Thursday, March 13, 2014

Last couple of days

Spring break is in FULL swing at our house.  Lots of playing and lots and lots of fun.

Tuesday morning we picked up Haha (if you're new to the blog... Haha is my dad)and we headed to The Perot Museum in Dallas.

We were there early for "Members Only Hours" and were the only ones in the kids area...

We've been to the museum tons of times, but this was Griffin Joys first time to play!

Seriously.... when did she get so big?!?!?!

Griffin's dress is the Dragonfly Satine Dress by Matilda Jane (Griffin is wearing a TWO!) and you can order it when I host my show starting on March 21!!! (details coming soon!)

She's getting super brave and taking 3-4 steps at a time!!!

And she's climbing!

Our idea to "expand" our sand box out back was confirmed when the boys would have GLADLY spent all day in the giant sand area outside.

Testing out a house they built to see if it can withstand earthquakes.

I packed the kids lunches and we sat outside and ate before heading home.  Mason made himself at home...

It was GORGEOUS yesterday (think 75 and sunny!) and it was the perfect afternoon to dine al fresco :)
Mason is sporting some serious Boden!  Check out yesterday's post for lots of cute boys clothes!!!

Sidenote! Whoever it was on IG that asked about my outfit yesterday, I'm wearing THESE toms and jeans similar to THESE.

There was some serious construction going on at a nearby building and all the boys were fascinated!

I wanted to get a pic of all the kids with Haha and this is what I got...

Mason being Mason...

He finally joined the pic and I'm oh so glad he did...

 The picture below kind of paints a picture of most of my days...

We came home, I switched into my comfiest TOMS and the littles napped and Luke played outside while I got things done....

 Griffin woke up from her nap and since it was super nice out she sported an adorable little romper! DYING!!!

I mean shut up!!!

The boys spent sooooooooooo much time outside yesterday.  They were exhausted, disgustingly dirty and ridiculously happy. :)

G got her first tooth on Monday and I FINALLY was able to snap a picture of it peeking through :)

Tuesday night she was crying in her crib so I brought her in with me for a few minutes.  I passed out and Dave snapped this pic.  When did she get this big?!?!?!

Wednesday morning I packed up the littles and the three of us headed to see Rachel and sweet baby Ellisynn who was born yesterday!  (Luke was at home having a playdate with his BFF Lincoln)

She is just the sweetest thing ever!  Look at all these girlies!!!  Rachel and I thought we'd always be boy moms... how fun is God?!?!? hehehe  

We ran a couple of errands at the mall and then headed to lunch with friends.

Wednesday afternoon Luke had ANOTHER playdate with these crazy boys...

... Sheaffer is a BRAVE woman!!! :)

The rest of the day we spent hanging out playing "Don't Break The Ice" (I hate that game!).

Hope y'all are enjoying your Spring Break as much as we are!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! The cuteness of all the pictures. I don't know where to start?!?! And those Peace Toms...I forgot you had those! Love those Toms!

  2. That museum looks awesome!
    Nolan would love the water table & sand.
    Can't believe G is taking steps!
    How sweet is Ellisynn!

  3. Looks like such a fun spring break! How great that the Perot museum has members only hours. We went last summer when visiting family in Dallas, and it was packed! Such a cool museum, but would have been better without the crowds. Enjoy the rest of your break!

  4. My kiddos have never been to the Perot museum!! I should probably take them!! I agree!! Sheaffer is a BRAVE woman!

  5. I love that picture of you and your little girl sleeping! Precious!

  6. Such a fun spring break you are having! Your museum looks so fun, we have a membership to ours here and go all the it! Mason being Mason, I die....that kid is too much!! Oh and sweet Griffin taking steps girl is 14 months today and she is not so much interested in taking steps, we try oh do we try but to no avail.....she's lazy, ha!!!

  7. I love all of the pics of your kids. Adorable! I wish I had the weather you guys are experiencing right now. We still have snow on the ground!

  8. THOSE TOMS! LOVVVVVVVEEEEEE! And we need to get to the Perot museum asap!

  9. Your fam bam is the sweetest!! And those Toms! Fabulous!!

  10. Love seeing the fun you have with your kiddos! But that pic of Griffin with her finger to her mouth...OMG!!! You could have seriously had that pic only for your post today it is so good! Love it!

  11. Love Griffin in her romper!!! What a fun Spring Break so far, this weather is uhhhhhh-mazing! :)

  12. Your family is so stinkin' cute! How did your dad become "Haha?" It's such a cute name!

  13. My kids don't get a Spring break this year. They took it due to all the school we missed because of snow. Looks like you all are definitely enjoying yours. Griffin's outfits are to die for. Your family is beautiful!

  14. Oh my gosh! Also dying over romper pic! Soo cute! Where did u get it? Must have for my 6 month old:)

  15. Love your blog! I'm about to have baby #2 and am in need of a good double stroller. What kind do you have?


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