Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Breakin' It

Yesterday was our first "official" day of Spring Break and it was GLORIOUS!!!  Everyone woke up late (thanks, DST!) and snuggled in my bed before breakfast...

After snuggles and breakfast, Griffin went down for a nap and I tackled closets.  Awesome.  I LOOOOOOOOVE a good purge and this one was great!!!

While I was sorting, folding and putting away - the boys were helping Dave outside :)

Griffin Joy woke up and she got dressed and was lookin' CA-UTE!!!

After a bottle she headed outside to watch the boys while I kept working...

She was NOT a fan of the leaf blower...

Luke and Mason picked out their own clothes and wen tout WITHOUT brushing their hair.  It was a perfect morning for them :)  Luke was on the hunt for roly polies...

... and Mason was, well... being Mason!

The boys ate lunch outside and I had to document Mason's CRAZY messy face.  I think that he seriously might be the messiest kid EVER.  That's dirt, snot, pizza sauce and who knows what else all over his cheek.  It's always on his left cheek because he uses his left hand to wipe his nose onto his cheek.  Gross.

After naps, we packed up and headed to the park to enjoy the GORGEOUS day! (seriously! It was 75 degrees!!!)  We grabbed some bread to feed the fish...

It was Griffin's first time to ride in the front of the stroller and she was LOVING it!
(sidenote: wind + ruffle pants = hilarious!!!)

She wanted bread too :)

Playground time!!!

Mason's face!!! :) hahaha

On the way back to the car Luke asked if he could go over to the edge of the pond.
Me: "Sure! Just don't get your feet wet"
Luke: "Oooops! It must have been high tide or something"

I know I said yesterday that Griffin had no teeth... well one popped through today!!! It's her bottom left and it's definitely through! I think that this may explain her runny nose.  Other than that she's been perfectly normal!

In the tub after dinner (and all the other times!) this girl can HOLD HER OWN!!! :) hahaha

Today the kids and I are headed to the Perot Museum with Haha and hopefully we'll be spending lots of time outside after naps.  Spring break is off to a FABULOUS start!!!

Also... if you have a baby girl (or are prego!) be sure to check out my What Griffin Wore Blog today!  I posted some new things (including a couple of maternity items that I somehow missed in the Fall) and marked down lots of other things!


  1. Fun! They must love having you home on a Monday :)
    Photo of you & the boys on the slide is precious!

  2. Oh goodness!! That was the perfect way to kick off your spring break!! I love the pics of your boys being boys :). So cute!

  3. So bummed. I'm pregnant with a baby girl and for some reason don't see anything when I go to Griffin's clothes blog. Saw some cute stuff u posted on IG yesterday and have been trying since then. Loved the yellow jacket. :(

  4. Looks like your face day at home was a huge success!!! LOVE Mason's messy face!!

  5. How fun! I just found out I'm having another boy, so I enjoy seeing your boys together to give me a peak into the future...looks crazy and wild :) I'm also going to check out your maternity clothes. Hey do you know a Kristen Oyler? She went to MHS and I believe graduated in 01...she was a cheerleader. She's my BF here in McKinney.

  6. I can assure you that your little guy is NOT the messiest kid ever. MY 7 YEAR OLD IS!!! (Seriously, I thought it would get better with age...but NOPE!) He is unbelievably messy...and totally has the dirt under the fingernails going on too. I was in no way prepared for the amount of DIRT one boy can "live in!" Lord have mercy on us boy moms!

  7. Your family is precious!!! And this weather is so amazing right now. It's the perfect Spring Break be outside weather.

  8. Your kids are so precious! I have three myself two boys and one girl. Everytime I see pictures of griffiin I so badly want another baby! Enjoy your spring break. We are getting another round of snow in Chicago!

    Mrs. Pacman

  9. That picture of Griffin in the ruffled pants and gap sweatshirt? I die. SO CUTE.


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