Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nothing much :)

I hope that y'all enjoyed the first installment of "It's My Party" yesterday!  I loved reading the sweet comments and am hoping that at least one of you is planning a Sofia the First party now :)  hahaha

The past few days have been low key and lovely.  Dave had a day off on Monday (hallelujah!  His member-guest week is this week and it's going to be CRAZY!) and the boys ran some errands in the morning while G and I stayed home :)  She had on the most previous dress EVER.... seersucker and a back bow??? I die.

Monday afternoon some Ruby Blue headwraps arrived in the mail and I was SO excited!  Seriously y'all.  SO SO SO CUTE!!!  They're stretchy and super comfy and I MAY have ordered one for myself yesterday after seeing these :)  I had high hopes to take a few cute pictures of G sporting them, but my plans were thwarted by fever. BOO.  If you want to order some Ruby Wraps for yourself or your little one, use the coupon code BLOGLOVIN15 for 15% off your order! 

See what I mean???? As soon as G woke up from her nap I threw the bow on her and it was PRECIOUS!

Tuesday Carter and Sheaffer came over and we all headed down to the Perot Museum!  I was horrible about taking pictures... probably because I was busy keeping an eye on all three AND chatting it up with one of my besties :)

Yes - that's G running around wearing an apron, holding a fake steak.  #mygirl

Homeslice was ON. THE. MOVE.

They had this fun fan exhibit set up where kids could place various objects (thing egg carton, paper cup, coffee filter, etc.) on top of the fan and watch how high they would fly.  Mason was super intrigued and the best part was when he grabbed the attendant's iPhone off the floor and tried to make it fly :) hahaha

Notice that the fashion bloggers son KNOWS how to take a pic :)  Mine... not so much.

Again - Carter... perfect smile.  McAnally boys... hair pulling.

This one is my favorite.  Carter loving the camera.  My boys loving anything BUT the camera :)  Sigh.

We packed lunches for the kids, but mexican food was one short block away (short until I had to run back across traffic to retrieve a headband - BECAUSE IT'S A HEADBAND!!! - and then wait FOREVER for the light to turn again so I could cross without getting hit by traffic) so we headed there instead.  Sheaffer and I were busy enjoying our food and Sheaffer looked down and saw this....

.... welcome to my life.  I left a good tip :)

We came home from the museum and I was wiped, but Mason not so much - so he played outside in the backyard for a sweet forever.  He kept coming to the window and telling me that he was building a home for Roly Polies and that THEY were hungry for cookies.  Not him ,the roly polies :)

Later in the afternoon we busted out the Playhut Rocketship tent :)  Several people on IG asked where I got this, and I actually got it from Zulily last year.  I looked for it online and the only one I could find is listed on eBay for $130.  (WHAT THE WHAT????)  I'll tell you what - if you REALLY want one I'll sell you mine for $120. hahaha

Wednesday morning Luke started golf camp at the country club and I'm not sure he's ever looked so big or so much like Dave :)

I seriously almost teared up.

Dave took a couple of pictures of him when he dropped him off.  I die.

Finishing his pop tart :)

With big brother gone for the morning and G down for a nap, Mason and I had some time for conversation and blueberries ;)  He informed me that when he grows up he wants to be a Beetleborg (anyone else remember that show???), a fireman AND a daddy :)

Mason and I cleaned up and got ready to run out the door at 11:00 when I had to wake up G (this is the shirt I blogged about a while ago - so cute, right??  It's so cute it's sold out.... but this one is really cute, too!)

When I got Griffin up from her nap she was burning up.  Like 102.2 burning.  We are so so so blessed that this is her first illness, fever, yuckiness AT ALL.  But it still stinks :(

Our plans quickly changed and we spent the rest of the day doing this...

She perked up for a few minutes and managed to run around the kitchen a bit...

But she faded quickly and was back down for a nap before 1:00.

We've been trying to shorten or eliminate Mason's afternoon nap (otherwise he's not tired AT ALL at night) and yesterday it caught up with him around 3:30.  The poor little man couldn't keep his eyes open.

While Mason napped, Luke and I worked on some math practice.  He's not the biggest fan of writing but he LOOOOVES Math.  #proudmama

Griffin woke up from her second nap still feverish and blah - so I let the boys have a "picnic" dinner while they watched the Lego movie and G and I did more of this.  Poor baby!!!

Fingers crossed that she kicks whatever little bug she has quick!  There is summer fun to be had!  BUT at the same time I'm soaking up the snuggles :)


  1. Those pictures of your boys with Carter cracked me up! And Luke headed out to golf camp...oh my gosh! He looked like a boy (not a kid). Seriously! I about cried! He looks so old!!

  2. Prayers for sweet Griffin ... bless her little heart. Hope she feels better today.

  3. Nothing worse than a sick kiddo but not much better than the sweet snuggles. Praying she is feeling a million times better today!

    Oh and those head wraps...I DIE. love them! She totally rocks the big bow!

  4. Poor G! We had such fun with y'all at the museum, and the pics are totally cracking me up. Carter is working the camera!

  5. Poor Griffin, hope she feels better very soon! Her headbands are just adorable! I can't believe she keeps them on so well!
    Have a great day!

  6. Aw so sorry for G! Hopefully she'll get better soon! And you're right. Luke does look joys like Dave. And he looks sooo grown up!! Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Adorable!!!! Even sick she is so precious!!!! And go Carter, he sure knows how to pose like a champ! :)


  8. Mason's cookie/window face is adorable!

  9. Andrea, your patriotic wreath is prettiest 4th of July wreath ever! I went to Hobby Lobby (in Florida) and they had the stripes but not the stars--did you buy both at the same place? I'm so upset. The star bow makes the wreath! Any suggestions?


  10. She is still cute even when sick. I hope she gets better fast! Love how you recapped, like telling us a story, makes it fun to go through your post.

  11. Oh my goodness the sick pics of sweet G make me so sad! Nothing worse than sick babies! I hope she feels better so soon!

  12. Oh my goodness the pics of sweet G are so sad (when she is sick!) Nothing worse than a sick baby! Love the pics from the museum- what a fun place!

  13. Seriously!! Thank you again SO SO much for the feature yesterday!! My heart is still running on so.much.happiness that I got to share her party in your fun series!! The sweet comments made my day!! ...and today's post...ok the title! ...second...those headwraps!?!? seriously!? I am dying!! I am headed there STRAIGHT after this to score myself some! ;) And I sure hope sweet G is getting back to herself! There is just nothing more sad (well besides the extra snuggles ;)) than a sick bebe!

  14. Awwww poor baby! (and mama) She is adorable. Thank you so much for this sweet feature. You're the bomb!!!!!


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