Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break and Weekend Wrap-Up

So one of our big projects for Spring Break was to tear down this old rickety shed in the backyard and get things kind of cleaned up before our big mulch delivery this coming Saturday.  There was lots of work to do, but thankfully we had lots of cute helpers :)

Griffin is seriously the most easy going baby ever! She cut two teeth last week and you would have had no clue other than her not wanting to nap great.  She played in this exersaucer from 9:30 a.m - 1:00 p.m. AWESOME!!!

I had been working on Slightly Askew stuff ALL MORNING and was ready to help with the clean up adn so I headed out to tackle the roses I had been putting off for EVER!

These were our roses on the pergola last April...

... and this was them on Friday.  

They got some gross "mite" called "Witches Broom" and before I even knew what it was they were gone :(
I was super sad, but there was absolutely nothing I can do about it so  I decided to suck it up and tear them down. 

Dave had my phone and apparently he took these pictures to text to my dad (aka the "safety police") since I tend to ignore the DO NOT STAND memo on ladders :)

I was chopping and hacking and there were three crazy boys eating lunch in the tree house...

... and one silly girl trying DESPERATELY to get her hood off.  
(Seriously - one of my favorite baby things ever!)
The project was a BEAST!!! BEAST!!!  But I did it. hahaha

Things were looking a little bare, so G and I headed out to Lowes...

She LOOOOOOOOVES sitting in the cart and she is a FLIRT with other customers :)

She helped me pick out a "few" ferns :)

We got home and I gave the boys a bag of rocks to wash.  Best $4 ever.

Everyone was GROSS!!! (check out the dirty bath water! we had to empty and refill the tub!) and so they headed inside for baths and mohawks...

I got to do a couple of chalkboard signs for a photoshoot my friend Narci was doing the next day and it was an early to bed night for everyone.

Saturday I was supposed to head to Trade Days (a monthly flea market) with some friends in the afternoon, but storms were forecasted so my mom, Griffin and I headed out early...

... I had a backyard project planned and knew I'd be able to find some vintage hooks there.  My little shopping buddy was looking super cute :)

Dave always makes fun of me for talking with my hands and G does the exact same thing :)

Trade Days has lots of cute little clothing boutiques and vendors selling new things, but my favorite parts are the ones where it's just TONS of random junk.  I have found some amazing treasures and always get great ideas when I get to dig a bit :)

My mom and I always laugh at how you can find anything you could possibly want at Trade Days (tube socks?  Got 'em.  Christmas wreath? Got it! A goat? Got it!  Dip mix? Got it!) 
And Saturday was no exception when we saw a LEGIT vintage Vampire slaying kit.  No joke. 

See that lady on the right giving Griffin the stink eye?  Griffin, in her giant bow, waves and yells and screeches at people until they acknowledge her and we get a lot of "awwwwwwwwwws", but occasionally we get a look like that. hahaha 

I found something AMAZING for Easter (it's a secret for now!), my vintage hooks and this great antique necklace (THREE DOLLARS, PEOPLE!) that I'm wearing as a wrap bracelet.

It started to rain and so we loaded up and in true Buchanan women form, we had a snack break before we pulled out of the parking lot. 

When I got home and opened the van door I found her like this and couldn't stop laughing. :)

We walked in the door and found Mason lounging with a yogurt watching Paw Patrol...

Homegirl was HUNGRY!!!

Everyone took naps and Luke (like mother like son) woke up in a total funk.  Nothing sounded "fun" and he did NOT want to play with his brother.  Thankfully, Gibi and Haha came to the rescue and he got to go over there and be spoiled with undivided attention for the rest of the afternoon/evening :)

While Luke was gone, normal shenanigans ensued...

Sunday I prepped pasta salad for lunch for the week 

and baked St. Paddys Day cupcakes.  I'm a super messy baker, but Dave ALWAYS helps me clean up when I bake. hahaha  I guess he thinks it's worth the mess :)

Mark and Diana and my parents came over for dinner and we had the best time.  It was a great way to end Spring Break.  Apparently G missed her Uncle Mark because she had nothin' but snuggles for him!!!

Last... we still have A LOT of work to do (mulch, new seed and cleaning up the MESS that the flash flood we had on Saturday night created), but I wanted to show y'all a sneak peek of the backyard so you didn't feel too horrible about me chopping down the roses.  I have plans to plans wisteria back her when it gets a little bit warmer and I am PUMPED about that :)

Also - big shout out to everyone who ordered from my Matilda Jane virtual trunk show! If for some reason you forgot to order and you still want to... make a wishlist before noon today (www.matildajaneclothing.com) and email it to me dave-and-andrea@hotmail.com and katkempson@matildajaneclothing.com 

I'll be hosting again for Release 3 of the Wonderful Parade collection and I've been told this one will include SEVERAL items starting in little sizes (think 3/6 months!)  MJ is super secretive about their clothes, but here are a few sneak peeks they've released to get everyone excited.  

Mark your calendars for the morning of April 1st!  I'll be collecting wishlists and closing out my show by Noon to ensure that everyone gets the items they want before anything sells out.  EEEK!

And yes, MJ is more "expensive" than some other brands of girls clothing, but when you factor in that it's designed and made to be worn for multiple seasons and for multiple years it's actually pretty cost effective.  PLUS - it has great resale value!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! Your backyard looks fabulous! I was seriously smitten with it last night! And those cupcakes...those cupcakes are my favorite!

  2. GIRL! You got some yard work done! And Trade Days? I think we should kidnap shay and take her one weekend just so we can see a panic attack up close. You know, just for fun! And I gotta make that past salad. It looks so dang good!

  3. I'm gonna start calling you Bob Villa!!! You got after those rose bushes super impressed!!!

  4. Can't believe Griffin sat in her exersaucer for 3.5 hours!
    I like the new hanging ferns in the backyard!
    Cute photos of G at Lowe's & Trade Days :)
    Your St. Paddy' s cupcakes are so pretty!

  5. Your yard looks great!!! I love your house!! And I'm making that pasta salad this week for sure!

  6. Wisteria will look beautiful on your pergola!

  7. I just have one comment....YOU OWN TENNIS SHOES?!? Hah.

  8. Wow you definitely got some yard work done! I can't wait to see what you're going to do back there :) Griffin is seriously just too cute for words!! She seems like the best shopping buddy!

  9. I'm putting in an official request for a post on how to make your buttercream icing. :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. You should do a post on how you make your cupcakes. Maybe its the way you frost them that makes them look so pretty! Why don't you have grass in your backyard? Is it because you live in Texas and it's just too hot in the summer?

  12. You got A LOT of work done! Hooray! And I'm going to need to try your pasta salad recipe...I pack lunches too, but usually it's a bag of frozen veggies or a salad, and that looks a bit more substantial. Which is ALWAYS a plus in my bool. :)

  13. Making the pasta salad recipe tonight!! Also NEED your cupcake recipe! They always look so good!

  14. Griffin looks hangry to me! I love the ferns!

  15. Your backyard looks amazing! I can't imagine having to cut those roses down though, I would have been heartbroken.

    I wish we had a Trade Days around here. All we have are Indoor Flea Markets and it's the same junk everyday. I can't wait till Yard Sales start up!

  16. You are such a super mom! I don't know how you do it with 3 littles. Wow! Love the pictures and those cupcakes do look pretty yummy!


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