Friday, July 4, 2014

Four on the Fourth

WOO HOO!!!! Happy Fourth, Friends!!!  I really hope that y'all are reading this either before or after a fun day of family, food and fireworks :)  

This morning we're headed to breakfast on our Town Square followed by a parade.  I'm a total sucker for our town's totally small-time holiday parades.  Here are my posts from 2013, 2012, and 2011.

Rather than a typical "Five on Friday" post - today I'm sharing "Four on the Fourth"!

- ONE - 
Patriotic Play Date

Yesterday the boys and I invited several of their friends over to play in the sandbox and eat lunch.  A HUUUUUUUUUGE storm rolled through early early in the morning and foiled our outdoor plans - but the play date must go on! :)

We brought out all our Legos and prepared for a fun morning with friends.

While the boys played, I got lunch ready.  I thought it would be fun for them to get to assemble their own little red, white and blue desserts.  I diced up a Sarah Lee pound cake (yuuummmmmm!!!), and put out strawberries, blueberries and cool whip.

I put together a few for the sisters of the boys who came - which turned out pretty.  The ones the boys made - not so much. hahaha  Theirs included a LOT less fruit and a LOT more cake :)

I made the boys the rocket dogs that Erika talked about and they turned out so cute!

They made their desserts, ate their rocket dogs, discussed Old Yeller and "the ravies" and had a burping contest. :)

That's a sweet group of boys right there, friends!

 Nixon was flying his rocket dog... "It's a rocket, Miss Andrea!!!" :)

There was a little bit of wrestling...

... and lots of playing.

They were WAY quieter than I thought they would be.

Griffin hung out with Narci and Presley while the boys were at my house - and when she came home she was super smiley while eating her second lunch (yes... Narci fed her and I didn't know so she ate a second lunch at home. hahaha)

Also - Narci, Shay and Erika... I really hope that none of your boys are sick, because I found GG sucking down the rest of everyone's Capri Suns while I was emptying the dishwasher :)

- TWO -
Red, White and Blue LOVE!

I have loved seeing y'alls sweet Fourth of July crafts!!!  Thanks so much for sharing - keep 'em coming!!!
If you missed it, you can find my canvas tutorial HERE and the original flag post HERE and tutorial HERE.

Twinkies :)

When I posted this pic of Mason the other day - I thought he looked like someone.... and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  GRUMPY CAT! hahahah

I love this sweet boy to the moon and back - even when he's all grumpy cat face :)

- FOUR -
Scarves, all the scarves.

I have this halogen scarf in a different color scheme, but I am TOTALLY digging all of these new combos!  And the pom poms!!! Give me all the pom poms!!!

This blue/gold combo is on my short list since those are MCA colors. 

This orange/peach/pink combo is so fun and bright!

I think this one is really pretty for now, but the colors could EASILY transition into Fall as well. 

I hope y'all have/had a FABULOUS Fourth!!!  You better believe there will be a very red, white and blue weekend recap on Monday :)


  1. Smith had the VERY best time!!! He told me all about his lunch, about making is own dessert, and about playing with that pirate ship. Thank you so much!! And PS: the comparison picture of Mason and the cat made me laugh out loud :).

  2. Oh my!! I love all the play date ideas!! So much fun and adorable, lol about G and the Capri sun drinks and Maso. And grumpy cat!!:)

  3. Their rocket dogs and patriotic pound cake desserts are awesome!!
    Such cute boys!

  4. I'm just impressed with how organized all your Legos were all lined up against the wall! Happy 4th lady! Have a blast celebrating the holiday!!!!

  5. Happy 4th! And the comparison to Grumpy Cat is too funny :)

  6. So much fun! Love the idea of letting the boys make their own dessert! I also adore all of those scarves! Enjoy your holiday! :)

  7. Loved your dessert idea so much!

  8. I need to send mine to you!!! I made a chevron one though! So cute!

  9. Luke had such a great time!! His first words to me were: "WE MADE OUR OWN DESSERT. IT WAS AWESOME!" Haha! We had such a great time with Griffin who Presley called GiGi the entire time she was here! Precious!! XOXO

  10. You are such a fun and creative mom! Love those dogs and dessert cups!


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