Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Wrapup

Not gonna lie.... Daylight Savings Time has kicked our little hineys WAAAAAAAAY harder than I anticipated.  I was EXHAUSTED last night and EXHAUSTED again this morning.  So much so that I forgot to do my blog! EEEK!!! 

Anyway, the first weekend of Spring Break I always feel like I need to throw away half of our belongings :) hahaha  Maybe not quite half, but a lot still.  

Before I could get to the purging, I chaperoned an 8th grade community service day on Friday.  We delivered beds and mattresses to families and kids who would be sleeping on the floor otherwise.  As always, we set out to bless others, but the students ended up receiving a huge blessing.  Love these days!!!

I got done a little bit early and ran to the grocery store where I picked up my Spring essentials... Starbucks black tea and succulents :)  We have plans to get out in the yard this week and clean!!!

On Friday afternoon a box came for me from Freshly Picked!  I'm so excited to be doing a review of these moccasins the last week of March.  And the best part??? I'm going to be giving away ANY PAIR in ANY SIZE!!! WOO HOO!!!

I ordered the top on the right for Griffin and then got the lobster scarf from Hippie Chick!  I don't like summer (the novelty of 100+ degree days wears off REALLY quick) .... but outfits like these get me a little bit excited :)

Friday night we played A LOT in the family room and G was having a MAJOR big brother love moment.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to finish the cupcakes I was making for a baby shower one of my friends was hosting for her SIL.  Apparently I'm in the cupcake business now, too! :) hahaha

It's going to be a looooooooooooooooooong week :) 

If y'all haven't ever put bleu cheese on a hamburger you need to. This is from the country club that Dave manages and there's a balsamic dressing that goes on top and it's literally the best thing ever. 

LOVE this toothless grin!  Still not a single tooth (or sign of one!) in her almost 11-month-old little mouth :)

Saturday night Luke went to see the Peabody movie with my dad and Haha texted me this pic...

And I worked on finalizing our outfits for our Spring family pics.  I'm super visual and like to see it all laid out so I know that we have everything we need. #nerdstatus

Saturday morning Luke was showing me his muscles and he got photobombed by his little brother. :)  PS - Luke's hair.... this is why I don't ever want to cut it!!!

My very favorite girl with some of my other favorite girls at Church :)

I went to pick Griffin up from the nursery and was reminded again how blessed we are to be part of a church that loves and loves on my kids.  They've been rocked to sleep, pushed in the bye bye buggy and had countless diaper changes there and I'm grateful.

I am LOVING all things Hippie Chick this Spring... especially this dress.  It's sold out now, but I think Ariele MAY be getting more in.

G was DECKED out in her Matilda Jane Sunday morning. LOVE!!!  I'm still working on details for my online show, but will let y'all know all about it hopefully this week!!!

Puff Puff is this WORN OUT little puppy that belonged to Dave as a kid.  Mason has "adopted" Puff Puff and he's never far from his reach.  He's hairless in places, only has one eye and has been through the washer A BUNCH  - but Mason loves him regardless. :)

Luke is TOTALLY my boy in that the minute we get home from anywhere he strips down and puts on his "comfies".  Coupled with his Haha's 3D glasses from the movie the night before he was lookin GOOD!
#lockupyourdaughters #ladykiller

Saturday afternoon I ran a bunch of errands including an EPIC stop at the GAP Kids outlet and then headed out to dinner with the girls from my Bible Fellowship Group.  We're part of an awesome BFG and once a month all the girls get together for dinner.  It's seriously one of my favorite nights of the month.  So fun!

I didn't get home until LATE and when I went to check on the boys I found them asleep together! #bestillmyheart

And yes.... they have snake sheets :) hahaha  I loved the colors and the graphic quality they had and so I ran with them.  I was pregnant with Griffin (and slightly crazy) and for some reason my fear of snakes didn't bother me and we are the proud owner of two sets of these awesome sheets. hahaha


  1. I just adore your family through your photos! Griffin's pose is priceless! And Mason and my little Xavier look like two peas in a pod - photo bombing, making a mess on the floor, etc! lol!
    Hope you all enjoy Spring Break!

  2. I am crazy about your lobster scarf and G's matching nautical top!!
    Your cupcakes are gorgeous!
    And Mason's love for Dave's Puff Puff is so sweet. :)

  3. The snake sheets are seriously scary! Loving the little moccasins; adorable! Sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend!

  4. Just wanted to stop in and say I love reading your blog! We live in a different part of TX, but I have a friend from high school who introduced me to Hippie Chick on FB a while back. Love seeing your pics of their cute stuff! Also love seeing your pics of your sweet Griffin--so precious! We too have two boys and a baby girl who I LOVE dressing up--so fun! Your pics always bring a smile!

  5. Oh and I meant to add that our sweet pea didn't cut her bottom teeth until 11 months and just now cut her top two at 16 months. So weird bc our boys cut their first at 5 months!

  6. I am so glad to see that Lily isn't the only toothless beauty at 11 months! I was beginning to wonder because most of my friends babies had teeth at like 6 or 7 months lol! I realize they all develop at different rates but it is still nice to see someone 3 days older than Lily in the same boat! Not gonna complain though, the toothless smile is so wonderful! Love seeing all of your pics of your kids, makes me so excited to have more!

  7. Which Starbucks tea do you get? Love your blog!!

  8. Super cute photos! Love your cute little ones. You really do it all :)!!

  9. I LOVE the picture of Luke and Mason asleep together, but the snake sheets... not so much! haha Miss Griffin looks adorable as always! Happy Spring Break Friend!

  10. I think Miss G had some baby jewelry on at one point and you posted a link. If I am remembering correctly, can you tell me what that is again, or where would be a good place for some baby jewelry, especially made to match MJ? Thanks, LOVE your pics!


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