Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Fun

I had something totally different planned for today - but technical difficulties struck and so I'm going to show y'all the past day or so :)  Thrilling - I know. hahaha

Wednesday night I put Griffin to bed and Dave took the boys on a walk on the golf course.  Twenty minutes later Sarah texts me this picture...

The boys took the golf course tunnel and walked to the Smiths house!  They ate popsicles and played in the playhouse... and Mason almost popped the venis in his neck :)

Yesterday morning Griffin and I were playing in her room and the ONLY thing she wanted to play with were her shoes!!!

I would shut the closet door and she would go right back to opening it and pulling out the shoes.

She even sits down on the floor and tries to put them on her feet :)


 Back for more...

Look how long her hair is getting!

While G and I were playing inside, the boys were wreaking havoc on the backyard :)  hahaha 
Not really - they were playing in the sandbox and filling up cups with roly polies.

Through my bedroom window...

 They were gross and sandy, so they came inside for baths and then G woke up and needed a bottle.  Luke helped me out while I got things ready to go run a couple of errands.

One of our stops??? Home Depot. And of course... they wanted to ride in the race car cart.  Because doesn't pushing around a cart with EIGHT wheels sound super fun?!?!?!  It was extra fun when I had to push the whole thing into the family restroom while trying not to pee my pants (maybe the at least 6 cups of hot tea I consumed before 11 a.m. was not a great idea).

Luke ate a ring pop.... and climbed up here while I wasn't looking.  #momfail

We came home and had lunch and I threw G in the sink because it seemed like less work than wiping the oreo off of her with a wipe :)

She's been having lots of fun sticking out her tongue the last few days :)

After bathtime I lotioned her up and put her in this sweet (CRAZY SOFT!) little dress and sang her a few songs.... she took no nap on Tuesday afternoon so I was DETERMINED to get her to sleep  :)  I'll have y'all know that she did sleep.... but not until AFTER she pulled down her GORGEOUS Pottery Barn paper butterfly mobile and destroyed it.  #awesome

While G was napping the boys and I worked on a craft (more on this next week!) and then Mason took a nap and Luke had some "quiet time".

Dave got home and we loaded up and headed to Olive Garden because mama didn't want to cook.  #thankyouteachergifts

 The weather has been AMAZING here... not 5000 degrees and I was excited to wear my new Hippie Chick navy maxi dress, Hippie Chick scarf, white denim jacket and my new BFFs :)

This crazy crew was READY to eat!  I'm pretty sure that Griffin ate more than anyone else :)

Yes we did this :)  Because we're horrible people. hahaha

I die.

After dinner, we swung by my parents house and picked up my mom (my dad was playing in a golf tournament) and headed to Adriatica.  It's this cute "Croatian village" in the middle of our development and there's this giant parking garage that we went to the top of to see the view.  #becausewepartyhard

It was perfection outside and so we decided to explore a bit...

This is where the concert we were supposed to go to on Memorial Day was held.  Judging by how much mud was STILL there today we made the right choice :)

We ended our walk at the playground and I think G might be my biggest daredevil out of all three.  Uh Oh.
Today was really nothing big.  We didn't go anywhere special or do anything remarkable.  But it was a perfect day.  :)

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  1. "Mason almost popped a vein in his neck." Laughing SO hard!!!!!

  2. I'm still laughing about Mason almost popping a vein. Hilarious!!!

  3. I love that picture of your little girl standing in the door of her closet. I like reading about ordinary days with your family. Keep up the good work!

  4. Whoever created those "fun" shopping carts with 8,000 wheels obviously never had to navigate a store with one. Awful! Your pictures look super cute though, love Griffin and her shoes.

  5. Luke looks like such a little man feeding G her bottle! So cute!

    And I say this all the time...but I can't get enough of Griffin! So adorable in everything!

    And Mason's neck looks so funny! Kids!

    Looks like a great day to me!

  6. I am dying at G's face with the lemon. Hahaha. She's getting soooo big!

  7. G's sink bath and sour lemon photos are cute!!
    The homes in that neighborhood are huge!

  8. lemon photo was hilarious, I'm still laughing hahaha

  9. We have the same new BFF. I have them in several colors and lets just say I am OBSESSED!! :)

  10. Love how often you see your parents. And I am dying for my summer break to start. Last day with kids is a week from tomorrow!

  11. I am dying for my summer break to start. My last day is a week from tomorrow!

  12. No wonder you are such a remarkable are surrounded by greatness(for generations!) and you seem to have the perfect balance between "just right and I could lose it any second now". How I envy your life and the sweetness of it all. Truly inspiring Andrea....well done young lady.

  13. I always enjoy your posts so much. I have to admit that lemon face picture might be my favorite.


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