Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Baskets and Easter Table!

So a couple of days ago I set my table for Easter.  Sounds totally weird.... but I wanted to share it with y'all and if I shared after the fact you would have TOTALLY missed out on the opportunity to pick up the cutest napkins ever for your Easter dinner!

So I went to my office to find some "springy" details and came up with this.  I need to find 4 more nests before Easter Sunday :)

But I guess it looks fine without the nest as well :)

So check out the napkins!!!  They are THESE from Pier1 and I LOVE them.  They're girly and vintagey and I think they'll be great year round.  The plates are THESE and are the perfect shade of green.

So while I was growing up, my Oma (my mom's mom) used to collect these little porcelain figurines from her tea boxes.  She always had them lined up in the window of the farm and I loved them.  When she moved she gave me lots of them and I adore them.

So let's be real, I get all excited about a pretty table, but my kids not so much :) 
They get excited about their Easter baskets which we typically let them have before we go to church.  Easter Sunday is a HUGE day for Dave at the country club (think Easter brunch), so the kiddos and I typically fly solo to church... but we don't make them wait all day for the baskets (because that's totally cruel!).  They do have to wait for egg hunting though... the Easter Bunny usually comes to our house during afternoon naps. hehehe.  Also... we love the Easter Bunny, but he doesn't take credit for the baskets at our house.  Easter baskets come from Dave and I and the kiddos know it. :)

Erika and I thought it would be fun to share what our kids will get in their baskets this year, so here it goes!

He's going to go CRAZY TOWN over this Minecraft T-Shirt from Target. I typically am not a fan of "character shirts", but this one looks cute and kind of "retro".  

He'll also be getting THIS Minecraft guide book.  Sensing a theme here??? :)

Everything in my entire being is saying "NO" to these pajamas... but they're half off and I know that they would make him crazy happy.  If they're available at my Target, they'll probably be in the basket too. :)

I am a total sucker for personalized melamie plates and the ones from Sarah + Abraham are always adorable.  They're on Zulily all the time and so I typically order them from there.

If you don't have a Zulily account, sign up for one today!  It doesn't cost anything and you get to be a part of daily deals for some AWESOME boutique brands.  Shipping is always $7 FLAT so you can order a TON and only pay $7.  If you don't already have a Zulily account click HERE to sign up!

Mason is a big Caillou fan, so THIS DVD will probably be in his basket...

He LOVES playing with Luke's "little Legos" and I think he'll be pumped to have some of his own.  I had no clue there was such a thing as Lego Juniors and I hope he's able to build these by himself.  I'll keep you updated :)

He has a thing for Play-doh so I'll probably throw one of these in there as well...

And he has a personalized plate too...

Griffin:  Griffin is getting this SWEET little bunny in her basket...

... and this book :)

This bath toy speaks to my love of tea... and I have a feeling Chef Mason might like playing with it too :)
And, of course.... She'll have her first personalized plate in her basket just like the boys :)

All three will have the obligatory package of Peeps and maybe another little snack, but I'm not huge on loading them up on tons of chocolate that's going to take weeks to eat. :)

Believe it or not, my kids don't have designated Easter baskets (GASP!).  I've never been able to justify the cost for something I use one day a year.  I'll probably pick up some sand buckets and then write their names on them in paint pen.  That way they can use them outside or at the pool this Spring/Summer as well.

So...... what are your Easter day traditions with your kids?  Big baskets?  New socks and underwear?  Lots of candy?  Do tell!


  1. Your place settings are beautiful with the nests, pretty napkins, & adorable porcelain bunnies!!
    The personalized melamine plates are a great buy--I want some :)

  2. Love your Easter table and all the goodies for the kids' baskets. I think I need to pick up that Minecraft tshirt for my son. :)

  3. Love your table and Easter decor. My kids get very practical things in their Easter baskets - a new bathing suit, a beach towel, something to play with outdoors, a movie or book they have been wanting.

  4. Such cute decorations. So glad you don't have a table cloth. We have 4 nieces and newphews under 3 so holiday table clothes are a hazard at my house.

  5. My great-grandmother collected those figurines from Red Rose tea also. She also had them lined up in her garden window. You mentioning that about your Oma brought back great memories of my great-grandmother, thank you!

  6. Love the cute little bunnies from your Oma. Not to offend anyone but why the gifts for Easter? I buy my kids some candy and only because it's on sale and I have a coupon.

  7. LOVE your Easter table!!! And the plates for the kiddies!? Adorbs!! I need to find those "Inbetween" Lego duplo & tiny lego set!!!

  8. I just got my girls that same tea set off Zulilly and they love it! They will be getting new swimming suits, beach shoes and goggles in their baskets as well as sidewalk chalk and a few outdoor play things. The sand buckets are a great idea! I love the napkins too!

  9. Thanks for the Easter basket ideas. My son turns 1 on the 19th and I have been at a loss on what to get him especially since his birthday is the day before Easter.

  10. LOVE your table! I just may have to go snatch those napkins!!! I put PJ's and chalk and bubbles always in Easter baskets because they NEED those things. Also, stickers and a couple of sweet treats, but NOT a basket full. Oh and these new Duplo food sets TOTALLY screamed Mason to me!

  11. The table looks great!
    Love all your ideas for the kiddos this year! Xavier loves anything that is cars/trucks/trains related so I picked up a few of the Chuggington trains to add to his collection. I still need to get some summer clothes, so he might get that too. His big gift this year is the Little Tikes bounce & slide. Since he was sick in December he never had a birthday party or anything, so I am going a bit bigger this year as a surprise. Since he is only 2 I try not to give him candy. I do have one small chocolate bunny for him, but it is tradition :) My husband or I will probably end up with it honestly! lol!

  12. These are great ideas! I usually go WAY overboard with candy - I can't help it!! A bathing suit and a new beach towel usually are in as well.

    I bought my daughter a Pottery Barn basket when she was 6 months old and now she is 10. The bunny brings the same basket every year!!

  13. GREAT Pier 1 finds!!! Character PJ's, so tacky, yet SO LOVED ;)

  14. I love the fact that you make the baskets from you. I'm thinking the "Easter Bunny" may not last too long in our house.

  15. I love those cute plates! I've seen them on Zulily before but never seen them in person (does on a blog count as in person? lol) And my Mason is a little young for those Legos Juniors but good to know for the future. I didn't even know they existed! Looking forward to the follow up post on those :)

  16. We have the Pottery Barn baskets and I fill them with My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop for my girl and then trains and cars for my boy. They both get bathing suits, chalk, crayons, stickers, etc. They get minimal candy. Our kids know it's from us and not the bunny ;) Anon, we just like to get sweet little gifts for the baskets and it's stuff I would be buying them anyway with summer coming up! :)


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