Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today's the DAY!!!


Today is Release 3 of Matilda Jane's Wonderful Parade Line!
Be sure to go to www.matildajaneclothing.com and check out all the new FABULOUSNESS!!!

As you see things you like, click "add to wishlist".  When your wishlist is complete, email it so me at dave-and-andrea@hotmail.com and katkempson@matildajaneclothing as well.  I'd like to have all Wishlists by ONE PM CST :)  If you send it later - no worries!  Kat can start "carting" items for people at 2 CST, so I want to make sure I have everyone's in.  If you're in after 2, it's no big deal... but if an item is sold out she may be unable to cart it for you.  Kat will be in touch with you about payment on Wednesday and that's it!

If you have questions about anything shoot me an email!!!

New Cheerful Shorties paired with the Somewhere in Time Dress and the Chick-A-Dee Tee (both from Good Hart)

Red Rover Bennys with the Larks Lake Ellie from Good Hart

Y'all know I love me some Mama MJ! Yesterday I wore the Leah Dress with cowboy boots and I LOVED it!  I'm wearing a small and I probable could have gotten the XS, but I was concerned about the length being too short to wear to school.

The young wheat ruffles have some FANTASTIC ruffle lace detailing...

.... and I've worn the junk out of my midnight big ruffles.

I also have the Paintbrush Finns and the color is so pretty in person.

Here are some awesome styled photos of a few of the other pieces available as well...

The green acres tunic top is on my wishlist...

I've heard great things about the Sandy Too Pants...

And these cropped ticket booth ruffles are so fun for summer.

The Dusty Jade Frock is something I'm considering...

And y'all know how I feel about the dresses :)

Look how cute the steely big ruffles are with the skippy swing tank!

And I didn't think I needed the Pippenger Peplum top until I saw it with turquoise...

The Finn pants are pretty much like fancy yoga pants :)  These playdate finns can be dressed up or down...


  1. Love the Leah dress on you--it looks so great with cowboy boots!!
    The dusty jade frock is pretty!

  2. This is all SO cute and it's screaming, "ANDREA!!", while I'm trying to read!!!

  3. I don't have a little girl anymore however i really do like some of the grown up pieces, except the pants. I have to agree with your student that they are crazy art teacher pants, lol! Seriously you can go into an xtra small? Life sometimes is just not fair. Love your posts!

  4. Maybe I missed it but what size do you wear in these pants? Are they true to size?

  5. I sent in my wishlist, but before it's submitted I should ask if it will be in by Easter?

  6. I submitted a wish list but wanted to make sure it will be here by Easter before I order! I guess I should have asked before I sent it in.

  7. I submitted a wish list this morning, but wanted to make sure it will be in before Easter before I finalize my order. Guess I should have checked before I sent it!! Everything is so cute!

  8. Where can I get the underslip for the dusty green frock???Must have it!! LOL

  9. Where can I get the underslip for the dusty green frock???Must have it!! LOL

  10. Do you mind sharing how the Finna playdate pants run? TTS or smaller? size 2-4 and deciding between an xs/small. TIA

    1. I think they're ttx depending on how you want them to fit.... they're almost a "yoga pant" fit.... so they're fitted in the rear end :)


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