Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WIWW - Serape Scarf Edition

Happy Hump Day! It's been a while since I jumped on the WIWW train, but I have something exciting to talk about today and so here I am!

If you've been around for any length of time, by love of a funky scarf should come as no surprise.  At all.  I love big, bold, colorful and unique.  I found Just Dawnelle on Etsy back in February/March of last year and have been a fan ever since.  I originally bought a scarf made out of a vintage sari mixed with floral (on the left) and then couldn't resist the brown toned serape paired with leopard (right).

Her shop has been closed for a while, and when she offered to send me a piece from her new line I was PUMPED!!!  Everything she sent me pictures of was GORGEOUS!!!  I ended up picking something with brighter tones than my other serape scarf...

I love the mix of colors and the weight of the scarf is awesome.  If you're worried about the authentic serape fabric being itchy - don't be!  It's not scratchy at all.

 I paired mine with dark green skinny jeans, burgundy TOMS wedges and a denim vest (since it's still BUSTIN' HOT here!) 

Don't y'all think that the nerf darts, Lego ladder and plethora of bath toys totally adds to my credibility writing about fashion?!?!?! :) hahaha  No gorgeous photos taken in a picturesque setting here, folks - bathroom selfies with laundry in the background is where it's at!

If you're looking for a really great scarf to transition into Fall and last all winter be sure to check out Just Dawnelle.  Her scarves would look gorgeous with a chunky sweater and leggings, a solid maxi dress and denim jacket or even thrown over a t-shirt paired with jeans.  It's INSTANT "funk" and added interest to your outfit.  In my completely unprofessional and unqualified opinion :)

When I posted these pictures on Monday - I got several questions about my bag and whether or not I had posted about it before...

... and I haven't because it just came in the mail last week!  The extremely generous girls at Barrington Gifts let me design my own St. Anne Tote and I have put it to the test the past few days and it's passed with flying colors!

I need a bag that can carry a LOT of junk.  Papers to grade, my planner, snacks, miscellaneous toys, etc.  I drag it all along and this bag has been awesome.  Soccer game, church, school, grocery store - it's my new go to bag.

 I hmmmm'ed and hawed over my color choice - but ultimately decided on something that was bold and kind of "fall" since I knew I'd want to be carrying it a lot in the coming months.   

Monday night I had "Parent Night" at school and I tossed my makeup in it as I was running out the door (curling iron in hand) to finish at school...

And yesterday I loved how it looked with my Matilda Jane finn pants, lace trim tunic and crochet cardi (from Target!)

Also... a few random sillies from the past couple of days :)

GG attempting to stow away in the van with me and Luke this morning.  Homegirl gets out of bed every morning and books it to the front door to walk us out.  LOVE HER!

the past few days have been LOOOOOOONG and some silly selfies were absolutely necessary! DUH!!!

Have a great day, friends!!!

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  1. Listen, no one wears a scarf better than you friend. No. One. I loved all of the pics of you in these gorgeous scarves!! XO

    1. I could not agree with this more! I cannot figure out how to make scarves look so good!

  2. Love the scarf and the bag!!! The bag is even more gorgeous in person I think. :)

  3. That bag looks amazing! And so does that scarf! Happy Wednesday!

  4. I just love your style!! And I am so excited because I just received my Simplified Planner yesterday and my new markers on Monday! Can't wait to use them! Thanks for the inspiration. And your kids are just so adorable!!!

  5. You need to teach a master class on scarves. And on tote bags. I'd sign up for both. Love you friend!

  6. So cute! Will you come pick out clothes for me, lol. I just am not that trendy and put together... maybe someday.

  7. The one of Mason with is hand on your cheek! Precious! Love those scarves, girl!!

  8. Love your tote!! Super cute & functional!


  9. I love my Barrington tote too! Plus, you are rocking the scarf....can you come help me?!?

  10. Can you PLEASE stop adding the links to your posts so I can attempt to curb my shopping addiction? Thanks in advance! ;) But really, you are adorable.

  11. Love that scarf! It goes with so much!!


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