Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Classroom Printables

Hey! I'm trying to occasionally throw in a "teacher post" here and there and today's the day!  

 I promise that a classroom tour is coming up, but today I wanted to share a few little posters I made specifically for my classroom.  I had these printed and they're hanging in my classroom...

I also love a great teacher "Hey, girl" and here are a couple I have around my room as well.  Funny and not bad to look at :)

And I have a whole board full of math funnies.  Here are a few...

 Have you seen a good Hey, Girl or math joke I need to have printed??? Send them my way!!!

LAST - I was browsing the sale section on Anthropologie and came across this...
The accordion tee is everything I love in a tee... quirky, cute and unique.

It's on it's way to me and I can't wait!!!  It's sold out in several sizes, so be sure to check it out ASAP.  It's on sale!!!  

And while you're shopping, check out this measuring gaggle...

... they're on sale for $6.95 and I want them despite having no clue why :)

THESE little tree tops are on sale for $1.95 and how cute would they be in an advent calendar!!!

Sorry for all the randomness... you just got a sneak peek into my brain :) 


  1. I love the "God is the strength of my heart" print you made!!
    Fave = the Dove chocolate 'hey girl' ;)

  2. Psalm 73:(25) and 26 is my life verse! I love your printable and I love that this specific Scripture is in your classroom! Be blessed today, Andrea!

  3. Haha! Your classroom has got to be the favorite! LOVE the Psalm 73:26 verse and Ryan's laminating printables!! I student taught a couple of years ago and a Ryan printable in the work room would have made laminating a whole lot more entertaining!! ;)

  4. Andrea - these are so great! My mom is a teacher and of course I had to forward them along to her. But I kept the conference one for myself because I attend quite a few for my job!
    Did I print one out and post it on my coworkers cubicle? Maybe....
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved math in high school (and while you don't think so when you're young, it has come in so handy in life)and your "Hey Girl" images crack me up! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. So, I read your blog daily and LOVE it… but this might be one of my very favorite posts!! I am an aspiring teacher and will start my student teaching this fall so this was right up my alley! I love a good teacher "Hey Girl" :) Keep the teacher posts coming!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing. I teach 5th grade and it is great to find examples of classroom decor that is not too elementary but is still stylish.

  8. Are you the inventor of those "Hey Girl" graphics?? They're SO funny!!

  9. LOVE teacher posts!!! Keep them coming!

  10. These are awesome!! Your students must absolutely love you!

  11. I just ordered the gaggle of geese; they're too cute to pass up! I love reading your blog :)

  12. Love the printables and the Hey, Girl's!! Love your humor, friend!!!

  13. Seriously the "Hey Girl" printables might be the funniest things ever....sooooooo stinking appropriate for teachers. I actually printed them and posted them at school (after cracking up to the point of peeing our pants with the other first grade teachers). Thank you!!!!


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