Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday - What I Wore This Week

So I thought today I'd share five of my outfits from the week for my Five on Friday.  The weather here has been kind of all over the place, so my outfits have been too :)

1) Last Friday to the Zoo
Last Friday I took just Mason to the zoo and I wore my favorite jeans, twill jacket and this super fun lobster scarf from Hippie Chick boutique.  If lobsters aren't your thing, you need to scoop up the SOFTEST SCARVES EVER in cream and navy instead :)

My new favorite earrings are from this cute shop on Etsy (they're leather and are super lightweight!) and my bag is by Matilda Jane.

And in case you're curious, Mason is sporting his go-to Boden shorts (he wore these all last year and they've grown with him to this year as well!) and GAP hoodies are pretty much the only jacket my boys wear :)

2) Monday - Mustard pants with mixed prints
Monday I wore my yellow cords, demin jacket, mixed print shirt and Anthropologie scarf to work.

Apparently mustard skinny cords aren't as popular as I thought (hahaha) and I couldn't find a single pair to link to.  Mine are the Mia cords by Kut from the Kloth, but Nordstrom sold out of them a few months ago (I bought these in 5 colors I love them so much).  I did find THIS PAIR of mustard skinny jeans though!

My shirt was the "back story tee" from Anthropologie, but it's sold out as well... boo!

But I think this shirt is ADORABLE and has great back detail, too!

And THIS SHIRT comes in a similar color to the one I had on :)

Better pic of my mustard cords and TOMS wedges :)

3 - Sari Scarf and Boyfriend Cardi on Tuesday
Tuesday I wore my FABULOUS new scarf by Just Dawnelle on Etsy.  Mine is the 90" one and I'm pretty sure it's going to go with everything :)  She uses vintage saris (and serapes! that's on my wishlist now, too!) and mixes them with great florals and stripes.  LOVE!!!

My boyfriend cardi is from Forever 21 YEARS ago, but HERE's a $20 Target version that's a fun, summery orange.  I have a whole collection of hair clips from Anthropologie that I like to throw in my hair when I'm doing a messy bun.  THIS SET is super pretty. 

I paired the cardi and scarf with the same skinny cords, this time in grey, and my TOMS booties - this time in suede :)

Y'all - I could wear my TOMS booties every single day and not get tired of them.  For reals.  They're that comfy.  The black suede ones are back in stock and even though we're heading into Spring/Summer I think it would be pretty much irresponsible of me NOT to get them at this point. hahaha

4 - Wednesday - Sari Scarf (AGAIN!) and Matilda Jane Ruffle Pants
So I know a ruffle pant isn't everyone's cup of tea... I had a student call them my "crazy art teacher pants" :)  They make a statement, and I'm okay with that. hahaha  I have several pairs of Matilda Jane ruffle pants, and this particular pair is my current favorite.  I love the length, I love the color and I love the little lacey detail.  Totally my jam.

I paired it with my sari scarf for a second day in a row (I never do this, so that should tell you how much I love this scarf!), but I wrapped the scarf a third time around to give it a different look and my favorite denim jacket.  I got my jacket last summer from Nordstrom (they don't have it any more), but the one I linked to is from Zappos and they have awesome shipping and returns!

These flats did the job, but I'm definitely in need of an upgrade.  These TOMS ballet flats have been in my Nordstrom shopping cart for a few weeks and I'm thinking it might be time to bite the bullet.  Gorgeous, right???  #iloveyellow

THIS PAIR is a great neutral too.  Hmmmm.  Thoughts??? Which pair would you pick?

And as always, my big ol' stack of bracelets.  This is a bunch of different finds from all over.  The snake bangle is Stella and Dot, the LOVED leather bracelet was in Instagram find, the two red bracelets are vintage and I found them at a flea market, the gold feather bangle is Anthropologie and the cross beaded bracelet is from Hippie Chick.

5 - Thursday - Sick Day
Thursday my plan was to wear a maxi dress with a jacket since it was GORGEOUS, but I ended up staying at home in my pjs :)  

I wore my blardigan and my favorite fun pjs and didn't do anything with hair or make-up.  It was perfection. 

Speaking of perfection.... can we just talk for a minute about how there are now BLARDIGAN PANTS?!?!?!

The blardigan (blanket/cardigan) was discovered by one of my besties, Sheaffer, and while I was able to resist for a while (sticker shock!) I finally caved and have literally worn it every single day since then.  These pants are made of the same material (which I am confident is woven by angels in Heaven) and I'm afraid that if I got them I'd never leave the house :) 

If you aren't up for spending $90 on lounge pants... here are a few more economical (but just as cute!) picks...

THESE TWO are from Old Navy and are less than $15 each

And I know I'd sleep sweetly in either of these pairs...

left // right

And last but not least!!!  The winner of the Freshly Picked moccasins giveaway is..............


Congrats, Sophia!!! Shoot me an email ( and let me know the size and style that you'd like and I'll get you taken care of!!!

Happy Friday, Friends!!!


  1. I love the yellow and the gray toms, you might just need to get both:)

  2. I always love your style! It's always so YOU! And every time you wear the peace Toms, I get jealous!

  3. I love that you keep mentioning the Toms wedges--I need to break down and buy them because I want them so bad lol!!! It's almost too late for the suede pair-but I should put them up for next fall haha!!! Going to check out your scarves now! Loved this post!!

  4. Loved this post!!! You definitely need the black toms. :)

  5. You seriously have the best style. I would look ridiculous in half of it because I just don't have the ability to do what you do, but I love it!!!

  6. My favorite is outfit 2 with the mustard cords!!
    I always love your stack of bracelets!

  7. Loved this post and all you cute sure can pull off anything and look so dang cute! Love your new sari scarf and I think you need both pairs of Toms flats cause yeah they are just that cute!!!! Happy Friday!!!

  8. I love your outfits, but I just don't think I could pull them off...or be able to wear them to work :( I did pick up the red lobster scarf from Hippie Chick and can't wait to wear it! And I am beginning to think I need to order a pair of Toms after hearing everyone rave about them :)

  9. Such cute outfits....and I had no idea about the Blardigan pants...but I just may have to break down and buy a pair!

  10. Your style is so fun!! As far as which pair of shoes?! I think the yellow is SO you!! Happy Friday!

  11. I love your blog. I found it through another one and I look forward to reading it everyday. I am a mom and teacher to and I like your down to earth approach to life. Also, love your style. I have the exact mustard pants and LOVE them and wear them at least once a week. I have them in a few other colors as well. I think I may need some of those Matilda Pants though. Those would be like wearing my pjs to teach in! HA

  12. I REALLY think you should consider doing this every week! I love your style! I bought both scarves and am considering just about everything else!

  13. Andrea! I have been following your blog and Instagram for a few months and just bought the burlap Toms wedges thanks to you! I love your style and seeing all the sweet pictures of your family (also can't wait for more teacher posts as I am a primary teacher in Australia)!
    Just wanted to say thanks!! I look forward to your posts each day!
    Lots of love,
    Evan :)


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