Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Show and Tell: Resolutions and Goals

Hey, girls!!!  It's the first Show and Tell Tuesday and I can't wait to read through all of your posts!!!  

I don't typically make a lot of resolutions at New Years, mainly because I tend to operate on a "school year" calendar and so August always  feels like the "fresh start" for me.  Regardless, I'm going to share some of the things I'm "working on" and things that I've resolved to be better at.

Last week I shared my motto for the new year...

And even though I'm working on it, it's a struggle on the daily.  I'm a "pleaser" and this week letting go of my own desires to please everyone has been difficult, but liberating.  

So, here are my goals for 2015.  I'm hoping that in December I'll be able to report back in and say that I made progress in all of these areas...

Maybe it's just the 25 degree temps talking, but I want to make a concerted effort to get out and IN the sandbox with my boys.  More walks.  More park.  More outside time.

This is easier said than done, but I'm making concerted efforts to leave school work at school.  That  means being more organized and efficient during my planning periods and so far it's going well.  My time at home is limited and so I want to make sure that my kids and Dave are getting the most of my time when I'm at home.

I LOVE reading and have a big list that I'd like to tackle.  I want to read more personally, read more to my kids and have at least one "screen free" night a week.

I know this sounds weird, but I LOVE getting mail and I really want to share the love with my friends and family by sending out a few cards per month.  Last February we delivered special packages to some of our friends close by and I'd also love to do that more often as well.  We are so lucky to have such great friends close by and I really want to be purposed in showing them how much we appreciate them!

I feel like I do a pretty good job with cooking meals, but I'd like to be better about meal planning and I'd love to push myself outside of my comfort zone a little bit to expand my cooking repertoire and mine (and my family's!) palette. 

I feel like now that my kids are getting a little bit older, it's time to start getting more involved with some additional service/ministry opportunities.  Dave and I have both been on some amazing mission trips, and I want to make sure our kids have a heart for others and the world.  I'm not sure what this is going to look like quite yet, but we're praying about it and I'll keep y'all posted ;)

So, do you make a big list of resolutions?  Are you more of a big picture kind of person?  I can't wait to read through and be inspired by all of your posts!!!



  1. Hi Andrea! Love your idea of sending cards. Have you heard of SendOutCards? Its an awesome multi-level marking company that is all about being a revolution of kindness and way to show those around you how much they mean to you by sending a simple card. It's amazing what a card in the mail can express. Fun part- designing the cards, adding pictures and so much more!! For information can be found at- https://sendoutcards.com/155807 Have a great day!!

  2. Love all of these!! I mean. Look at that cupcake picture! I think you're already excelling in that category!!! :)

  3. Great list Andrea! Being a teacher has got to be so hard so I'll pray for your focus at school to get things accomplished to free up your nights for those babies

  4. I'm not making any resolutions this year. Just trying to do the best I can each day and please the Lord. But...I LOVE all of your resolutions! Even though I haven't made any formal resolutions, I have many of the same ones you do. They're just in my head! :)

  5. I am making monthly goals this year! Loved reading this list girl

  6. I too am planning more reading. I love the screen free night idea. Thanks for hosting the link up !

  7. What a great list. I especially love getting outside with your kids and cooking more! We as moms always feel so "busy" and those things often get pushed off to the side. I also had letting things go and sending out cards for 2 of my resolutions. Those are 2 things I really need to work on! Thanks again for hosting such great link parties! I especially love the themes for the new Show and Tell Tuesdays :) Have a wonderful day! -Jess

    www.sweetlittleonesblog.com / sweetlittleonesblog@gmail.com

  8. Love these! So many great ideas!

  9. Those are all great goals. I especially like your getting involved and sending more snail mail. Both of those are things I love to do too and hope to get better at this year.

  10. I love your book cover! And you have given me inspiration to give goodies and letters to my friends. I have two toddlers at home and I think it would be great if we baked a little something for our friends to drop off as a surprise!

  11. Great resolutions! Thanks so much for hosting these fun link ups! Blessings to you and your sweet family this year!
    April :)

  12. Great goals for the year! I definitely agree w/ you about leaving work at work! I made it a point years ago, to leave work at work, and it was refreshing to be able to go home at the end of every day knowing that I didn't have extra work that I was bringing home with me. My motto at school is, "It will get done.... eventually." Our church also has a 2nd Saturday, where everyone meets up, and then they send us on mission activities until noon. I definitely want to take the girls at some point!

  13. I love all of your goals, especially the snail mail! Thank you for the link ups. It's a great way to connect with other bloggers! Wishing you many blessings in 2015!
    Whitney from Gracefully Mama (www.gracefullymama.com)

  14. Love your goal of snail mail. One of mine is to send a box of love to a girlfriend every month. All of the girlfriends are far away and This is the perfect way to keep loving on them.

  15. Love all of these goals! I am on the same page with about getting outside more with Xavier, meal planning/cooking more, etc. About the only thing I don't do that often is bring work home --- Well, I kind of do since we own the business! lol! Mic brings home work every night and weekend :( I try to leave my laptop at work during the week on purpose. Thanks again for hosting this great series :)

  16. Best goals! I can totally relate to the service goal and leaving school at school. You need time with the fam right?! Sometimes I bring my bag home and it just sits there all evening, which is fine by me because one day my kids will be too old to want to play with me so I'll save my work for then. :)

    Thanks for the hosting the link up!
    Best Little Moore House in Texas

  17. This is going to be so much fun!! Can't wait to read along with everyone this year!

  18. Those are great resolutions! Would you mind posting your reading 'wish list'? I'm in a rut and would love a list of good books to read -- thanks! (And maybe some recommendations of books you've already read?)

  19. I am so happy I found your blog... I love your goals. I am a teacher also, and I have tried to leave the work at home and spend more time with my family. I got to the point that no one knows what you do extra after school so why stress over it :) it will get done tomorrow!!!! Your family is so cute
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com


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