Thursday, July 3, 2014

It Doesn't Get Much More Summer Than This...

Yesterday was a super typical summer day for us.  I worked on Slightly Askew stuff in the morning, Dave went in to work around 9:00 and I put GG down for a nap.  She was quiet for about 20 minutes, but then she decided that she didn't want to be in there by herself anymore.  I went in once to put her pacis back in her bed and when she kept crying I told Mason that he was allowed to go in there and talk to her (which normally cheers her up).  She was REALLY mad and was screaming REALLY loud and all of a sudden I hears Mason crying and when I went in there I found this....

... he told me that Griffin's screaming scared him. :) hahaha  He was genuinely upset.  Poor little man!!!

Since a morning nap wasn't happening, we just played and did a few chores and then got ready to meet some friends at the pool. 

Griffin was looking like a DOLL in her "itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini" :)

We got to the pool and the boys were pretty much instantly in the water, but Griffin wanted to play a round of tetherball.

The thighs.  The tummy.  The monogram.

One of my sweet former students and her boyfriend met us at the pool and my kiddos ATE IT UP!

The boys LOOOOOOOOVED hanging out with Gavin!

Sheaffer and I showed up to the pool wearing the exact same coverup and earrings.  FABULOUS minds think alike.... but unfortunately our fabulous minds didn't remember to take a picture together.  So we took selfies : ) 
Check out my besties rockin' the "yes mom" :)  My kiddos and I had already left, but I just LOVE that my girlfriends are so much fun!

When we got home from the pool everyone got cleaned up...

... and dressed up :)

I think he might have outgrown it just a bit :)

When Griffin got up from her nap the boys climbed in the crib with her.... and no.... she does not have a boppy pillow in there on the regular.... they threw it in there :)

Please make sure that you note Mason's smirk and that he is standing on his big brother. hahaha

We're working on GG using a spoon, and obviously that is going REALLY well :)

After dinner we visited Scallywags, our local pirate ship snow cone stand. :)

 WHEN did this boy get so big?!?!?!  and so stinkin' handsome?!?!?!

Earlier in the morning I had been looking through old pics and came across this one from exactly four years ago.  It seems like yesterday that he was taking swimming lessons with Kensington!!!

When I posted the pic of Luke and I on IG last night several of you asked about my denim vest... mine is by Romeo and Juliet Couture and came with a CRAZY price tag (think $200+), but I picked it up at Nordstrom Rack for a steal.  I found a really cute, distressed option that you can find HERE.  I also had a couple of y'all ask about how I'm going to wear the vest... so I'll put together a post for y'all next week!  I'm really excited about the vest, despite my husband asking me if I had joined an '80s cover band :) hahaha

Mason was WIPED!!! He managed to make it all day without a nap.

But he was seriously exhausted.

Griffin TORE her snow cone UP!

 And also did a number on some paper towels :)


We attempted a group pic... but it was all kinds of crazy.

Mason fell asleep on the 3-minute ride home and was so zonked out I was able to carry him to his bed, pull off his shoes and tuck him in without him waking up.  

Today they boys are having some friends over in the morning and Griffin is going on her first play date! :)

If you missed my post from yesterday, be sure to check it out for a super easy and cute patriotic craft idea!


  1. Ahh!--such a cute yellow bikini, Griffin!!!
    Love the pirate ship snow cone stand--so so fun!
    I understand Mason's exhaustion. We have been letting Nolan run on no-naps this week at family camp, and it makes for some crazy evenings, but he's having the time of his life ;)

  2. Ohhhh! I just loved everything about this post! That first picture of G and Mason CRACKED ME UP! So funny!! And listen, Griffin looked adorable at the pool by the way! The bikini and headband were totally workin' for her! And then I also laughed out loud at Mason standing on Luke in the crib :). What a fun day friend! I'm so glad I was able to spend part of it with you!!! (And PS: the picture of Luke and K is so sweet but also makes me want to cry! Where did our babies go?!?!)

  3. Griffin in the bathing suit...I mean talk about so darn cute!! What a sweet family you have!!! Happy Thursday!!!!

  4. The bikini is just too much; Griffin looks adorable! My kids would LOVE a pirate ship snow cone stand. How fun! My favorite has to be Mason crying because Griffin scared him though. Poor guy, but too funny! ;)

  5. Where is your swim cover up from? It's amazing! I love Griffin's bikini as well!

  6. That picture of G and M makes me laugh soooooooooooo hard! Both of their faces are absolutely HILARIOUS! And listen, G in her bikini? I die. probably already know this....but I feel I should do a mini PSA here. I saw that some of your crew was downing some blue snow prepared to see some highlighter green poop in the next couple of days from the kiddos that downed the blue snow cones. I FREAKED OUT the first time it happened. Consider yourself warned. You're welcome. :)

  7. Fun!!! & I want Griffin's yellow bikini in my size!!!!!

  8. Griffin is so CUTE in her monogrammed bikini!!!!! Just adorable!
    I also love your denim vest. I purchased one this season from Old Navy, but I don't like it. Looking one that is a lighter wash. Excited for you post with the denim vest next week.
    Have a great day! :-)

  9. Awww poor little man and his screaming sister. G's yellow polka dot bikini...sooo cute! So cute that that snow cone place is a pirate ship, cause it makes sense that they sell snow cones there ;) I'm trying to become the "yes Mom" and go swimming with my kids more this summer. So far I've gotten in the pool more times than last year, meaning I've gone in twice and that's two more times than last summer, crazy right?!

  10. I swear I could say this every are such a fun mom!

  11. The first picture of Griffin and Mason seriously has me laughing SO hard!!! Their faces are hilarious!!! Glad you are having lots of fun this summer! :-)

  12. Thanks for the quick crafty idea, we made a version today. Put my kids handprints one on top of each other instead of making two separate ones.

  13. We LOVE Gavin! We have known his family for years. He is famous now ;)


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