Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Come On In.... My Family Room

I am sooooooooooo excited about today! SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!  I love seeing people's homes and can't wait to see all of yours!!! 

Come on in!!!
(and ignore the rug.... I'm looking for the PERFECT one to coordinate with the one in the family room... so this is a place holder) :)

So our house is 20+ years old... which means it came with some quirks.  One of which is that this front area was the designated "formal living room".  We're not formal AT ALL so we switched it up and decided to make this our family room.

 This picture was from when we moved in almost exactly give years ago.  The walls were a "peachy/beigey" color and there was lots of trim.  Not my thing.

I went with a green/gold color and painted all the trim the same color.  The walls were already textured (which made it a BEAST to paint!) and this color extends all they way down the hall to the kids bedrooms as well.

The area behind the couch (if you look at the picture above you can see where the carpet ends) was supposed to be the formal dining room.... I switched out the chandelier for a fan (I swapped it with the one that was in what was supposed to be the family room which we turned into our eating area) is kind of a weird blank space.  Dave and I have plans to replace our floors and furniture in about 3 years and hopefully we'll be able to come up with some kind of fabulous space plan to make this all one big room.  For now... this area is where the boys set up trains, where I wrap presents, where we do crafts, etc.


And just for fun another comparison pic from the month we moved in.... and yes... we had a dog.  She was adorable and a H.O.T. mess and that's a story for another day :)

The dresser in here is actually the dresser that matches our crib :) hahaha  
Making it work! 

One of my very favorite Sid Dickens tiles... a gift from my besties at my surprise 30th birthday party.

The bench in here I found on Craigslist last Friday for $25.  TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS, PEOPLE!!! 
It opens for storage and I picked it up for us to use in our Spring photos in a few weeks.
I'm thinking that I'll try to paint it white and then distress it.

I've been collecting Sid Dickens memory blocks since I was pregnant with Luke.  I'm obsessed.
I'm at the point where I have to have 6 to make a row, so I have several on easels around the house until I have six.  They're pricey, so buying 6 at a time is kind of crazy :)

So! Your turn!!! 
Link up and share your family room!  Is it a disaster right now?  Who cares?!?!?!
Snap some pics with your iPhone and let us see ;)

Also....... if you're looking for some GREAT TV recommendations, check out yesterday's post to see what everyone is watching and don't forget to mark your calendars for next month's Come On In!

Also - start planning the recipe you want to share!  We'll be linking up again on Wednesday, April 30th to share some deliciousness! 


  1. You know I love your house!!!!! Can't wait to see everybody else's!

  2. Your house is so gorgeous!!
    So fun to see the before pictures, too!

  3. You have a gorgeous house!! I love seeing before & after pictures :) We are not "formal" room people either, so I love to see how you've turned those spaces into normal, everyday living areas. Thank you for sharing your home!!!

  4. What a fun color! We have an older house, our house could be a grandma:) but I really like embarrassing the quirks. You have done a great job as well.

  5. I am in love with your wall color! So so pretty.

  6. I love your green/gold walls! I think they are so fun! I love seeing everyone's homes!

  7. I can't believe Pottery Barn isn't knocking down your door right this very minute! Your eye for color, texture and the whimsical is unmatched!!!! What an amazing gift you have to create such a beautiful home for your family.

  8. I've probably told you about a million times but I just super love your house....it is just so warm and inviting and I love the colors and the layout and yeah just pretty much everything about it! Also, now I am intrigued about your dog that you had....do tell!!!

  9. I'm going to be late to the party and link up tomorrow, so long as the linky is still working :)

  10. I love how you decorated your family room. The color is awesome :)

  11. I found your blog through a friend that also blogs : ) I can't wait to link up !! You are so inspiring and I love your design style : ) We are currently remodeling so this is perfect... Thanks for hosting !

  12. Love your family room! Where did you get the "you are my sunshine" pillow?!

  13. Would you mind sharing where you found the black dresser (that matches the crib? I'm re-doing a bedroom and it's just what I've been looking for!

  14. Love your house! I wish I had before photos to post to show how much we have changed things.

  15. Love how you use that space as your family room otherwise its just wasted. I hope your first post for the recipe blot is of your frosted cupcakes! I know I'm not the only one wanting the recipe cant wait!

  16. Love your house! I'm excited to see the rest! You have such good taste! And LOVE LOVE LOVE Sid Dickens tiles too! I don't have quite as many so I am super envious of your collection. I wish they weren't so expensive! I want them all :) lol


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