Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pizza and Pumpkins

EEEEK!!!!  Only one more day until Halloween!!!
We are feeling FESTIVE at our house! ;)

Along with feeling festive, we're also feeling a lot of love for our toothbrushes. ;)

Now brace yourself.....

Yes, ma'am, this just happened. :) hahaha

Last night was one of my favorite Halloween traditions.... pizza and pumpkins!
We eat pizza, pick our pumpkin designs and Dave and I carve the kiddos pumpkins.

The PLAN is always that the boys will attentively and adoringly want to spend the hour it takes to open, scrape, scoop, outline and carve our family pumpkins.... but in actuality they pick their design, take out a few handfuls of guts and then claim they have to go to the bathroom and end up playing Legos in the office :) hahaha

Mason was EXCITED to pick out his design.  I encouraged them to draw their own designs, but triangle eyes can't really compete with King Piggie from Angry Birds.  #shame

Pizza was consumed and it was time to start carving!  They're excited because they know Dave and I are going to do all the work ;) 

Several slices of pizza, a Starbucks run and a large slice of pumpkin cake later and we're done!!!
Those smiles make using that teeny tiny pumpkin carving knife totally worth it.

And then this happened because his spot on the hearth was "squashed".  #drama

We had plans, and the pumpkin, to carve one for GG - and it still might happen... but we had things (aka bedtime) to do so we skipped that for the night.

I have super fond memories of  pumpkin carving as a kid - and I can't wait to pass that along to my kids as well.

Just for fun... check out this picture of Mason "helping" last year...

... and this one of Luke in 2011 ;)

And since we're looking back.... how LEEEETLE were my babies last year?!?!?!

Happy Thursday and Happy Halloween Eve!


  1. Andrea,
    Your writing style brought a smile to my face this morning- so funny that you guys just know they will abandon you 15 minutes into the project. But you're right, it was worth it to see them grinning beside "their pumpkins" when you'd finished :) Happy Halloween to your family this weekend-- cannot wait to try your potato soup recipe from yesterday in the upcoming weeks,

  2. Love Masons face from last year!! Hahahaha!

  3. I can't believe it's almost Halloween! Where has the fall gone friend???? Such sweet pics of your kiddos!!

  4. Thanks for sharing all the sweet pics! That one of G with the sunnies slays me! Also...Mason with the guts, my little middle guy alllll over again. Lol! So fun! Happy Halloween Eve from MN <3 Mary

  5. Oh! P.s. I love that you did angry birds! Was thinking about doing them this year too....but hubs is insisting faces, hehe he got burned out on that swiper Fox template I printed out a a couple yrs ago, bless. ��

  6. It is all so adorable! Pizza and bananas...YES PLEASE! Thinking of you as I sub in an advanced math class...#saveme!

  7. Griffin's dress is just so cute! She has grown so much since last Halloween!

  8. I love the about-to-start-carving photo of the boys!! :)
    What a fun night!

  9. What a fun tradition! I love it. We usually carve pumpkins on the weekend before Halloween but I love the tradition of a couple days before, having pizza and making a night out of it!

  10. What a great idea! I wanted to carve pumpkins with Xavier this year, but we just ran out of time :( Maybe next year since he will be 3 (close to 4) he will enjoy it!
    And those photo of Mason by the fireplace is too funny! I swear him and Xavier could be twins!

  11. I read your post and smiled because my son really enjoyed the pumpkin decorating process but not the actual trick or treating. I just saw this blog entry: I would have so enjoyed melting crayons with a hairdryer over the pumpkin. Cool idea!

  12. Completely off topic……what do you think of your Nena & Co bag? I want to order before the sale is over but I'd love to hear your opinion of it first.
    Thanks! Tina

    1. Hey! I LOOOOVE it!!! It's roomy and super well made and the textile is GORGEOUS in person. The pictures really don't do them justice. I've received TONS of compliments and I've carried it every day for a solid two weeks. It's true love!

    2. Sold! I just needed an opinion to push me over the edge. Merry Christmas to me :)

  13. I just love reading your posts! You're such a happy and loving family...even through some kid tears here and there ;) Happy Halloween to you and your sweet family! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones


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