Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lots of Questions!

So that was quite the response from yesterday's post! I had no clue my hair would spark so much interest. hahaha

So, today I've decided to answer the questions some of y'all asked. 

How do you pull it up in that messy bun???
Please be super impressed by my awesome pictures that I made Dave take of me in Griffin's room this afternoon after school.  All three kids were wrestling, screeching, rolling around, etc.  PLUS - Dave is THE WORST picture taker ever. hahaha

Here's my crazy hair after school today.  I washed it last night and flat ironed it before school this morning.
And yes, I'm wearing the blardigan... because that's what I do every day after school!

I gather up all my hair into a big tall pony...

I wrap the elastic around twice...

OMG!!!!  The whole "baby bangs on my neck" thing is nutso right now!  Thank goodness my hair grows quick!!! (Please tell me I'm not the only one who always loses a ton of hair about 4 months post partum and then has to wait for it all to grow back!!!)

The third time I'm pulling my hair through the elastic I only pull it through half way...

This is the point where I got frustrated with Dave and moved this hair party to the bathroom :)

I have a LOT of hair and so at this point my bun gets kind of "floppy" (especially when my hair is really clean like today... my messy buns usually look the best after a couple of days)

THESE bad boys are my besties!  They're super strong, never hurt and are crazy cheap.  I HATE bobby pins and these are the only clippies that actually hold my hair up.

You can find these exact clips on Amazon HERE.  And if you're like me and won't remember the name, but will remember the packaging the next time you're at Target here you go...

Do you tease your hair??? When you pull it half up how do you get the bump in it?
I have no idea how I figured this out, and I don't know it it'll work for everyone's hair texture... but here's how I do it!

I make sure my hair is parted well...

I gather half of it up and then just kind of "push it" to create the little bump...

 I use my trusty little clippies to hold it all in place and it's never perfect.  I will sometimes pull one side over the other to hide them a bit, but for the most part it doesn't bother me if they show.  If my little "bump" starts to fall, I just push the clips up, reclip them and I'm good!  (p.s. I rarely look at my hair in the mirror like this... is it too long?!?!?!  I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of cute and "homely") hahaha
Sidenote: please excuse all the kids laundry all over the place.  Mason was "helping" and Griffin's clothes were scattered everywhere.

How big is your curling iron?  What brand is it?
I use a cheapy curling iron I picked up at WalMart and it works really well for me.  
It's a Conair Instant Heat and it's either 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch. I can't remember. 
You can find all the sizes on Amazon HERE.

What flat iron do you use???
I have a Phi flat iron that I LOVE!  I need something that get's REALLY hot and this one does!
And yes... mine is giraffe print.  Because why not?!?!

Do you spray your hair while it's still on the iron?
Nope.  I curl a whole 'layer' and then spray it all.

Do you use any product after you wash it or before you apply heat?
Nada.  I probably should.... but I don't.  OOOPS!

Is your hair layered?
Yes.  I typically have long layers cut into it.... BUT the last time I had my hair cut was almost a year ago. (EEEEK!).  I'll probably go next week during Spring break and have fresh layers put back in.  Here I am right after a cut...

Do you color your hair?
I never have because I'm a total scaredy cat (and pretty cheap). hahaha 
Do you think I should??? I'd be soooooo freaked out. :)

Do you go to the salon to have your bangs trimmed?
HECK NO!  I've had bangs forever and learned a long time ago that there's NO WAY I could go to the salon every time I needed to have them trimmed.... my hair grows way too fast for that.  I had a stylist show me how she cut them and I've done it on my own ever since.

I pull half my bangs back (so essentially I have two layers) and I trim the bottom layer with my scissors "up" like this.  I like them to not be "blunt" and so this works.  I let the top layer down and trim a little more (so the top layer is a bit shorter than the bottom)

In other news.....
We've been doing some fun "rainbow" activities and crafts to go along with my rainbow take on St. Patrick's Day.  Since we were "iced" in on Monday and were looking for some fun things to do I broke out this idea and the boys thought it was super cool!

All you need is a white plate, milk, food coloring and dish soap.  And no..... you're milk doesn't have to be on clearance. hahaha.  We go through more than 4 gallons a week, so I'll take any price break I can get. :)

Luke poured a layer of milk on the plate and then I let each of the boys put a few drops of food coloring in the milk...

I put two drops of soap in the middle of the dish and the colors started to move!!!

We "swished" the plate around a bit...

... and it turned into this! So fun!!!

This took about 5 minutes, cost nothing and wasn't messy at all.  It was easy and the boys had a great time doing an "experiment".

Well... as you're reading this (if you're reading this from 5:30 a.m. until lunch!) I'm on a charter bus with 52 eighth graders heading to NASA in Houston.  Pray for me :)

 Again - I have so appreciated all your sweet words and compliments.  Y'all are so sweet!
If you have more questions, feel free to ask away! 


  1. I'm totally doing the rainbow experiment today with my kids! They'll love that! And I love, love, loved this hair tutorial too!!!

  2. This was SO fun!!! I didn't know I would be so intrigued by your hair...but I totally AM!!!

  3. It's so fun to see how you do the messy bun & bump!
    I feel like my hair is on the border between "cute and homely" too right now. I'm ready for a change, but I'm scared to chop the length.
    I love the rainbow-food-coloring experiment!

  4. I totally got weird hairloss and regrowth with both of my kids! Good tip about the clippies, my hair is thick and I can never find anything to hold it and keep it up! I love your blog :)

  5. Here's a question :): When you pull your hair in the bun, do you use the clippies to stabilize some of the "floppiness"??? (if that makes any sense?) My hair is super super thick, and I pull it up A LOT...and I'm with you--bobby pins drive me I'm thinking these little clippies might be the answer to my problem :)

    Random question-I know...but sometimes you never think of things until someone brings it up!! :) Happy Wednesday!

  6. Thanks for answering all the fun questions!! I'm in the market for a new curling iron so I'll be stopping at Walmart for sure this week :)
    Good luck on your field trip! Sounds like a pretty cool one. I heard an asteroid is passing by Earth around 3 today and you could see it on a telescope, if ya'll are still there you should ask about it!

  7. Loved when you said "This is the point I got angry with Dave and moved the hair party to the bathroom", hahaha! My husband would have thought I was a wackadoodle if I asked him to take pics like that so Dave is a trooper for sticking it out as long as he did! Fun hair posts!!!

  8. I love that little Science Project! My kids would love that :)0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  9. Hi andrea
    Don't color your hair until u absolutely have to. You will become a slave to coloring. In your pictures you have what looks like natural high lights. Also lost hair post partum after my third kid. Mine was on the both front sides of my head it was awful! Now my hair has become soooo thin. I'm starting to massage castor oil and coconut oil in the hopes of improving my thinning hair.

  10. Thank you for answering all of the questions!! I will for sure try the half up bump with the little clippys and not worry about the clips showing. I guess I thought you had to use bobby pins and try to hide them. No wonder I couldn't get it work, I was making it way too hard!!


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