Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Playing Catch Up

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April is CRAZY busy and I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on sharing a few going-ons from the past week or so. 

Last week G was all smiles for me after school....

... but a little less cooperative for her Daddy in the morning :)

 Griffin has recently taken a liking to pushing around this sweet little stroller. She can MOTOR and is really steady with it.  She'll even let go and take a few steps to us or the coffee table or her brothers :)  She turns one next Thursday and I wouldn't be super surprised if she was walking full time by then.

We spent lots of time outside practicing our walking...

... and our bike riding...

This better be THE ONLY time she ever poses topless on top of a car :) hahaha

On Thursday the entire middle school and high school at MCA went to see God's Not Dead.  It was an amazing movie and I HIGHLY recommend that y'all go see it.  Today.  Go today.  :)

Thursday night I met a group of girlfriends for dinner to celebrate Sheaffer and Sarah's birthdays and on the way home got caught in some CRAZY tornado/thunderstorm/hail.  Thankfully I had pulled off the highway right before it got super bad and had the forethought to pull into this gas station.  I ended up sitting there for about 20 minutes while the worst part of the storm was right over me and was joined by about 30 other cars.  It was crazy.  The employees of the gas station locked the doors and took cover.  Super scary.

Thankfully the kiddos were safe at home with Gibi (Dave was at work) and Griffin slept through the entire thing...

Friday afternoon I was unpacking backpacks and lunchboxes and getting things organized and I looked over and saw this.... and my heart totally melted. How blessed am I?!?!?!

I was attempting to get a cute pic of G out on the front steps when Mason ran out and insisted on "kissing Gwippin real quick". He can be a total toot and then turn around and be the sweetest in the matter of about 0.4 seconds :)

On days when Griffin spends the day with her sitter she is usually WIPED by 5:00.  I lay her in her crib and some days she plays and jabbers, some days she SCREAMS and I go get her and other days she falls asleep HARD.  Friday she was OUT almost immediately.

Saturday morning Dave took the boys to Home Depot for the Kids Workshop and there was a firetruck there!  It doesn't get much more exciting than that!

Saturday afternoon Dave worked and I was cracking up at Griffin's "lack of attention and entertainment" while I was getting lunch ready. 

I love dressing up Little Miss on the weekends and Saturday was no exception :)

She does this with every bowl and cup she finds :)

Saturday afternoon all the stars aligned and ALL THREE KIDS TOOK NAPS AT THE SAME TIME!!!  A few minutes after I took this pic of Mason snoozing, I went back in and Luke was out! They all slept from about 1:30 until close to 5:00. It was a miracle :)

 Saturday night my mom came over and hung out for a bit, and then after bedtime I worked on the kids shirts for their birthday party.  I had an idea in mind and it came together almost exactly like I envisioned! (which never happens - hahaha).  I've been adding hand stitching this week and they're looking ADORABLE!!! I'll be sure to share a tutorial (no sewing machine involved!!!) in the coming weeks.

Sunday was rainy and blah, but it looked brighter with a trip to church in my Wellies! :)

When we got home it was raining so I couldn't take our traditional front walkway Sunday picture, so I attempted one on the couch.  #picturefail

Dave had to work all afternoon, and while the kids napped I finished up some cupcakes for a friends sons Eagle Scout Court of Honor...

 The prompt for #thephotochallenge2014 on Sunday was bedroom, which was fitting since I spent a good couple of hours hanging out in here while the kiddos napped planning for the week, watching Bravo and working on their shirts. 

Sunday afternoon G was ROCKING her new Matilda Jane Jill ruffles and her custom Jameson Monroe headband (Don't forget! 25% off at this week when you use the code ANDREA25)

Monday was crazy busy at school and I was excited to get home to my little "special delivery" :)

After spending all weekend together she's really "lovey" on Mondays when I get home after we've been apart all day.  LOVE THAT!!!

Even with a crusty nose I think she's the prettiest girl in the whole wide world :)

Yesterday we had SAT standardized testing which is oh, so fun (can you sense my sarcasm???)

Every time we do this kind of testing and I have to collect cell phones I crack up :)

When I got home Griffin was ready to eat some leaves and look cute while doin' it :)

And Mason and I were excited about it being pizza night!!!

 One more thing...  last week I revisited my "Yes Mom" philosophy and I've received sooooooooooo much positive feedback.  I think once a month I'm going to share your "Yes Mom" moments.  So if you have one, snap a pic and email it to me at .

Hillary emailed this to me this morning and told me about how she was being a "Yes Mom" and taking Captain America to get kolaches.  LOVE IT!!!

I can't wait to see everyone's fun pics and share them all at the end of the month!!!

Happy Hump Day, friends!!!


  1. Your kiddos are SO cute!! Loved this recap!

  2. Griffin looks so cute pushing that stroller down the sidewalk!
    The shirts for the Monster party are adorable!!

  3. These are my favorite posts! I follow you on IG but still love reading about your adorable family on your blog :-)

  4. I just love your catch up posts cause I get to see all sorts of adorable pics of your kiddos! So much cuteness in one post just makes me smile! And a nap for all 3 kiddos for over 3 hours sounds like a little slice of heaven!!! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Love it all :) I blogged today about being a yes mom :)

  6. Griffin and her outfits, the child should be a model! Looks like you all have had busy but fun times. I love the all the pics :)


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