Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Y'all ask.... I deliver...

Hey! I so appreciate all of your comments and I want to answer your questions and reply.... BUT you may be set to "no-reply-comment" blogger and not even know it!  When I get your comments, I'm not able to respond and I hate it!  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......... check out THIS POST on how to change your settings so I (and other blogs you comment on!) can reply to your comments and let you know how much we appreciate you!

Now that that's done.... on to my hair.  Let me start off by saying I have never felt more inadequate in writing a blog post... ever!  I consider myself super low maintenance when it comes to my hair and when I posted this picture...

And started to get so much crazy love for my hair I got overwhelmed!
I also started thinking that my hair must look crazy bad on a regular basis for a picture of it actually fixed to cause such a fuss.  hahaha

Y'ALL wanted ME to talk about my hair???  I wasn't going to do it, but then I figured, why not! So here we go.

Let's start at the beginning.... This was my natural texture as a kid.  Curly Sue at around age 2.
Sidenote: Mason lookalike???

Sometime between the age of 2 and 4 I got bangs, and I've had them ever since.  This is my Pre-K picture and I'm guessing my mom blow dried my hair :)

1st grade and third grade... a WHOLE lot of wave going on. hahaha

I'm taking this opportunity to show you THE MOST AWKWARD middle school photo EVER!!!  Brace yourselves.  Outside of my family, Sheaffer is the only one who has seen this picture and I'm pretty sure she reconsidered our friendship when she saw it. 




 I'm wearing a brown camp-tshirt (tucked in!), the worst tennis shoes known to man, a BI-tainer AND a trombone.  I mean, come on people - it doesn't get much cooler than that!!!

I'm pretty sure this was my Sophomore or Junior year of high school... 

When I graduated high school my hair was fairly long and then I grew it out in college and chopped it off for Locks of Love before I graduated...

When Dave and I got married my hair was a little bit longer than shoulder length
(Mark and I at the rehearsal dinner)

And about 3 months after we got married I chopped it all...

 I really liked it short, but after having Luke I realized that I didn't have time to fix it every single day (or even other day!) and it was just too high maintenance.  I think I got my hair cut once or twice more after Luke was born (see the hot dog pic!)...

... and then three years later here I am with Mason (and I do remember that I had a few inches cut off before he was born).  Don't I look well rested and refreshed. hahaha NOT!

 In the above pic Mason was probably 3 weeks old and in the pic below it was about 18 months later and I was pregnant with Griffin.  You can tell my hair grows pretty fast...

 Okay... so now that we have an accurate "hair history" (and you've had more than your fair share of embarassing pics of me).  On to my hair routine.

I usually wash my hair at night, wrap it up in a bun and sleep on it.  In the morning, I'll pull it down, let it air dry for a bit and this is what it looks like...

I must love y'all a lot to show you these :)

If I let it dry by itself it would take about 4 days (slight exaggeration, but not by much), so I will blow dry it for 5 minutes or so and this is what I get.  POOF!!!

 About half the time I'll style it straight... which involves me using a flat iron and that's about it.  
The pic on the left is right after Griffin was born and the pic on the right was a couple of weeks ago.

My favorite way to style it is kind of a "loose curl"...

I section off my hair like this, and then grab sections and curl and then spray...

I was going to make a video and show you how I curl my hair.... but let's be real.... that was a lot more work than googling hair curling tutorial :)  So... if you want to know exactly how I curl my hair watch this video.  Except don't watch the whole thing.  Because that's crazy.  Just watch to see how she wraps her hair around the curling iron without using the clamp. 

Because my hair is thick, I divide it into three sections.  I curl the bottom section, spray it lightly with hairspray and then let it cool.  I let down another section, curl it, spray it and then let it cool.  I let down the top section, curl it, spray it and then let it cool.  After that I MAY run my fingers through it to break it up a bit... but I'm pretty much good to go.

After I style it like this, I'll typically wear it down (or half down... I do that a lot) for two days.  Days 3 and 4 I will wear it up in a messy top knot thing.  That's a post for another day, because this has already been way too long and I have no idea how to explain how I put it up. hahaha

So yes... I only wash my hair every four days.  My hair doesn't usually get "greasy".  Occasionally my bangs will start to look kind of "rough" and so I'll actually shampoo only my bangs in my bathroom sink, blowdry and straighten them and they're good! 

I'm out the door by 7 a.m. every day and don't have tons of time to devote to my hair.  On mornings where I'm doing my whole blowdry, curl, etc. routine it takes me about 45 minutes (which includes makeup and getting dressed.... I do that in stages while I wait for layers to cool).  On "Day 2" I usually spend about 5 minutes recurling a few of the top layer pieces and on Days 3 and 4 it takes me about 12 seconds to pull it up :)  

I should probably use a heat protectant, but I don't.  I alternate shampoo/conditioner (I don't use the same one two washes in a row), but I use really basic ones.  I think I currently have Herbal Essence for long hair and Pantene Ultra Clean in my shower.  

So...... I hope I answered your questions, but if not fire away!

I so appreciated all the hair love - y'all know how to make a girl feel cute!!! :)


  1. I have so much to say...just so much.

    1. I feel like your hair is darker in person than in any of those pictures. Why do I feel this way?

    2. The baby pictures and little kid pictures are just so cute!!!

    3. Junior High...made me laugh!

    4. I remember meeting you with the short and sassy hair...I still love that look too!

    5. I love a good hair tutorial and this one was AWESOME!

    6. Is it weird that this might be my new favorite post of yours????


  2. You have such beautiful thick versatile hair! And I love that you only wash it every four days! Probably why it looks so healthy! As a mom it makes it so much easier to get ready I bet!!

  3. The long-awaited hair post!
    I love it!
    The photos of you as a little girl are adorable :)

  4. I LOVED this Andrea!!! I have another question...how big is your curling iron?? And...is your hair still as curly as that sweet baby pic??

  5. Oh goodness, I love this post!! That junior high pic is funny, and your precious curls when you were two!! Oh my goodness! Darling!

  6. Great post! One thing I love about my hair getting longer is that I can space out the washes. Short hair is cute, but I don't miss the pressure of having to "fix it" every single day. Random question, do you spray it while it's still on the curling iron?

  7. I love posts like these!!! How lucky are you to only have to wash your hair every four days! After having my son, I just wash my hair every other night and boy does it save time! Totally going to watch that tutorial. Thanks.

  8. Such a fun post! I need so much help in the hair department, so this was great. My hair is shorter now, but I'm planning to let it grow out again. LOVE the childhood pictures!

  9. Loooove your hair! I've been debating on chopping mine but I'm currently pregnant and I know I would regret it instantly. I am super lazy with my hair during the week but your routine has me thinking I can step it up a notch! What size curling iron do you use and what brand? Thanks!

  10. I LOVED this post!! And totally jealous of your GORGEOUS locks!!!! Ahhh!! You could seriously not have been blessed with more beautiful hair! Loved the tips!!

  11. Your hair is so beautiful! The baby picture of you with your curls is just precious. I have naturally curly hair and love the idea of bunning it at night and then flat ironing it in the morning. What is your favorite flat iron?
    Thanks! :)

  12. Gah, I just love your hair and everytime I see pics of sweet Griffin I can tell she is going to have fabulous hair as well just like you! Your 2 year old curly hair picture is SO adorable and sorry but I did have to laugh at your Junior High picture, ha! My hair is shorter and I would love to have long hair (just for the fact it would be so much easier to manage) but it would take me about 20 years to grow my hair that long or even half that long....it grows so slow, ugh! Great post!

  13. Ironically, this is not a question about your hair...but...where did you get your phone case?? :-)

  14. I have never commented (on any blog), but I really love yours and this post. However, I know you are just changing things around on here and It bought I would let you know that you're missing the "t" in sweetest under Griffin's picture on the right hand side. :)

  15. That first picture is Mason, and the second one, where you are smiling is G for sure! "Bi-tainer" that is another level! Thanks for the hair tips :)

  16. Finally... A hair post!!

    But as much as I LOVE this, I NEED to know how you get your hair up and its stays and looks cute!!

  17. Hi Andrea! I LOVE you hair! Great post! I have a question unrelated to this post…but what brand is your precious necklace with your family's initials? I *need* one!

  18. Loved this post!! You do have some pretty amazing locks:) Thank you for sharing your tips-I'm a busy teacher like you and out of the house by 7 as well. I have a question- do you put any product in your hair while its wet (before you go to bed) or in the morning before you blow dry it?

  19. You are too cute!! Your hair reminds me so much of my own. I only wash it every few days and it takes forever to dry too- literally 4 days is not stretching the truth at all and it's a hot mess once it's all dried. Thank God for flat irons.

    Funny story - the night before my wedding I washed my hair and it air dry product free because I was having it done for my wedding the next day. I had to go pick up my nephews tux from the store because he was my ring bearer. My then fiancé was there too picking up his tux . He told me when he saw my hair he had serious thoughts about canceling the wedding- ha, I can't even blame him!! Thanks for sharing all those photos!

  20. I still need to know how to do that amazing half-up do that you do so well!! Do you tease it? Bobby pins? My hair is so super thick and long that I always feel like bobby pins pull and hurt. I can get it pulled up and cute, but then usually start pulling out pins a few hrs. later. I can use tiny rubber bands to pull it half up but can't get the super cute bump. Your hair is gorgeous like you. :)

  21. Great post Andrea. Love your hair! I think your hair looks best with those soft waves...

  22. Please tell us how you pull it up. . .It looks great! and I'd love to know your secret. You have a great style!

  23. Love your hair! PLEASE tell me how you pull it up and how it stays! I LOVE your style. It looks so fun and cute! Thanks for doing this.

  24. Yay! Finally a post on your hair. And girllll your hair is beautiful! Do you get layers and do u Color your hair? Going to start letting my hair grow out.

  25. I so envy your hair! And I definitely see Mason in you but I see Luke's eyes in your PreK picture!

  26. Oh my gosh you're like my hair texture twin! Mine is a bit more curly and frizzy, but that's exactly how I have to straighten and curl my hair. This was helpful. I usually wash hair, then let dry for at least 2-4 hours before I dry it and straighten with iron. I may try the bun during sleep thing and see how it goes. I use same hair spray too.

    If you're looking for heat protectant, "It's a Ten" is a great product and you can find it at Walmart. My hair stylist even uses it. It kind of makes my hair oily though if I use too much.

    Two questions though - 1. How do you put up at night (do you wrap around up high on your head like a sock bun looking deal)? 2. Like Erika asked, what size curling iron do you use?

  27. You warned it was crazy...4 days in between washes?!?! WOW! I think the idea of just washing your bangs though! I think I need to try that :)
    And those pics of you? So cute! Still are :)

  28. My hair is officially jealous of your hair. If I go more than 1 day without washing my hair, my scalp starts to physically hurt. Like it's tender to the touch. SO weird. And SO annoying.


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