Monday, April 14, 2014

What's On... Your DVR

Happy Monday, friends!
Today is the first installment of "What's On..." and this month I thought it would be fun to share what's on our DVRs!  
1) Grey's Anatomy
I got started on Grey's Anatomy when I was home with Luke the first summer I had him.  I was hooked INSTANTLY and have been a die hard fan ever since.

The end of the mid-season where April was about to get married and Jackson stood up and said he loved her?!?!?! I died.  And bawled like a total baby. 

And since we're talking about bawling like a baby...

2) Parenthood
If you don't watch Parenthood, you need to stop what you're doing right now and order the first 4 seasons on DVD.  It's real, and honest and quirky and I love everything about it.  I cry every episode... happy tears, sad tears and years for no reason.  It's amazing.

I find myself totally rooting for the characters, and if you're watching you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.... I mean GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Joel!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Amazing Race

We've watched Amazing Race from the beginning and we look forward to it every week.  Teams of two race around the world and it's so fun to get to "know" the contestants and it's super interesting to get to see the world through the show.

4) Scandal
So good.  So so so good.

Dramatic, full of twists and turns and Fitz.  Oh, Fitz.

5) Downton Abbey

I have to admit.  I totally didn't get it when the whole "Downton Abbey thing" started.  I thought it was going to be boring and stuffy and blah.  I was totally wrong.

The scenery is gorgeous, the characters are complex and there are sooo many great lines!

My only complaint about the whole show is that the seasons are too short.  Trust me.  Get on Netflix and start watching. You won't be sorry!!!

6) Nashville

Good music.  Good drama.  And Tammy from Friday Night Lights... she can do no wrong.

7) Modern Family

Modern Family is a highlight of my week.  It comes on a night when I'm  usually exhausted and it ALWAYS makes me laugh.  Some nights we end up watching it twice it's just that good :)

These are my top picks.... but I'm also a fan of all the Real Housewives, Top Chef, Survivor, The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, etc.  If you're wondering when I have time to watch so much TV....
... check out my dual computer monitors.  I am on the computer A LOT for school and Slightly Askew and I usually have a show of some sort on one monitor while I work on the other. :)

ANNNNNNNNNNNND........... because it's birthday week and will be CRAZY, I'm recapping my weekend today as well! BONUS! hahaha

Thursday Griffin Joy did what Griffin Joy does.... eat leaves while lookin' cute! :)

Mason pondered the awesomeness of having the entire tub to himself :) #middlechildproblems

Friday our new Spring Matilda Jane came in and we love it!!!

Friday night Griffin went to bed early and the boys and I snuggled up and watched Rio a midst some major silliness :)

Saturday morning my little partner in crime and I headed out to run errands...

We got home in time for lunch and some MAJOR duckface practice :)  She's ready for middle school!!!

Griffin's itsy bitsy teensy weensy yellow polka dot bikini came in... and I am DEFINITELY feeling a hot pink BIG monogram on the front :)

Saturday night we got dressed and ready to head to Bingo Night at MCA...

We hung out with friends...

... and of course Puff Puff tagged along (and wore my bracelet as a rockin' headband).

We checked out some of the items from the Spring Auction (including this GIANT teddy bear!)

We ate pizza, played 14 rounds of Bingo and had the best time with our MCA family...

Luke didn't win a prize, BUT a super sweet sixth grader gave Luke his prize :)  I think that's even better!  He has been inseparable from this football for the last 24 hours. hahaha

Sunday morning we were up and dressed and HAPPY before church :)  #itsamiracle

Griffin and Bowen checked each other out before heading to their classes :)  

Sunday afternoon I cleaned the house and worked on this Monster bean bag toss for the kids birthday.  I still have to do touch ups and paint the background and then cut out the mouths for the kids to throw bean bags through.  I am NOT an artist by ANY stretch of the imagination.... but I can handle monsters :)

Sunday night was our monthly BFG Girls Social and I hosted a "dip party" at my house.  I am LOVING my new Matilda Jane tunic :)

This is what Heaven looks like.  15 different dips.  YUM!

Dave took the boys, but G hung out with the girls.  She showed off her thighs and her walking skills :) 

She BASKED in all the attention :) 

And no... she wasn't naked the entire time :) hahaha

Such a fun night with a fantastic group of girls!

When the boys got home and got in their PJs they insisted on a pic with all the "ladies" :)

Don't forget!!! Tomorrow is the first installment of Come On On! And we're going to link up and share our family rooms!  Can't wait to get a peek into your homes!



  1. I like your dual screens!
    Grey's, Parenthood, & Scandal didn't make my list today--but I've loved them in the past, and will someday get time to watch what I've missed!
    The bean bag toss board is adorable!
    And the dip party looked like fun :)

  2. Apparently today I need to cancel what I had planned and do nothing but watch some of these new shows!! I've heard Nashville is so good!! Thanks for hosting this fun party!!

  3. I had no idea you watched Blacklist. We LLOOOOVVVVE Blacklist over here!!!!!!

  4. "i am not an artist by ANY stretch of imagination.." HA! Lies! Looks like you had a great weekend :) Kids are adorable as always!

  5. I've never watched Scandal or Nashville. I've heard all about how good they are though. I need to check them out!!!

  6. Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood are my 2 fav shows ever and yes when Jackson told April he loved her at her wedding I died and cried and was so happy BUT this week's episode looks like there may be some trouble in paradise...sigh :( And Joel, I mean come on BUT Julia, what the what was she thinking?! I love me some Braverman's!!!! Oh and Survivor, I see you like that too....I have watched every single season since season 2, I am an addict, love that show!
    Super cute weekend pics....Griffin is oh so adorable as usual and your Monster party decor is unbelievable and you say you are not artsy....paleeese!!!

  7. Love this post! So much of everything, and so much wonderful all in one!

  8. Once I had Xavier I totally lost time to watch Parenthood :( I used to love that show!! Nashville is seriously my favorite show on TV right now! It is never on my DVR for long because I must see it right away! lol! Biggest reason for starting it was Tammy Taylor :) Loved Friday Night Lights! Modern Family is great too! Blacklist is my 2nd fave right now :) You have to check out Big Bang Theory too! HILARIOUS!!!
    Love catching up with your weekend activities! That photo before church with Luke looking down at Griffin is so precious!

  9. Love your list! Loooove Grey's! Love Scandal! Love Nashville! Love them all haha. Thanks for sharing! :)
    x Dani

  10. Love Grey's and Scandal and wish I could watch Parenthood too! Looks like a fun weekend! The monster party prep is so cute and the kids are adorable as always!

  11. Someone who loves the Bravermans as much as I do!!! (Also, I am an unashamed Amazing Race watcher, too. Have never missed an episode.) Pretty much, our DVRs are identical. Also...your "show off your house" series is making me depressed because all I want to do is DECORATE this new place and...wah...boxes!

  12. We totally have twin DVR's! Grey's is my absolute favorite! I've watched it from the beginning but really fell in love when I was on bedrest with my son. Do you know Lifetime airs 3 shows a day?!? If I'm home during the week I always turn it on and relive some old episodes. I miss George O'Malley!
    Scandal, Parenthood and Blacklist are my other faves. I'm so sad the Scandal finale is this week. Ugh!
    Your dip party looks so fun!

  13. And where is that bikini from?? I must have two for my twins!

  14. I started to watch Parenthood when I was on bed rest with my twins and then finished up past seasons during midnight feedings :) Love, love, love that show!! Modern Family is great also. Just started to watch Scandal. You should add The Mindy Project and House of Cards to your list!

  15. A dip party is GENIUS! I was just telling someone the other day that parties, for me, are really just a vehicle for all things dippable.

  16. Loved the peek into your DVR. I used to watch Parenthood but stopped a few seasons ago. I feel like so many people love it nowadays that I might need to pick it back up! I've also never seen an episode of Modern Family. I wonder if season one is on Netflix. Might need to to look!

    And thanks for the reminder about the house tour tomorrow! I should be using nap time to take a few pictures of my very messy living room instead of playing online apparently!

  17. This is such a fun link up! THanks for hosting! We have very similar taste in television! And could Griffin be any cuter?! So presh!

  18. Awesome Link-up Andrea!! Can't wait to participate each month! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Parenthood...I kinda wish I was a Braverman!! LOL The Blacklist is def one I want to watch this summer.

  19. Love your shows, Andrea! I may need to start watching Scandal and Nashville. So many people watch them and I am missing out!

  20. I had no idea Matilda Jane had adult clothes too! That tunic is SO CUTE. When are you hosting your next trunk show?

  21. I am HOOKED on Parenthood right now. I have been binge watching online for the past month. Almost caught up and I am right there with you. I have tears every. single. episode. :)


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