Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites - Pizza and Peonies Edition

It's my favorite post of the week!  And that says a lot since I shared my Christmas decor, family picture outfits ANNND North Pole Breakfast this week!  It's been a good one ;)

Don't forget - like always - grab our graphic, blog about your favorites and link back to one (or all!) of us!  Easy Peasy!

Up first, we have a new FAVORITE movie in our house.  Any guesses?!?!?! :)

I taped Home Alone last week and the boys LOVED it!  They were cracking up at all the slapstick.  I remember watching Home Alone as a kid and loving it - so I'm super happy to pass along the tradition.

Y'all know I'm not shy about dressing GG in holiday outfits (click HERE to see her Halloween wardrobe - hahaha).  I've been anxiously awaiting pulling out her Christmas attire and the day after Thanksgiving was the perfect day!

This sweet little cardigan I bought resale and I think she'll be able to wear it next year as well.  LOVE!

It turned out to be an appropriate outfit choice since we got to see Santa for the first time this season ;)    Hopefully the next few Santas we see won't have a pink manicure. hahaha

Speaking of wearing things two years in a row, I picked up this dress last year from Zulily and it said it was a size 9 months.  It swallowed her up last year, but works perfectly now!

And while she was wearing the cute little snowman dress, I happened to snap what may be my new FAVORITE picture of her :)

and speaking about FAVORITE pictures - this one is up there in the rankings!!!

Sunday morning pics typically look something like this...

But Griffin is really getting a hang of the posting thing :)

But only if her brothers are standing with her :)  Solo pic? No way!

 This pink ruffley reindeer outfit by MudPie is AAAAAADORABLE!

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for even more Christmas cuteness!

And if we're talking about cuteness... these two are becoming each other's FAVORITE and it's the cutest thing ever.  Dave sends me pics of them before they leave in the mornings and these, from Wednesday, cracked me up!

I brag on MCA a lot - and yesterday morning I was reminded about one of my FAVORITE aspects of being at a PreK - 12 school...

... I love that I get to see my students even after they've been out of my class for a couple of years and that they are beyond sweet to my kids.  Seeing Luke's little face light up when the "big kids" dote on him is priceless.

And speaking of priceless, let's talk about how IF I forget something in my classroom Luke is super eager to run back to my room to get it if I time him :) hahaha

Giving Griffin sink baths after dinner are my FAVORITE... and apparently she enjoys them as well. hahaha

Our anniversary this week was filled with lots of my favorite things including peonies...

... and pizza :)  Yes - we decided to forego our reservation at a "fancier" restaurant to go eat pizza at our favorite place on the square. hahaha

Last Saturday night we met some of our FAVORITE friends at the park for dinner and playtime.  These goodballs are kindred middle-child spirits :)

I'm pretty sure these two are each other's FAVORITE ;)

I put G in my new FAVORITE Ruby Wrap and piggies - then I squealed ;)

And my FAVORITE outfit from the week???  This one!

Her "Texas hair" is cracking me up. :)

And our FAVORITE after dinner activity?  Coloring, of course!

Last, my very FAVORITE church service of the year was last Sunday.  Watching my sweet boys participate in the service was an awesome experience.
So there you have it! Tons and tons of random FAVORITES from the week.  Link up and share yours!  

Happy Friday, Friends ;)



  1. Home Alone is one of my favorite holiday movies! Your daughter's outfits are adorable!


  2. The pics of all the kids were sooooooooooooooooo cute. But if we're being favorite pics were of those pizzas. DANG those looked good!

  3. Listen, my kids were introduced to Home Alone last year and they continue to watch both of them over and over again. I'm not going to lie...I like it too :).

  4. I agree! That was a fun post! The pic of Nix and G is so sweet! Hahahaha!

  5. Fabulous favorites! Happy Friday

  6. Home Alone is a classic! Good to know that new generations appreciate it as much as we did growing up:) Loving all the pics from this week! That one of Mason holding the candle at the church service might be my favorite though. Oh, so sweet.

  7. Loved this post! And I'm with Sheaffer... those pizzas look heavenly!!

  8. Yay! I love Home Alone! it is truly a classic. So glad you introduced your babies to it. And GG's little red shoes..Eeek! #idie hahaha. Happy Friday :)

  9. Aw! You put a smile on my face every morning with these cute kiddos!! Thanks & have a great weekend!

  10. Loved this post! Home Alone is a favourite in our house too.

    I ordered a RubyBlue wrap for my 2 year old daughter, after seeing Griffin's, and absolutely LOVE it! Thanks!

  11. Oh my goodness, those pizzas look amazing! What is on that first one that has the drizzle on it?

  12. Haha...we were at that same Walmart a few days ago and my 3 year old sat there and watched that Santa sing and dance for forever. I'm sure all the customers and employees were ready for us to leave :) I didn't notice the pink nail funny!

  13. I love Griffin's Christmas wardrobe! We have yet to break out any of ours! So fun!!!

  14. Where do you get Griffin's necklaces?? Love them!!

  15. What size Ruby Wrap does Griffin wear?

  16. Andrea, thanks much for hosting the Friday Favorites. It's the blog post I most look forward to every week!

  17. What restaurant on the square did you go to for the pizzas? Do you mean the square in McKinney? They look amazing!!

  18. Oh my goodness! The chambray and fur! I am dying over here! So much adorable-ness in one post!! Thanks for hosting!
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  19. I love that you gave up reservations at the "fancy" restaurant for pizza! That's exactly what we would have done! And, thanks for the Ruby wrap hook up! I LOVE them!!!!


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