Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Santa Pictures Edition ;)

Happy Monday, Friends!  This weekend was filled with lots of beautiful weather and NO ILLNESS! hahaha  Until Tuesday when whatever we picked up at Church shows up ;) 

Friday afternoon, after my staff meeting, Luke and I headed home early for some quiet time before the littles got home.  I was having a "moment" because it was one of those times that Luke's little independent side came out and he seemed so big!  He got home, took his uniform off (and put it away!), put on his favorite PJS (these awful camo thermals that we got for camo day at school with fuzzy socks and slippers and a backwards hat) and then he was STAAAAARVING (because when is he not?!?!) and decided to make himself a peanut butter, jelly and Nutella sandwich.  When did he get this big?!?!?!?!

The best part of him doing all of this for himself?? I laid down for 45 minutes before the little ones got home ;) 

Why did I want to lay down???  Because when they got home - this happened ;)  #typical 

The night calmed down, Gibi stopped by and we spent some sibling time reading.

Saturday morning we met up with Narci to take pictures with Santa!
The kids looked adorable and were all smiles UNTIL.....

She was NOT impressed. hahahaha

None of my kids have EVER cried with Santa - so I feel like this was a long overdue "rite of passage".  

These are ones that I snapped wit hmy iPhone - I can't wait to see the high quality hysteria Narci captured :)

After our dramatic rendezvous with Mr. Claus, we headed to Home Depot for the kids workshop.

The boys built, and GG and I wandered.

Then I attempted a picture of my cute boys.  Not so much.

Dave had to go in to work before noon, so this happened while I got lunch ready...

We kept it classy with mac and cheese for lunch and after giving this boy about 3 helpings I finally set the pot in front of him to polish off.  I'm starting to get glimpses of what it might be like to feed three teenagers/pre-teens and am kind of freaking out. hahaha

 After lunch, the boys spent the rest of the day outside. Literally.  
Shoeless, dirty, gross and having a BLAST!

Saturday night we snuggled, ate popcorn and watched movies.  Home Alone is on repeat at our house.

Sunday morning I attempted to snap a picture of the three before church and this happened...

... I was laughing so hard because G was totally doing it on purpose. hahaha

Luke and Kensington sat together at church and I almost teared up.  Love seeing these two, together, on the front row of church! :)

After church G was a little more willing to pose by herself (well, if you don't include the toothbrush) and I was so excited because I LOVE this dress!!!  You'll be seeing a lot of it this winter because I think it's precious!!!

Sunday afternoon we spent some time checking out all the ornaments on the tree...

... and then my dad came by to replace our garbage disposal (that conveniently broke on Thanksgiving) and he had more helpers than he had bargained for :)

It was a sweet, semi-quiet weekend and I'm grateful!  Next weekend is PACKED and so we soaked up some downtime while we could!

I hope y'all had a restful weekend and are having a fabulous Monday!!! ;)


  1. I agree with you!!!! G's dress is fabulous!! And I love that Luke made his own snack!!

  2. Hee hee! I really had fun with your kiddos--they were fabulous!! Also, I think that is my favorite dress of Griffin's!! So sweet!b

  3. Fun weekend!! Olivia has never been a fan of Santa, I asked her last week of she wanted to go see him she said "I think I will pas this year mom". Kids are too funny

  4. I always love your weekend wrap up ;). And I love our sweet kids sitting there together in church. XO

  5. Griffin's MJ dress is one of my favorites!!! I'm hoping it will be in one of my girls closet for next year! And, i'm super impressed with how clean it is under your kitchen sink!

  6. Hahaha, love the pics with Santa! I'm sure not how you pictured them but still really cute!

  7. I love the picture of Luke making a sandwich! So sweet! and I am glad our home is not the only one with Home Alone on repeat!

  8. Haha! The pictures with Santa crack me up! :)

  9. We always have one kid crying for Santa pics.. this is the first year that I had one that didn't (the baby)! Where is the necklace from that Griffin is wearing in the pics?

  10. Is that a church ID or a sales tag sticking out of your son's shirt at church? ha!
    The crying Santa picture is AMAZING!

  11. I love his little slippers...where did you find them. My son needs a new pair!!


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