Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boy Style - Boden Edition

So I talk A LOT about Griffin's clothes, bows and accessories.... but don't you dare think for one second that I don't LOVE dressing my boys, too!  It's fun... just not as fun. hahaha

My "boy style" is comfy, bright and occasionally quirky.  I like to mix patterns and color and I like for them to like their clothes.

My very favorite brand of boys clothes is Mini Boden.

They have THE BEST t-shirts that wash and wear AMAZINGLY which makes their price tag a little more understandable.  They're not cheap, but they hold up super well.  I got Mason a bunch last Spring and he wore them all spring and summer, wore them with a long sleeve tee underneath in the winter and is wearing them again this Spring!  

Here are a few of my favorite tees they're currently offering...

I am LOVING this raglan tee...

... and this "doing stuff tee" is on sale!!!

The very best shorts of all time are the Boden Baggies Shorts.  Mason wears these all. the. time. 

I would pair THIS COLOR with any of the shirts above...

... but if you're afraid of the purple THIS pair might be a better pick :)

Both Mason and Luke have THESE star shorts and they wear them ALL the time.  They both got them last summer and are able to wear them again this year!

For cooler nights I'd pair the above items with THIS hoodie...

One of my very favorite things to do with my boys is layer.  I layer patterns and colors too :)
I like button down shirts underneath tees, or open on top of tees for a lightweight jacket kind of thing.  I pretty much ALWAYS roll the sleeves if they're wearing a button down alone or over a tee.

Luke is wearing THIS shirt (layered under a striped sweatshirt) in our family pics coming up.

Here are a few pics of my sweeties sporting some Boden...

Mason in a solid boden tee and Baggies shorts (that he wore last summer, too!)

Mason in the background is wearing layered boden shirts :)

Boden board shorts!!!

Boys are both in all Boden in this pic...

Same collard shirt as above, layered with a boden applique tee (pants are Crew Cuts)

Baggies last summer...

Last summer as well...

Anyway, my boys wear a lot of GAP and Crew Cuts as well and I'll probably feature those on another day, but I think that the pieces I get asked about MOST are Boden.  So there you have it!  Momfessionals Boystyle! hahaha

You should also know that Boden is AWESOME about returns (they send you a return label! totally free!) and their customer service is amazing.  If you're placing an order for your boys, you should totally check out these items for yourself you could add on :)

If you end up getting this floral blazer, let me know so we can be BFFs and I can borrow it :) hahaha

and how cute would this dress...

Be with these shoes and this necklace!


And because it wouldn't be a clothes post without talking about Miss Priss.  Here are my top Boden Picks for her :)

This skirt and cardigan is PERFECTION!

and if you know my affection for all things tea, then you'll understand why this dress totally speaks to me :)

So... boy moms.... any style tips I'm missing????  Any brands I should know about???   And in case you decide to order...


  1. I've never looked at Boden's boy clothes before- super cute!
    I like the star hoodie, and I like the button-down you got for Luke!
    Their applique tees are cool and unique!
    Gotta love dressing boys!! :)

  2. Oh! I love me some Boden!! Love! Love! Love!

  3. LOVE this post! Soooooooooooooo good. And I'm totally loving the boy Boden line this year. I always love it (duh), but I love it EXTRA this year! And the stuff for moms? SO Cute. And tell me you got the teacup dress....

  4. Super cute stuff, Andrea!! Your boys always look adorable!

  5. We love Boden for our boys... and Tea is awesome as well!

  6. I used to dress my boys strictly in Gap and Boden, until I discovered Hanna Andersson. Hanna cotton, I think, is even softer and wears better than Boden... If you can believe it. Also, the way they do their appliqués is very unusual and I think makes them wash easier and it's less heavy for the kids on the inside of the shirt. I highly recommend them!

  7. I always love how you dress your sweet boys and I especially love the button ups under the tees, super cute look! And people say boys clothes are boring, ha! I have myself 2 little girls but when I am at the store I see THE cutest outfits for boys, good thing I have nephews!!

  8. What is the code for free shipping?
    It cut off on the site.

  9. I have never heard of Boden until you mentioned it! Since X grows like a weed (2yo looks like 4yo), we have to constantly buy new pants or shirts for him :( These days I stick with Target, Old Navy, Gap, and Carter's. All of them usually a have sale of some sort going on and additional coupons. And when J.Crew Factory is having a sale I pick up a few special occasion pieces for him there as well :)
    And I so need a little girl for that teacup dress! Precious!!!!

  10. My boys wear a lot of Boden now (sprinkled with a liberal dose of Hanna Andersson, a bit of Peek, and the occasional smocked Jon Jon while they are young enough to let me!). It's nice to see your kids wearing Boden for more than one season - hope that someday my kids clothes budget might go down at least a smidge!

  11. Super cute clothes. Wish they aren't so pricy. Your kiddos always looks precious.


  12. Mini Boden is seriously awesome! I can agree, dressing boys is not as fun as girls, but still can be fun :)

  13. Andrea,
    I totally love all those boy clothes & girl clothes. You have an eye for style :)! Your fam is adorable!! I have an almost 6 year old boy and a just turned 3 year old boy. They remind me of your boys! :) Have a great day!! Blessings to you.

  14. My little girl and boy both wear lots of Boden and then lots of Hanna Andersson! Their clothes are just as good if not better quality and their sizing is SO generous! Seriously you get like 3 years out of one outfit. Of course we do some Old Navy, Gap and Crewcuts but Boden and Hanna Andersson are my faves!!!

  15. Ooh love this boy stuff! I've ever heard of Boden before! And I'm kinda digging the mom attire too:)

  16. LOVE Boden! Hudson wore a pair of baggies from 2 summers ago when he was 13 months! ha!

  17. Do you know that I have never, ever shopped at Boden for my boys? I feel like I have missed an important thing!! Haha. Better late than never, I guess!

  18. Thank you! Just bought the boden baggies and doin stuff tee for our upcoming trip to the beach! Can't wait to get them!!

  19. This is too funny! As I read your blog and notice your boys clothing I always say to myself, I love that she dresses them in Boden! I am a boy mama as well and Boden is one of my loves for dressing them!

  20. I love how boden always have cool clothes for boys I havent shop there lately but I've bought plenty of clothes in the past. My new love is urbankidsoutftters.com. They send me really cute outfits every time I order one


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