market for a bag, this one would be a great option as it's reversible!  The patterned wool side is fabulous, but then you can flip it inside out and you have a great leather tote.  It ends up being more than 50% off too!

Not gonna lie - despite getting all kinds of fun toys for Christmas - when it's cold outside - the days can be long. hahaha  We've played LOTS of kinetic sand, LOTS of Legos and LOTS of wrestlemania.... but here are a few of our other FAVORITE indoor activities from the last day or so.

I picked up a bunch of red and green beaded garlands at a thrift store last year.  I cut the ends off, removed all the beads and the boys often have fun lacing them onto pipe cleaners or string.  On this day they used pipe cleaners and colanders and made "robot hats" for a solid hour.   We worked on patterns and counting and had a blast. 

Yesterday I brought out the big white roll of paper I keep on hand and some sticker sheets I picked up at Office Depot (I think they're usually used for pricing at garage sales and stuff - but you can get a TON of them for $2) and Mason and I got creative.  He asked for a picture of Mason and Mommy...

... and then he wanted to add in some monsters :)  He colored the monsters and then we added on lots of polka dots.  

To mix it up a bit, we've also eaten by the "campfire" and on special plates. hahaha 
It's the little things, right?  How to Train Your Dragon Mac & Cheese on a rectangle plate on the hearth is apparently the best day ever! :)

This puzzle is Griffin's (and Mason's!) new FAVORITE...

We've been building lots of train tracks...

... and doing our share of this as well :)  

This NYE was our FAVORITE family night this week.  We got dressed, made appetizers and headed to a friends house at 6 to hang out and eat while the kids ran around like crazy people :)

I'm not sure what's going to happen when I go back to work on Monday because this girl has been ATTACHED to me 100% of the time the entire break.  She's at my feet or on my hip at all times. :)

We decided that the only way to ring in the new year was in faux fur :)

We counted down around 8:30 with lots of noisemakers and confetti poppers ;)

And we started 2015 our FAVORITE way... snuggles in bed!

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  1. It's my last day of vacation too....Monday will be tough! Love the eating by the campfire....I did that a bunch when my bigs were memories and ones they remember most!

  2. I saw that Love Machine shirt at Gap on Wednesday & swooned - too cute! I almost bought it for my daughter, do you think a girl could pull it off? I'll definitely be ordering our Valentine's plates too. So glad someone else is immediately gearing up for the next holiday!

  3. The fur vests...fabulous! And I am dreading setting the alarms Sunday night! Enjoy your final day of break and have a great weekend!!!!

  4. I've loved following along on your blog and IG over the last couple of weeks - you guys have definitely had a great holiday! I know going back to work won't be easy, but looking forward to upcoming holidays (like Valentine's Day) makes it a bit easier:) I haven't picked up any V-day clothing for my son yet, so thanks for the reminder!:)

  5. I love the beaded garland/pipe cleaner idea! What a cheap way to keep the kids busy and working on patterns and fine motor skills! And thanks for the heads up on Valentine stuff, I'm checking it out now!

    Oh and thanks for the Ruby wrap obsession! ;)

    Best Little Moore House in Texas

  6. That ruffle sweater coat is fabulous. One of my clients wore it for their session, and we swooned over it for at least ten minutes. Also, I love all the creative fun you are having! Xoxo

  7. My friend used a video from the previous year's ball drop around 8 and then put the kids to bed. :) Old Navy had packs of Melissa and Doug train tracks.

  8. I got the king of hearts shirt for Hudson yesterday. I almost got the love machine one! And we love that puzzle in our house too. Enjoy your last days at home!

  9. - valentine shirts for kiddos are my fav too!
    - I snagged the ruffle sweater coat the day after Christmas and it's even better in person!
    - your faux fur vest matching with G is just beyond.

    I think that's all for today...enjoy your last days of break ; )

  10. I have to go back on Monday too - dreading that! I'm praying for snow days! HA!

  11. I love the pictures of you and G in the faux fur! I have 3 little boys so I never get to dress up with them unless it's in camo! Happy New Year!

  12. Thanks for the peasant top link -- just ordered one :) Don't know how sizing works and don't have an Anthro close to me to return so we'll see. . .
    Looks like it was a relaxing, beautiful holiday season for you and your family! I'm back to work on Monday too. . .love this time off with my family!!

  13. You are just so FUN!! Sweet pictures with Oma! Have a great last weekend off,,,I'm in denial!!


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