Thursday, March 27, 2014

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post....

... for a sick day! UGH!

I felt blah all day yesterday at school today, but I powered through because that's what I do.  I crashed when I came home and Dave sequestered me in our bedroom and forbid me to kiss the kids :)  Because it's one thing for me to be sick.... but NO ONE wants sick babies!

I did manage to sneak G in for a QUICK snuggle before bedtime, but I made sure not to touch her.

As a kid I always got high temps.... so it's no surprise that I made it up to 102.4 when I stopped taking it.  Blah.

That said, I'm interrupting the post I had scheduled (because that one was going to require some effort.... which I just don't have the energy for!... and post a few pics from the week and answer a couple of questions.

1) I posted THIS pic on Instagram for Erika and my photo a day challenge and got QUITE the response. hahaha  I wasn't sure whether to be offended or flattered, but whatever!  And to answer your questions.... I had half an avocado left in my fridge from earlier in the week so I mashed it up, dissolved about a tablespoon of honey in a teeny bit of hot water and mixed it all together.  I slathered it on there and left it for about 20 minutes.  Avocado is supposed to be moisturizing and honey is supposed to cleanse.  And to the several comments I got about my engagement ring... Dave did good :)  We were in college when we got engaged and we had talked about rings (meaning - I had emailed him pictures of ones I liked) and they were all triangles or colored diamonds.  He got me something that I didn't think I wanted at all, but loved instantly.  Now everyone text Dave and tell him that I need a vintage diamond band for our 10 year anniversary, k? :)

2) I am loving this picture I took on Sunday morning.  I love posting sweet pics of my little family, but this one sums up our reality to a tee.  I know I'm going to miss these days when I ask them to stand together for a picture before church and I have to look up at my boys faces to see the eye rolls :)

3) Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby???

Maybe one standing up, looking WAY too big, inspecting the flowers :)

4) I posted the pic below for the before/after day on #thephotochallenge2014 this week and lots of people thought I refinished my cabinets.  Let's be real.... NO STINKIN WAY!!!  hahaha  The thought of a job this big made me break out in hives, so I left it to the professionals. You can read all about it HERE.

5) G was loving her some warm weather earlier this week!  LOVE her dress??? It's by Matilda Jane and is STILL available in size 2 and 4 (MJ only does even sizing... if you're curious about what size your daughter would need shoot me an email!  

Matilda Jane is doing the third release of their Wonderful Parade collection this coming Tuesday and I'll be hosting an online show again!  Lots of details coming on Monday (or email me!), but here are a few "sneak peeks" of a couple of the new pieces.  MJ is super secretive about their releases, but rumor has it that there's going to be lots of BABY sizes and maybe even a bag!!! SO FUN!
If you ordered from my last show, I can't wait to hear all about how much you love your items! And if you're waiting for a delivery from me - it's coming tomorrow and/or Friday! :)

6) One of our science teachers is incubating seven chicken eggs in her classroom and Luke is OBSESSED!  It's crazy! They're set to hatch in 17 days and you can already see them moving.  Amazing!  He's already talking about holding those teeny chicks :)

7) Cuteness overload time!!!

 8) Lastly.... today is the LAST DAY to enter my Freshly Picked giveaway!!!

A winner will be selected tonight and announced Friday morning!  They just added these styles back to the shop and I can't WAIT to see who wins!!!


  1. There has been some nasty stuff going around. I hope you feel better soon. Griffin rocks those moccasins like nobody I know, wish they came in adult sizes.

  2. Adorable photos from the week!
    Your engagement ring is gorgeous!
    Sorry you are sick--I hope you bounce back quickly!!

  3. Ugh! I hope you feel better super quick!! Love the pics of sweet G! :)

  4. Being sick is no fun!!! But I think a perk of being in education is that generally our immune systems are rock solid, and we don't stay sick that long. What teacher has time for that!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!

  5. I hope you feel better soon!
    Love seeing all your pics from the week!
    Your ring IS beautiful!
    And those camo moccs are so cute!

  6. Hi Andrea:

    Sorry that you're sick! You still managed to put out a great post! Go woman! Get some rest, feel better soon!

  7. Hey girl! so sorry you're sick. :( bummer. hope it's short lived!!!

    {@simplybeautiful100 on instagram if you want to connect people :)}

  8. Sorry to hear your sick. Hope you feel better VERY soon!!!

    You keep G dressed so adorable. I love everything she wears :)


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