Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up - Dave's Birthday Edition :)

While you are reading this I am in a MAD dash getting ready for Meet The Teacher tonight.  Ready or not - tomorrow is the day!!!  I LOOOOVE Meet the Teacher night - I love seeing my former students and love meeting my new ones.  PLUS - Luke finds out who his Kindergarten teacher will be! SO FUN!

Last Friday I went in to GG's room to say bye before I left for in-service.  I was greeted by this toothy grin and serious bed head :)

Later in the morning Dave texted me this pic of them getting ready to hop in the car and head to Miss Lisa's.  Rest assured that he took away Mason's nun chucks and fixed GG's romper before drop off :)  #daddytried

I got tagged in this picture on IG and was so excited!!! I'm so glad that lots of you are making AND LOVING the cupcakes I shared a couple of weeks ago!

Friday was Dave's 31st birthday (woo hoo!), but - he was working and so we decided to postpone the celebration until Sunday brunch. hahaha  #grownupproblems

Friday night my parents stopped by for a bit and were commenting on all of GGs curls :)  

 Her hair definitely has a life of it's own!!!

While looking at the above pic I started wondering about when her hair really started coming in.... the pic on the left is from February.  Six months and all that hair!!!

Saturday morning we ran a few errands, which included a stop for green tea lemonade with peach.  Griffin is as big a fan as her mama!

The rest of Saturday I was on a cleaning rampage.  Closets, drawers - nothing was safe.  SEVERAL trash bags of "junky junk" and twice as many hours later and I feel like I'm organized enough to start back to school. hahaha

The good part about my crazy??? Pulling TONS of clothes from the kids closets!!! More details on that tomorrow - but all of it will be posted on my What Griffin Wore blog!

Sunday morning GG was extra spunky in her Sweet Honey romper and Ruby Wrap :)

Mason picked her a leaf...

.... and told her it was because she was a sunflower.  And a baby. :)

After church we headed to the country club to celebrate Dave!  Brunch was DELISH (as always!) and everyone behaved :)  I feel like it's just getting easier and easier! #hallelujah

After brunch we attempted a group pic....

And a miracle occurred!!!  There are some glazed over eyes and serious squints going on - but I'll take it!!!

Then this happened - which is typical :)

LOVE this pic!!!  We love us some Gibi and Haha!

We gave Dave a few presents when we got home, and the kids showed him their entries into his "no more cards ever" book!

We ended the weekend like the bunch of party animals that we are - a couple games of UNO and chocolate chip cookies :)   I also came across this and SQUEALED with excitement!!

Also - don't forget! Tomorrow is "Come On In - Playrooms and Offices"
I'm "keeping it real" in my pics - so you can expect some pics involving Legos on the floor and a diapered baby running around because #momlife

Happy Monday, friends!!


  1. I hope you have the BEST week!!! I always get so excited when you start back to school...that means fall is here!! Gotta go...I have pumpkins to put out :).

  2. Your family...I die! So cute and awesome - such a blessed mama you are and I love that you know that. Your pictures crack me up because your kids are just so darn cute!!!!

  3. Meet the teacher?!?! Eek!!!! Hope Dave had a great birthday weekend!!

  4. I love all of this...I love only 20 more Fridays until just makes me happy and I love most that sweet griffin loves peach green tea lemonade as much as we do! Happy Monday!!!!

  5. Aww so fun!! Also, that Elf picture just MADE MY DAY!!! #christmasfanatic

  6. Can't wait to try the yummy cupcakes! And loving that Elf meme. 20 Fridays? Eeeek! So exciting!

  7. Totally love that 'no more cards' idea! And I totally laughed out loud when I saw that Christmas reminder!! Eeeekkkk....seems so soon but...YAY!!!

  8. Let me tell you, I took those cupcakes to the party yesterday and they were a huge hit, just like I knew they would be!

  9. First, your Mini's hair is sooooo cute! My family..all adults has the no cards rule thing we ever did...only homemade ones....I am 44 and my mom draws me cartoons, but I still love it!

  10. Oh, And I tried the peach tea last week for the first time..I think I have had 8 of them! Thanks:) LOL

  11. Such a fun weekend. I love seeing the crazy pictures of the kiddos. Have a great week back to work.

  12. Your family is so darn cute! Love all the pics and I am really liking the "no more cards" book! I think this is something awesome we may have to start!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love Mason and Griffin's relationship. Good luck back at school. I have meet the teacher night in a week!

  14. Cole loves the tea as much as me! Enjoy back to school night ours is Thursday!

  15. I absolutely love your no card notebook for your husband! I always feel bad about "trashing" cards, but they are such clutter. I may have to start a notebook where my daughter can write cards to her daddy and I for birthdays, mothers/fathers day and Christmas. I think she'd get a kick out of it and its saving the environment too!

  16. I can't believe it's already time for school for you guys!!
    Love the answers the boys gave about their Daddy :)

  17. Ahhh!! So much cuteness here!! And I seriously need to implement the "no cards ever again" for the kiddies to genus!! And how fun to read these back over throughout the years!! Happy 1st week!! I am sure all of your new students will absolutely LOVE you!! :)

  18. Happy Birthday Dave!!! And I LOVE it that you are doing those birthday notebooks! I'm going to have to do that too. That's a "craft" project I can really get behind! :)


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