Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Part One Edition

Happy Monday, friends!!!  This weekend was a whirlwind.... so much fun packed into two days!
The fun started Friday evening when we headed to a birthday party for one of Luke's classmates.  Pizza was served and little sister dug right in.  Luke and Mason were doing their thing in the party room and so she and I hung out with some of the moms.

Pizza and cupcakes were consumed and then the kids headed to the gym.  The party was at THE COOLEST gymnastics place ever and all three of my kids hat the best time!

This girl was ALL about the foam pit.  And the trampolines.  And the bouncey slide.  Seriously - she was EVERY. WHERE.

The kiddos all lined up and waiting for their turn to do the zipline.

Luke got this far.... and then he let go, slid down the slide and bowed out gracefully. hahaha  They had to hold on over the mats and then drop into the foam pit and as much as he wanted to do it he just couldn't manage it. ;)  Love that boy!!!

Griffin pushed Mason around in the cozy coupe for a solid 10 minutes.  Sister only looks little ;)

So much fun!!!

Saturday morning we got up and dressed and headed to the club for our annual Breakfast with Santa.  We attempted a few pictures before we left, but all two dozen turned out something like this...

Thankfully when we got to the club everyone was a little more cooperative :)

Griffin was "hesitant", but not completely terrified like the weekend before :)

And she even managed to wave a "thank you for the reindeer" to Santa before we ate.

Pancakes and other breakfast fare was on the menu... .including whipped cream for the pancakes....

she was ALL ABOUT the whipped cream!  #getitgirl

After breakfast the kids had to run up and down the hill outside.

... and then a miracle happened!  I'm sorry - but where was this cooperation when we did family pictures??? :)

And they're off!!!

And then this happened...

I'm pretty sure I need those three pictures in a frame together :)  DAY MADE!

Unfortunately, we missed the Manda Strong 5K to do our annual breakfast, but we sported our tees and showed our support from the sandbox ;)  The boys played outside from about 10:30 until close to 4:30.  It was amazing.  The get sandy and gross and there are usually some fights and make-ups, but they always have fun together.

Sister Bear is all smiles because I let her wear my headband :)   She has an eye for sparkle and I LOVE it!  I'll share with her any day!

We packed up and headed downtown to meet the Slaughters and the Dreffs for dinner before the annual parade of lights.

G and I were coordinating :)
My shirt is from TaraLynn's boutique and Griffins headband is by Ruby Blue.

I know I've mentioned it before - but I love love love our town.  Especially at Christmas.

I've lived in McKinney since 1997 and LOTS of my fondest memories revolve around the town square.  Painting windows downtown when McKinney High was the ONLY high school in town (now there are three), digging decorations out of the basements of the antique stores and decorating the tree outside the old courthouse when I worked in a store during high school and college, watching my brother's "band" perform at open mic night at a sandwich shop and riding in a convertible through the square as a nominee for "Fine Arts Princess" my senior year.  My baby shower for Luke was held in the performing arts center, I snagged a shop lifter on the corner of Tennessee and Louisiana Street and one time I loaded several HUNDRED pies into a suburban and delivered them to local businesses as Christmas gifts from the bank I worked at.  It's super special that now, I get to bring my three kiddos to that same square and make our own memories.  It's definitely bigger than it used to be, but the "feeling" is still the same.  Love it!

Does it get any better than Christmas lights, vintage cars and the Local Yocal Farmer's market??? :)

 Erika caught my excitement and nostalgia as the trombone section marched by.  We were never cool enough to have Christmas lights on our instruments or Santa hats... but it brought back some super fond memories.  Apparently I was high on candy canes and low brass tones :)  #bandnerd4life

These two cuties!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  I mean, the sweetness!!! :)  I wonder if he'll have his arm around her during the parade 15 years from now. hahaha

Screeched every girl ever.

MCA cheer!!!  My kids got SEVERAL shoutouts :)  Perks of being a teachers kid. hahaha

Luke rode on the float last year, but this year decided he wanted to watch.

He was super excited to see lots of his classmates though!


 And soap/snow!!! :)

I know that it's fake snow - but when you look up and see the "big fluffy flakes" I kind of feel like it's real.  So I can only imagine how "magical" it is when you're not 30 years old :)

 Luke's favorite part of the parade??? Seeing the cardboard box tree in one shop's window on the way back to the car.  This should surprise no one :)

Sister was paraded out.

So... sorry for the picture overload!  I'll stop there :)  Up tomorrow I'll finish wrapping up the weekend and throw in some fun (super minimal! don't get your hopes up!) Christmas decor in Griffin's room.  

I hope your weekend was fun-filled and festive.


  1. I love how "into" the picture Griffin was!!! Her face was precious. Bowen was a little unsure about the whole thing. Hopefully....he'll continue being unsure about girls for the next 15 years! Haha!

    1. Homegirl was EATING it up :) She's never been one to shy away from attention. hahaha :)

  2. Looks like y'all had a blast! Happy Monday

  3. Bowen and G are too flipping cute for words. Loved all the pics as usual!!!!!

  4. I love downtown McKinney, too! So many of those store fronts I remember as a child going there with my grandparents. . . .a LONG time ago! :-)

  5. We should do PR for the city...I'm not sure anyone loves it more!! I loved your weekend pics! Such a full and fun time!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and that was only Part One?!

    LOVE the pics esp Griffin pushing Mason in the coupe. She's a strong little girl.

  7. I think I want to move to McKinney. Our suburb has an old section that would be SO cute if they did some organizing and renovating to make it a useful space!

    1. It hasn't always been so nice - when we first moved to McKinney (1997) most of the shops were closed! It's come a LONG way!!!

  8. What a fun weekend! Your town looks amazing!

  9. That first picture of Griffin cracks me up!!! The other night our boys had pizza at our church HB Jesus party and my G couldn't wait to tell me he ate pizza "with his hands." I've always cut his piece and he felt so big. I'm telling you...those two are peas in a pod ;)

    1. Love it! She was definitely feeling "big" with her slice :)

  10. I love these busy, fun weekends this time of year!

  11. I am so jealous of how much you all have to do in your town! Especially this time of year! We have nothing like that, even within an hour or so, in Northern IN! :( Love all of your pictures though! Your little lady is such a fashionista! :)

    1. Oh no!!! We love loving here! And yes - GG has quite the sense of style :) hahaha

  12. I seriously teared up with the Santa pics! What a treasure - I'm thinking a big canvas to go next to the picture of G screaming with Santa!

  13. I wish I would've seen you there! I was delighted to see photos of the "floats" that we rode on in your post! I randomly ended up riding on the antique fire truck with 2 of my kids, Maverick was in the classic red car (your photo after the fire truck) with my husband and FIL and my BIL was driving the white classic car (your photo after the red classic car). It was a magical night!

    1. How fun is that!!! Luke and Lincoln are "BFFs" and Luke went CRAZY when he saw Lincoln :) hahaha


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