Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday - DIY Edition

Friday again???  Last week was JAM PACKED and this week - not so much.  With GG sick, the week has been much slower than I originally planned.... which is TOTALLY fine with me :)

- ONE - 
Herpa WHAT?!?!?!

Yesterday I posted that G wasn't feeling well... after I blogged Wednesday night, her fever spiked again and she was miserable.  She wouldn't eat or drink and cried anytime I tried to give her a bottle.  She ended up falling asleep, but was restless all night.  

I took her to the doctor first thing Friday morning and the PA told me she had Herpangina.  What the what??? hahaha
Apparently, Herpangina is a virus that kids pick up typically in the summer months that causes a really high fever for a couple of days and blister in their little throats.  The doctor counted about a dozen blisters and that explains why she hasn't wanted to eat or drink anything.  We're currently managing her pain with Tylenol and Ibuprofen so that she's able to eat and drink a bit.  So far it's just yogurt and ice water - but at least it's something!  We're trying to avoid dehydration (and IV's!) at all costs.  

Thank goodness this is the first time she's EVER been sick, because Homegirl is THE WORST PATIENT EVER!!! She FREAKS when I try to take her temperature (with the temporal lobe one!), cries when she even sees the Tylenol syringe and you honestly would have thought that the doctor was amputating her leg the way she SCREAMED when they had to look in her ears.  Apparently it's her one flaw - so we're just hoping to keep her healthy from now on :)

After a second round of ibuprofen and some Gatorade I managed to get a smile (and a Mason photobomb!)

After a four hour nap, a dinner of ice cream and a bath - the sparkle was starting to come back to her eyes.... but she still wasn't drinking.  Sigh.  Hoping that today she can start drinking a little bit at a time.

- TWO -
Flag Tutorial

When I posted about my red, white and blue decor on Tuesday - I promised a tutorial.... so here I go.  It's not going to be pretty. hahaha

I realize in doing this little post, that I am THE WORST at how-to posts :)  Fortunately for y'all - the tutorial I followed can be found HERE. 

Ignore the chalkboard paint and the square pieces of wood... that's for something else. hahaha
All I bought to do this project was eight 8-foot furring strips and three cans of Spray Paint (Rustoleum Brilliant Blue, Rustoleum Antique White and Rustoleum Heritage Red)

I had the furring strips all cut in half (so they're 48" long) at Home Depot.

I spray painted 7 of them red...

... and six of them white (make sure to paint the ends!)

Then I laid them out red, white, red, white... starting and ending with red.  I butted them up against my baseboard to keep them aligned... although the boards are kind of wonky and imperfect.  (SIDENOTE: I took the two extra 48" pieces and cut them down to 39"... so that they were the length of the width of the flag).

I took the two 39" pieces and then nail gunned the shorter piece to both ends of the flag.  I used 3 nails in each board.  
"Hey, Dave.... can you please take a pic of me nailing these all together??" 

Cut to 20 minutes later when I look on my phone and find this ONE pic!  And the pic makes it look like I'm nailing my hand.  hahaha

After they were all nailed together, I took the flag outside, taped off a 22" section (22" across and then 7 boards down) and spray painted it blue.  Don't do what I do... actually cover the rest of the flag.  I had some spray blow back on other parts of the flag and then I tried to fix it and it was kind of a mess.  I ended up just distressing those areas - but it was extra work.

This is where I stopped taking pics (BAD BLOGGER!), but I drew a star on a piece of cardstock, cut it out and used it as a stencil. I used vintage white acrylic paint to stencil all the stars on.  Easy Peasy!!!

Finished product:

Wreath Tutorial

This tutorial is really not any better than the flag one... so you'll have to use your imagination :) hehehe

Here are my supplies.... except for the additional roll of plain burlap ribbon and the star burlap ribbon that I ordered. 
I wove the plain burlap through the wire frame... keeping the "loops" a consistent length.  It took three rolls of ribbon to do the whole wreath.  When that was done, I wove the red and white stripe through at about 8 points making the big "loops" you can see.  The bow was the part I had to think through the most, and here's how I did it.

I took my ribbon and made a "circle" like this.  I hot glued and then left a "tail"

So it looked like this.  I did the exact same thing again, but made the tail point the other direction...

I laid them on top of each other at an angle...

and then I pinched the center together and tied it off with a piece of jewelry ribbon.

To cover the wire, I cut a short length of ribbon and folded it in half....

... then I just wrapped and hot glued it to the bow.

To attach the bow, I used a piece of wire and just wired it to the metal frame.

I realize that it's ironic, considering I'm a teacher, how horrible my instructions are - so if you have a question - just shoot me an email :) (

These made me giggle :)

I've spent HOURS snuggling with Griffin the past couple of days - and have spent more than my fair share of time on Facebook.  Someone linked to these and they made me giggle.  A lot.

Matilda Jane Sale!

So exciting!  The Spring 2013 Matilda Jane line is on sale today and you can order directly from the website!!!  Shipping is $5.95 no matter how much you order.  When you check out, be sure to put the Trunk Keeper ID as #523 :)

This weekend our plans involve laying low, laying low some more and then maybe, for good measure - laying low :)  Well - the kids and I are going to be laying low.... Dave is going to be working 16 hour days at his clubs member-guest tournament. hahaha

Happy Weekend, Friends!!!


  1. So sorry that Griffin is sick! I hope she feels so much better today when she wakes up! Nolan just got sick on Wed towards the end of our vacation. They're not supposed to get sick in summer! :)
    Love the DIY flag so much!!

  2. Poor G! We missed you girls last night! I hope she's feeling better soon! And those DIY things...I am super, super impressed with both!!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, can't wait to try to make the flag and the wreath. And I am dying over those dumb comments, scares me a little that people actually think that way! Have a super weekend and I hope your sweet girl is on the mend!

  4. Oh, people these days.. I overheard my stepdaughter telling one of her friends, "Did you know that hastag use to be used for number!?" Umm... still is darliing, as well as a measurement of weight. Have a good weekend!

  5. Your tutorials crack me up. I should ask for a video instead hahaha :) Have a great weekend!

  6. I would like to see more of how u looped the burlap through the wire wreath! Maybe u could start working on one for the fall and show us how you did it? I have all the supplies, am just afraid that mine will end up a burlap mess. Love your blog!

  7. Hi Andrea! First, I love your blog. I have a Luke as well, and I think my Lily Kate is just a little older than your Griffin. Unfortunately, my son had herpangina too around that age, and it was awful. (I was also horrified at the name like you - where in the world do they come up with that???) Has your doctor told you about the "magical mouthwash" you can mix up? It's their dosage of motrin, benadryl, and 3 mL of maalox. It sounds awful, but it totally helps to coat their throat and get them back on track eating and drinking. I would normally not give out medical advice over the internet ;), but my heart breaks to see little ones so pitiful. Hope your sweet girl feels better soon!

  8. Fist I hope griffin gets better soon,,,,second I'm just so impressed with your I told you yesterday,,, you should make these and sell them,,because yes I would be first in line with my checkbook ;). Happy Friday!!!!

  9. Hope your little feels better soon and no one else gets it. I had to laugh at you calling her a bad patient. I have enjoyed all your social media funnies though!

  10. I'm so sorry Griffin isn't feeling well. Your right though, that last photo definitely showed a little sparkle in her eye! Hope she's doing much better today and drinking some. Bless her heart, summer is not a fun time to feel icky :(

  11. so many things, sweet friend!! --per usual! lol...ok so first! I am SO bummed to hear G wasn't feeling well!! Bella HATES getting her ears looked at too!! I sure hope this weekend was a little "breather" of all 3 kiddies being healthy! Second! ...your tutorials are totally amaze! I seriously followed RIGHT along! I am def going to try the burlap wreath! let's just hope I get to it before the 4th! hahaha! I love love loved it!! ...and the MJ sale!? ahhhh!! I am SO bummed I did not read this post first thing on Friday! I did not find out until super late last night...but thank goodness when I went to order today there were still great options left! And as always, trunk keeper 523 was mentioned!

  12. What a little darling! That big bow!!!!

  13. So cute! Thanks for such a great giveaway!


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