Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Monday!

 Hey, friends! It's a Happy Monday for SURE!  I'm feeling better, we had a super fun weekend and I was able to get organized for a really busy week AND get my Easter decor out!

Before I show you my decorations... I wanted to remind y'all that Matilda Jane will be launching their next release "Ribbon Dance" tonight at MIDNIGHT!  When MJ releases a new collection there can be "sell outs" of really popular items, so to ensure that everyone gets what they want, I'm going to need your Wishlists ASAP (if you want to send it at 3 AM go for it!).  

To make a wishlist, go to and click View Collections.  As you view items, click "add them to your wishlist".

I'm asking for all lists by 1 p.m. CST (my Trunk Keeper can start "carting" items for us at 2), but if you don't have it in until later that's fine as well!  If you send it at 10 a.m. and then decide to add stuff, send a second list!  All lists need to be emailed to and 

ALSO - Kat (she works for MJ) and a friend of hers have been working on a super secret photo project... taking GREAT pics of the clothes mixed and matched and modeled and I'll be adding those to my blog SUPER EARLY Tuesday morning (think 12:01 a.m. hahaha).  So be sure to check those out as well!!!

In the past, I've done "minor" decorating for Easter.  A few glittery eggs here and there... that fake pink plastic grass stuff, etc.  This year I decided to go another direction...

I wanted a "Pottery Barn-esque" feel.  Natural.  Simple.  And Botanical (does that make sense to anyone but me?!?! hahaha) and I was pleased with how it ended up looking by the end of the day considering that this is how my counters looked when I started...

And since I know you're going to be wondering the whole post, all of the eggs and trays you're going to see I picked up the weekend of Thanksgiving from a random storage unit sale.  We were going to Home for the Holidays downtown McKinney and as we pulled into the parking lot, this guy had three storage units full of totally random stuff opened up.  Apparently he bought them from an older lady and hadn't even sorted through them.  That is totally my kind of thing and when I saw these stuffed on the back of a shelf I immediately had a "vision" for Easter decor.  I offered $10 for it all and Dave thought I was crazy. hahaha

These apothecary jars are my most favorite decorating item ever.  I've had them for around 4 years and they make it so easy to make things look festive. 

If you don't have any apothecary jars, be sure to check these two out.  I love the bases and the finials on the lids.  So pretty!

My chef bunny actually came from a thrift store several years ago.  I like to thrift for seasonal stuff because you can usually find some great items for CHEAP!  And about the chalkboard signs I do... if you're using regular chalk on your chalkboards it's HARD to get something "clean" looking.  Invest in a set of "chalk pens" to use instead.  Also... every time I read this sign I sing the hymn...

This awesome wooden bunny I picked up a couple of weekends ago when my mom and I went to Trade Days.  I had no clue what I was going to do with him, but I knew he fit in my "natural" motif so I talked the lady down to $8 and threw him in the stroller :)

 You'll notice LOTS of Spanish Moss in my decorating.  I bought a big $6 bag from Hobby Lobby and there's still a bit left!

The little mossy bird is from a boutique on the McKinney square and it's usually on top of a stack of books on the built ins in my office

The door knob is usually in my office as well... it was a gift from a lady who I used to work with.  It was a knob from her parents farm house.  So cool, right???

I kept the kids table pretty basic...

The "runner" is actually a curtain panel from Target that I ironed into the width I wanted.  I picked up these two panels at a Thrift Store with the purpose of turning them into a pocket advent calendar . That project still hasn't happened, so I was glad to get to use it for this.

The silver tray was a thrift store find (see a theme here?) that I painted with chalkboard paint.

The little plant and galvanized holder are both from IKEA.  I love these and have them in my office and the boys bookshelves in their room.

I switched out my Sid Dickens tile to one that fit my theme a bit better, and filled my cakestand with moss and more eggs. 

I have a wall of Sid Dickens tiles and a few "extras" that I have on easels around the house.  I love that I can switch them out seasonally and to fit my themes.

The cake stand I actually won in MCA's Spring Auction when Luke was a baby.

The little tray of eggs that was on the kids table was "nested" in this bigger tray.  This tray was empty, so I added some moss, eggs and a little mason jar with a tea light...

So when I bought the big trays of eggs, some of them were attached to wires and sticks and were stuck into the foam that was adhered to the bottom of the tray.  I had just the big tray on the center of the table and it was too low, so I stacked them, added moss and some small jars to hold tea lights and then started placing the eggs back in...

In progress...

and DONE!!!

 I was REALLY pleased with how this ended up looking...

... it has height, layers and is kind of "quirky"...

 ... and it looks GORGEOUS at night!

So there you have it!  I still want to make a "He Is Risen" banner out of burlap.... but the kiddos Monster of a Party is coming up in a few weeks, so I'm devoting my "crafting time" to making things for their party.  That may be a project for next Spring :) 

If you're looking for items with a similar "look" to mine, here are a few ideas I found for you!  They're all from Pier One and you can order online and pick up in store!  That's my favorite kind of shopping :)  You know it's available and "yours" but you don't have to wait for shipping. hahaha

This vine bunny is natural and super cute :)

Most of my decor revolves around natural looking eggs... and unless you can find hundreds of them at a random storage unit sale, then you might want to pick up a couple of these sets :)
Or if you want JUST the eggs, these are right on point...

I am having a love affair with this bunny lantern...

These bunny bookends would be awesome supporting a selection of spring cookbooks on your kitchen counter, or on different shelves on a bookcase to add a little "Spring" :)

I ordered THESE napkin rings and THESE gorgeous napkins to set my Easter table...

Happy Monday, Everyone!!!!


  1. Love the layered trays with the mason jars and natural eggs. I have huge decor envy right now.

  2. I LOVE it!!! I love that little bunny with the lantern. He might need to come live with me!!

    And...I'll treat you to lunch if you'll take me to a thrift store and teach me your ways??? Date??? XOXO

  3. So gorgeous! I love how the eggs look on the Spanish moss- you nailed the Pottery Barn look!!
    I love your chalkboard writing- I need to get those pens!

  4. Love reading your blog! And I LOVE everything about these decorations!!

  5. Love it!!!! I mean, I am so impressed by your skills! I will be sending my wish list!! Can't wait!! N

  6. Gorgeous as always! Every time I see your kitchen, I fall in love with it!

  7. Love the all looks so good and I like that it's such a more natural look!!!

  8. Hi Andrea! So glad you're better! What creative genius you have for your Easter decor! Love it!

  9. Wow! Everything looks great! Love bunny with lantern, i want it too:-)

  10. Do you have a specific brand of chalk paint you recommend? I'm not sure it will REALLY help my chalkboard since I'm only so/so at cute fonts but maybe it will!

  11. I love everything you did!!! It's perfect! You truly have a gift! I love that you find so many things so inexpensively through thrifting. I never think to do that!!!

  12. I did not care for wooden easter eggs until I saw this post. I may just have to stop by this little boutique near home to purchase some of those eggs. My cheap patutti is on the prowl for cheap apothecary jars! Wish we could be neighbors I would so be your goodwill shopping buddy!

  13. I love everything you did! I'm going to revise some of my Easter decor thanks to your great creative ideas! Love!

  14. Oh my goodness!! I just found your blog through Shay's I love your décor and your house in general!! I can't wait to read more of your adorable blog!!

    Follow The Yellow Brick Road to our Wonderland

  15. You may have already answered this a few times, but I can't find it.... where did you get your cake dome/stand from? That's exactly what I've been looking for.



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