Thursday, March 20, 2014

This and That

Y'all... I'm not going to lie.  I'm wiped out. hahaha
Going back to work this week has KICKED MY HINEY and I'm counting down the hours until the weekend. :)  

Monday, Luke and I were up bright and early and were at school a little after 7:00.  That first day back is always a lot of adrenaline, and Monday was no exception.  

While we were getting back into the swing of things, Dave was running errands with the littles and texting me pics along the way.

Going back to school also means having to wear real clothes.  At least if I have to get dressed I have comfy TOMS wedges to wear. :)

Luke and I got home from school and I got Griffin dressed and ready go have friends over for dinner. 

She pretty much wants to stand all the time now. 

The Shulls came over for dinner and (like always!) we had the best time.  We grilled and talked and let the kids run around like crazy people.

Kensington made Luke this sweet little heart and he LOVED it :)

I die. ;)

Tuesday I broke out some Spring colors for a GORGEOUS day...

and even got to wear me flea market find mixed in with my other bangles...

Griffin was looking very "Spring Ready" as well...

And she's definitely ready for Spring with these AWESOME Jameson Monroe headbands. LOVE!!!

Tuesday night I changed into some new Hippie Chick pants and got ready for a girls night! WOO HOO!

While the girls were chit chatting it up, I got this pic... the Maxwell kiddos were over for dinner!  That's a lot of babies at my table! (note Luke at the bottom of the pic - hehehe)

Today I broke out my Matilda Jane Paintbrush Finn pants.

It was a messy bun, pretty much wear PJs to work kind of day. :)

This is one of my 8th grade classes doing the sing-a-long to "Let It Go" after we did our lesson :)  hahaha

I've been thinking about getting Mason's hair cut and so on a total whim I took him to a place after school today to bite the bullet and get it done.  His hair is super fine and NEVER stays in place...

he had BIG crocodile tears over it at first...

I turned around and found Luke letting Griffin lick his lollipop :)

Such a sweet little profile!

The stylist was great with him :)

25 minutes later and he's all of a sudden a big boy!!!

I mean, stop it.  It's almost too much that THIS Is my baby!!!

We got home and G (who is SUPPOSED to be my baby) wanted down with the big boys to play and ride bikes...

It's a shame she's such a sad baby :) hahahaha (can y'all sense my sarcasm?!?!?!)

Mason gave G lots of rides on his bike while Luke ZOOMED all over the place on his scooter.  I don't have any pics of him because they're all a blur :) For real!

What have y'all been up to the last couple of days?  Any other teachers out there dragging this week?? hahaha


  1. We love, love, love coming to your house for dinner!! And Mason's new haircut...I die. It's the cutest thing EVER!

  2. I adore: Griffin's hot air balloon outfit, all of your bangles, and Mason's adorable haircut!!

  3. Big time dragging...our spring break isn't until April! 25 first graders and no outdoor recess in months= no good!!!! Come on spring!

  4. Love all the pics!!! Griffin standing is adorable!! And Mason's haircut is so cute!! We don't have spring break for another 4 weeks, so I'm trying to keep everyone focused, ha!!

  5. I started following your blog not too long ago and LOVE it! I am a teacher as well, and boy am I dragging this week. It is sooooo hard to get back into the swing of things. Counting down the days till summer! By the way your family is adorable!

  6. Griffin is adorable! I wish I could pull off her ruffle outfits:) I have to tell you your scarves have really inspired me. So much so in fact I did a blog post about them.
    Hang in there 2 more days! My spring break is this week so I am sure I will be dragging come next week at this time. At least I will have fun scarves to cheer me up thanks to you.

  7. Ugh the weeks after spring break is KILLER! At least you can be comfy in your "pj's" that! And Griffin is just about the most adorable thing I've ever seen

  8. I NEED to know where to buy those sparkle shoes in the pj's pictures! they are sooo cute!!

  9. I'm not sure whose wardrobe I'm more jealous of, your's or Griffin's! all have the cutest style!!!

    LOVE Mason's haircut. He looks so handsome!

  10. I cannot get over the cuteness of Mason's haircut. I seriously cant't handle how cute it is! So glad you had a great spring break!!! Ours is cut short from so many snow days :(

  11. What earrings are you wearing? Love them!


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