Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Come On In... Offices and Playrooms

Hey, friends! Not going to lie - I was going to retake these pics yesterday since I didn't love how they turned out - BUT wouldn't you know that a mystery virus hit me HARD Monday morning and so my energy has been focused on pretty much surviving a day getting ready for school and a night of Meet The Teacher.  So.... this is what you get :) hahaha

Our office is attached to our master bedroom with french doors.  I LOVE that I can be working, entering grades, etc. and Dave can be in bed and we can still talk.

And yes.... the office doubles as our "Lego Room".  It's one of the only spaces that we can shut both doors and keep pesky little sisters out. hahaha

The door on the right goes out to the hallway with the kids rooms, laundry room, etc.
Bonus points if you can spot GG :)

Behind my couch is our "instagram wall"...

Okay peeps.... this is where the magic happens.  And by magic I mean this is where I sit in my pajamas, eat Frosted Flakes and post too many pics of my kids :)   This is also where I lesson plan, write tests, edit photos, etc.  It's kind of my "home base".

The built ins and desk were here when we bought the house and they're one of my very favorite features (along with our brick wall and treed backyard).  I love the mix of photos, books and other sentimental trinkets.  Like a music box from my childhood collection, a glass container filled with my babies hospital bracelet and an antique door knob from a dear friends farm house.

There are mementos from vacation, bird nests that my kids have collected (on the ground) and handprint plates.

Wooden shoes that my grandfather wore in Holland, sweet boys that I had the gift of meeting on a mission trip to Jamaica and a heart tile gifted to my by Luke :)

And yes.... a nose bookend.  Because why not?!?! hahaha

On the other side of the office is a floor to ceiling built in shelving system with doors (not sure why I didn't take a pic) that I use to store craft supplies.

As far as playrooms go - we're lacking in this department :)  It's the one thing that I wish we had (okay - I lied.... I wish we had a bigger bathroom for the kids and a bigger laundry room, too. hahaha).  The area that was designed to be our "formal dining room" is our "play space"...

The bench is filled with Duplos and this is where the boys like to build train tracks, Duplo cities, etc.

Since we don't have a designated playroom - we store most of the kids toys in their rooms.  The boys closet houses a lot as do the baskets in the storage unit in Griffins room.

So.... show me where you work and play!  I can't wait to see your playrooms and offices!!!  :)



  1. Love those built ins in your office!

  2. I completely agree with you!! My very favorite things about your house are your brick kitchen, awesome backyard, AND that cozy nook of an office!!!

  3. I spy a little griffin behind the plant;). And I absolutely love your office! How wonderful it's loft your bedroom. Love that idea and the shelves...love them and love how it's filled with memories!!!! Hope you're feeling better! Happy Tuesday!!!!

  4. Your awesome at arranging/decorating your built ins! It just made me think "why on earth do I have my babies hospital bracelets in a book, way up in a closet?". I need to get out the things I love and work them into our living spaces :)

  5. I laughed so hard at "this is where the magic happens...and by magic I mean....". Hilarious!!!!! And your office space is definitely my favorite space in your house. It's perfect!

  6. Tell me more about your Instagram wall? I love the idea

  7. I love the built ins...they are some of my favorite things in our house!! Your decorating is beautiful! Love it...Happy Tuesday!

  8. I am taking my babies' bracelets out of the cedar chest and putting them on my shelves! I love that you have all your treasures displayed. I also LOVE how your wood floors in the room are on a bias ;)

  9. I love that space and am so glad you are feeling better as you kick off your school year!!!

  10. I think it is so nice your kids have a space just for their legos. Someday I would love a built in desk. Also, the boxes look like a great way to keep toys organized!

  11. I've said this before, but I love how you style shelves!!
    So fun that the office is right off of your bedroom.
    We have an office upstairs, but it wasn't photo-ready yet :)


  12. Love the bookshelves, so neatly organized. I love that items have sentimental value.

  13. I love your office area! You are so good about really incorporating meaningful items into your decor. I tend to just stuff it away in a box. I love all the momentos on the shelves!

  14. Andrea - I love that you modified your house to fit your kids' needs. No reason to have a dining room, if you know your kids are going to use the area for their duplos anyways! We've modified rooms in our house to fit our family's needs as well. I really love your office space as well - nice and cozy! Just like your family!

  15. Ummm my favorite magic happening here...I see Kimm's Korner on your computer!! That makes me happy.

  16. Your toys are so organized! I am so jealous!!! I need to research some serious Lego storage options (as opposed to having them on my fireplace mantle, coffee table, kitchen table, desk and living room floor)!
    And I adore your built ins... so wish I had some!


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