Thursday, March 6, 2014

Party Planning

Y'all know by now that all three of my kiddos have birthdays in April.  Yes.  All three. 

I've started planning their party for this years birthdays... A Monster of a Party... for all three :) I figure that it's probably the last year we'll do one big party and I want it to kind of be a blowout.  

I'm going for this kind of "look" with my own twist, of course...

Doing all the planning has me reminiscing about past parties and I thought today I'd share a bit about them in case you're curious!

Luke was turning 5, Mason was turning 2 and I was about to give birth.  Seriously.
I will never forget being up at the club at 1:00 a.m. setting up decorations, blowing up balloons and bawling my eyes out because I thought I was going to have Griffin on the floor of the Huntington room. hahaha

I think this is my favorite birthday party ever.  I wasn't pregnant and exhausted and I loved how everything turned out.  It was such a sweet, fun day with family and friends.

Click the link above to find out how I made the cityscape... probably the easiest and cutest party decoration ever!

I made this little smash cake for Mason (since it was his first bday) and loved how it turned out!

I gave birth to Mason about a week after this party... and if you remember, I was carrying around 50+ pounds of baby.  I had this cute party planned for the playground... and then there was an actual windstorm and we had like 70mph wind gusts.  There were actual advisories out there saying that small children shouldn't be outside. hahaha

I'm pretty sure my friends brought their kids out just because they didn't want to upset my very hormonal self :)  Pregnant Andrea can be a bit "sassy". hahaha

Enough time has passed that I can now laugh at this picture. The only clothes I could wear were maxi dresses (literally... my legs were so swollen they couldn't fit in pants) and in every picture the wind has the dress STUCK to my giant self.  Awesome.

I had 40+ balloons, and they all popped in the wind.  This was the only decor...  balloons tied to a cooler.  Classy.

The whole party was worth it though because I snapped this pic of Kensington covered in icing.  Shay... does this picture give you hives a bit??? :)

None of my plans worked out on this day, we ended up serving cupcakes out of the back of my jeep and I'm pretty sure I cried (not happy tears), but it all ended well when the kids had a BLAST letting the balloons go in the crazy wind.  
(Sheaffer!  LOOK HOW TINY!!!)

 It was a GORGEOUS day for a construction party when Luke turned two...

There was lots of dirt and sand and caution tape was everywhere (and yes... that's baby Smith in the corner!!!)

I served dirt cake out of the back of a dump truck... what else could you want?!?!?!

April 2009 - Monkey Turns One :)
I had been dreaming about Luke's first birthday and it was finally here!  It was a monkey theme and I loved it :)

This post was so fun for me to put together and I loved looking through my old posts. I know that the days of me picking party themes and getting to plan parties for my kids will be over before I know it so I'm taking advantage while I can. :)


  1. That wasn't just any icing, it was RED icing! Eeks! It makes me want to go wake her up and wash her face right now! But seriously...your parties are AWESOME! I always love the every single detail about all of them! I can't wait until the Monster Bash!

  2. I love your inspiration pics for the monster party! I'm sure it's going to be so amazing like your other parties!

  3. You should quit teaching TODAY and become a party planner. I think you would make millions!!!

  4. Oh gosh--you are such a creative party planner! Can't wait to see the monster theme! Too cute! :)

  5. You can add party planner to your list of talents, b/c those parties looked amazing!

  6. What a fun post!! You're so creative and each party looks like so much fun!

  7. These are all so creative and amazing! We've had birthday party drama here too - last year we had a Jan. indoor pool party scheduled at the YMCA only to arrive and find that the pool was broken. Imagine explaining to 20 excited 5-year-olds that they were not going to get to swim after all. There were tears - but luckily, they were just mine. :D

  8. All of those parties look amazing and fun! Even with the wind ;)

  9. You are such a fun mama! :) Can't wait to see how the MONSTER party turns out!! :)

  10. I love party planning! In fact, it would be my dream job! All of your parties are fabulous! I love all of the details, and defninitely enjoy while you can because I just threw my 6 year old a princess/super hero themed party at a bounce house, and the bounce house part made me cringe a little bit!

  11. I had no idea that all of your kids were born in April! Gotta admit... kinda convenient though for bday parties! My son was born July 18 and my niece is July 20 (but 2 years earlier) so we are doing joint parties as long as possible! LOVE all of your themes!

  12. So amazing!!!! We just started planning Jonah's first birthday. I'm a little overwhelmed to do this in a pinterest-y world but I'm going to try, ha!!

  13. How did you come up with all of these amazing ideas? They are so very creative! I know my wife gets a lot of her ideas from places like Pinterest. The kids love their parties, but I think we are starting to run out of ideas. Maybe we will have to some more digging on blogs like yours.


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