Thursday, October 30, 2014

Friday Favorites - Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween, friends!!!  If your house is HALF as excited as mine, then today is sure to be a fun day ;) 

Today's Friday Favorites are all about Halloween!!!


Up first, my FAVORITE Halloween outfits!!!  
Griffin has been sporting Halloween attire all month long.  I LOVE a theme and Halloween attire is no exception!

I bought this dress at consignment and LOVE the fit and pattern mixing.  SO CUTE and different!

I picked up this knit Jelly the Pug dress on Zulily and it was a fast favorite.  The print is ADORABLE!!!  

This dress is actually a size too big, so you can anticipate seeing it again next year... but I couldn't resist having her wear it once this season.

These Appearel Tree ruffle pants, GAP Chambray tunic and black faux fur vest looked super sweet with her Ruby Blue polka dot wrap. :)

This ensemble was TO DIE FOR!!!

and I'm hopeful that this dress will fit next year as a top!

These are two of my favorite pictures from the month...

... and for some reason I didn't ever snap a great pic of her wearing this witch dress...

There was a WHOLE lot of cuteness happening this month!!!

Next up, what ended up being one of my FAVORITE moments of the week was completely unplanned and unexpected.... and in the moment I was actually kind of frustrated about it all. hahaha

Tuesday was CRAZY at work and then after school we had to just run by the grocery store SUPER fast before I stopped in at home to work on a few things and then head out again to Bible study.  We walked into Kroger to find balloons, candy, cookies, the whole shebang.  Apparently it was "kids night out", and despite everything in me wanting to scoot my kids through the store, I decided to "let it go" and just let them enjoy :)  

They decorated sugar cookies...

Played Bingo...

(Please note that all of the cards are the exact same. hahaha)

And did an eyeball bounce. ;)

We tried special frappuccinos, got loads of Laffy Taffy and went home with balloons and big smiles.

My afternoon didn't go as planned, but the boys are still talking about the cheesy grocery store  Halloween party and I am so grateful I made the choice to enjoy it with them.

My last FAVORITE are the costumes!

The kids sported these ensembles to our Sunday School class's Harvest Party...

... and I couldn't resist this Kid to Kid find and Griffin sported this peacock costume last Sunday when we went and visited the Assisted Living Center.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I popped BACK in to Kid to Kid to look for a chambray shirt for Mason and saw that their already reduced remaining costumes were an extra 50% off.  This sunshine costume caught my eye and for $3 I couldn't resist :)  

It's actually a 6/12 months, but we made it work as a top and I LOVE IT!!!

My boys dress up on a pretty regular basis, and yesterday afternoon Luke was running around as an "airforce captain" :)

Pretty sure he looks more like his daddy every day!

Mason was wearing our hamburger costume and he was A HOT MESS because he wanted a "helmet".  We told him he could go get the helmet, but he didn't want to leave the yard.  Crazy boy!

I'm pretty sure Griffin will be an owl tonight for trick-or-treating, but I have no clue which costumes the boys will pick.  You'll have to check out my Instagram to get a sneak peek ;)

I hope your day is fun and festive and don't forget that if you're linking up you need to grab our graphic AND link back to one (or all) of us.  Please make sure you're linking to an actual Friday Favorites post as well.

Can't wait to look through all of y'alls favorites today!!!  Happy Halloween!!!


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  1. Oh my godness. All of your kids costumes are adorable!!
    Hope you and your family have a happy and safe halloween.

  2. Yea for being a "yes" mom with the groc store kids' party. I bet they had a blast!

  3. Cuteness overload! That peacock, those dresses...I love it all! Happy Halloween!

  4. Happy Halloween! I love how you really get into the spirit of things. I bet your kids will have some great memories.

  5. Eeeeeeeks!! It's Halloween!!! I'm so excited!! Can't wait to trick or treat with your little goblins tonight!! We're going to have so much fun! XOXO

  6. Ok, you have to stop it! All of Griffin's cute clothes are making me want to have a baby in hopes of having a girl! We have two boys and I had made my peace with being done but oh she is too cute! :)

  7. Love all of the outfits and costumes! What fun. Happy Halloween!

  8. Thank you for my Griffin fix!!! That girl can put a smile on my face like no other!! You have such an adorable family!! Happy Halloween!!

    Patty from Kingwood

  9. LOVE that peacock costume and all the cute Halloween outfits for your daughter! Happy Halloween!

  10. Way to make that sun costume work!! Looks so cute with those ruffle pants!!

  11. Unexpected fun activities,,,,even grocery store parties make the best memories!!!!! Happy Halloween girl!!!!

  12. That sunshine costume!!! Precious!!

  13. Seriously with the pic of Griffin wearing the pink wellies holding the little pumpkin! She is just so darn cute!! Have a fabulous Halloween!

  14. I can't get over how adorable your baby girl is! So sweet! I think it's so great that you stopped your busy schedule to let your kids enjoy the grocery store party, those are the times that make the best memories!

  15. I live in a high rise condo, right outside of Chicago, I do not get any trick-or-treaters...(I get so upset every year) but seeing your kids, makes it better! :)

  16. That peacock costume is too die for!!! Love it! and my boys dress up on a regular basis so we are constantly buying costumes!! ;)

  17. I LOVE Kid to Kid! :) They are the best!

  18. We want to see what YOU are wearing to go trick or treating!!!!

  19. Happy Halloween to you are your sweet little ones!

  20. Precious kids! They all look adorable! Score on the sweet costumes for cheap!!! Have a fun night!

  21. My first Link Up for Friday Favorites! How fun!

  22. Hey Andrea,
    My name is Rachel and I am new to your blog. What precious children you have, and by the looks of the pictures they are just too happy for words. Your daughter has some of the cutest outfits and smiles. I linked up to your link up, thanks for hosting hun. I am following you via bloglovin. God Bless, Rachel xo

  23. Love all the Halloween costumes! Just precious!


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