Monday, July 7, 2014

I bet your parade didn't have a goat :)

EDIT: Apparently the Holiday weekend got me all distracted and confused and I forgot about my own linky party :)  hahaha   Tomorrow we'll do "What's On... Your Menu"! 

Friday morning we loaded up and headed to one of my favorite McKinney traditions - the Fourth of July Parade.  McKinney isn't a small town - but our cute downtown square and small-time parade make it feel small a few times a year. 

The square is a special place to me and it holds LOTS of memories.  Dave and I met in band in High School and we decorated store windows and marched in the Homecoming Parade every year (that was when McKinney had ONE high school... not three!).  I worked at several stores downtown throughout High School and college and have been in the basements of lots of these historical buildings digging out the Christmas decorations and decorating the town tree and lamp posts.  My brother and his "band" played at open mic nights at a small coffee shop on the square, my baby shower for Luke was held in the historical courthouse and Dave and I got married just off the square.  The square has changed A LOT over the years, but I love that my kids are growing up on the square as well.  

Okay - enough "mushiness" for today :)

Y'all know that I don't shy away from a theme - and I love July Fourth because EVERYONE is "in theme" :)  The color coordination makes my heart happy. hahaha

We ordered breakfast from a local sandwich shop - but they were CRAZY busy - so we busted out the emergency pop tarts while we waited.

The parade started at 10, but we got there about 8:30 to eat, hang out and secure a spot in the shade.

I took this pic with my iPhone while we were waiting and it cracks me up!!!
Griffin and Mason were having a SERIOUS standoff over where their feet were going in the wagon.  Homegirl can hold her own and Mason got out of the wagon :)

I mean :)

Twinning!!! :)

The Slaughters, Dreffs and Shulls met us at the parade and we had so much fun!

Nixon Slaughter CRACKS ME UP!!!

This sweet girl loved EVERYTHING about the parade. Waving and clapping are her two favorites - so this was perfect for her :)

I'm pretty sure that Nixon and Griffin have a crush on each other :)

 My mom had my camera most of the time and I'm so glad she did!

Sweet boys!!!

LOVE this pic!!!

Making sweet eyes at Nix :)

Hahaha.  Mouth full of pop tart - but I couldn't resist!

Headband problems :)

This kid downed a TON of blue Gatorade... can you tell??? :)

Mason was NOT feeling the loud car noises - which didn't surprise me.  He doesn't like the vacuum cleaner, bounce houses, etc.

This was him during the motorcycles at last years parade.  POOR GUY!!!  Thankfully this year he got over it pretty quick.... he covered his ears and still enjoyed it.

Bowen :)

Presley and I share the same love of star print and big hair bows :)

The McKinney parade never ceases to amaze me... whether it's Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the scoop of a tractor  or a Gorilla Uncle Sam
This year there was a painted goat.  Duh.

Mason's favorite part of the parade??? Horse poop. :)  #boymom

Our crazy crew :) 

Look how much they've grown this year!!!

Love these sweet, sweet girls.  Pretty inside and out!

 These girls, too! :)

While we were packing up, my parents walked back to the car with Mason and my mom snapped these pics of my sweet boy...

 We attempted a family pic...

... and then we headed home. 

Griffin and I took a few pictures together...

And then she poked me in the eye with her flag and we called it a day :)

After naps it was time for a wardrobe change :)

Dave worked in the afternoon and Griffin went to bed early, but my dad came down to our house to be with GG while we got to go watch fireworks with the Shulls and Slaughters.  There wasn't much firework watching - but there was lots of wrestling, laughing and running around. :)

It was a great day with family and friends!!!  More weekend fun and some craft ideas coming up tomorrow!
Happy Monday, Friends!!!


  1. What an awesome 4th!!
    Love that family pic!!
    Wasn't today going to be "What's On..Our Menu?" link party? ;)

    1. It totally was! hahaha Apparently I had way too much fun this weekend and totally forgot about it :) Link up happening tomorrow! :)

  2. We had the best time on the square with your sweet family! I love raising my kids on that square too :).

  3. Looks like a super fun day ! Those 3 kiddos looked so sweet! Have a great Monday!!!!

    1. Thanks, girly!!! Hope you have a great day as well! :)

  4. Thank goodness for emergency pop tarts!!!! Love your pix from the parade! Such a fun time of year!

    1. I carry Poptarts with me 99% of the time and I've found that most meltdowns, tantrums and other problems can be solved with a poptart :)

  5. It sounds like you had a great 4th!!! I will say it again. You have the cutest kids!!!

  6. Loved all your pics! We were at the McKinney parade too and my 2 year old son even had the "whaaat?? a goat??" look on his face! Ha! This was our first year at the parade and we loved it!

    1. Hahaha. The McKinney parade is always unique :) Glad you guys got to come to your first one!

  7. That pic of you and G is absolutely precious!!!!! And I love the pic of all 3 big girls too! TOO CUTE!

  8. Looks like a really fun parade. No wonder you like to go each year! Love Griffin's outfits too. Where did you get the dress with her monogram on it?

    1. I bought the dress at WalMart ($5) and had my local embroidery lady put her monogram on it :)

  9. LOVE all your sweet pictures...your kiddos and family are just adorable!!! Sounds like you all had a great 4th!!!

  10. Such adorable pics! G's headband is cuteness overload! Looks like such a fun time :)

  11. Such a cute family, what I really got out of this post though? That Wagon! What?! It's a wagon and then turns into a seat/bench? Holy cow I need one one :)

    I love small town parades :) We have one the weekend of Thanksgiving, it's so much fun.

    1. So funny! The wagon is by Little Tykes and yes... it's awesome :) My In-Laws gave it to Luke for Christmas when he was 8 months old and it's held up really well. There are lots of options for seating and the bench part is definitely a cool feature.

    2. It's the Little Tikes Ride and Relax....

  12. Love small town America!

  13. Dear Andrea,
    My name is Sam and I live in Queensland, Australia. I found your blog through Shay Shull (who I love). I also read and love Erika's too. I just love love love how you write and how many photo's you share that's awesome. I follow you on IG too, my name is Catsam80. I love how open you are and how crafty. Also, I think I would have loved you to be my teacher. You seem like the coolest ever!!!! Now, your kids.... Oh My they are adorable!! I should say that when I found your blog I read a bit about you and then as I do when I find a blog I like I went back to the start. So I have in a couple of months read every single post. So, I've watched Luke grow up pretty quickly and he is a champion of a boy I can tell. Mason.... So funny and the looks he gets on his face crack me up!! Griffin, Now she is a doll. Such a cutie dressed up or just running around in a diaper (that sounds strange to me we call it a nappy Ha!) but her clothes are the best!!!!! I love how you dress her and she just makes them all the sweeter. Ok, one think I hope is ok to ask is what happened to your doggy Cadence?? You said you were going to say but I never saw. I was just wondering if you ever get to see her? I loved the videos of her and Luke when he was a bub.

    Oh yeah, this post with the parade..... basically I want to move to your town. Love it. I love America a lot!!

    Thank you for letting me ramble and I look forward to reading lots more. xoxo


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