Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

Before I can recap the weekend... I HAVE to tell you to go check out Sheaffer's blog today.  Y'all know I  love me some "Pinterest Told Me To" and I've learned over the last couple of years to just listen and buy whatever she tells me to when she tells me to.  When I don't immediately listen I end up buying said item weeks later and then regretting that I didn't have it sooner.  She has THE BEST recommendations and she totally puts all the legwork into shopping so the rest of us can just sit at home and order online :) 

She has an awesome new collaboration going on this month and YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!!!  (there MAY be a 20% coupon code AND a $100 giveaway as well!)

Weekends for me start the MINUTE I get out of my Friday afternoon staff meeting.  This past Friday I was super excited to see Griffin since I had picked out her adorable little outfit the night before, but hadn't seen her in it yet :)

The boys IMMEDIATELY started building stuff (trains, Legos, etc.), so Griffin and I changed into our comfies and got started on the laundry.

I knew the weekend was going to be great, when about 10 minutes after Dave went back to work for the night Mason dumped an entire box of baking soda into the toilet and I caught him eating an unknown number of cheese cubes... twice.

Saturday morning, the boys were up (and in our bed) by 6:30 a.m.  After breakfast, Mason wanted me to make him a "ninja headband" out of this spool of ribbon... with the spool attached.

The boys ran some errands, while I worked on the computer and Griffin took a nap.  She wakes up happy every. single. time.

The boys headed out to the backyard to play(they were out there ALL DAY!) and Griffin and I got dressed and read o run a couple of errands of our own.

Miss Priss was lookin' super cute :)

She and I headed to Sprouts for a produce run and she was a HAM! She waved and screeched at anyone who would look and/or listen :)

She is CRAZY nosey and wants to know what her brothers are up to at all times.

Dave went to work, Mason and Griffin went down for naps and Luke was busy with Legos... time for a 'working lunch' for me :)

Typical Saturday for me... t-shirt, jeans and scarf.  Oh--- and crazy messy dirty hair :)

A great part of Saturdays for me are pre-and post nap outfits :)  Griffin woke up and it was on to outfit number 2...

Yes, she's wearing a baby necklace.  Yes, it's over the top.  Yes, it's adorable.

More interested in leaves than in me.

Luke was STILL playing Legos when this sweet boy woke up.

He usually wakes up G.R.U.M.P.Y and so I'm pretty "open" to whatever will make him happy.  On this afternoon it was sitting on the counter, wearing m sunglasses, eating an apple and drinking lemonade out of his special straw :) 

Uncle Mark came over and everyone wanted his attention. :)

Sunday morning Erika and I took our photo challenge #shoe pic with a sweet little girl in our Sunday School class. Shay and I have taught sunday school together for YEARS and have been blessed with an EXTRA sweet group of kiddos this year.  Shay wasn't able to be there yesterday, so Erika filled in. :)

When we got home, Griffin and I took a couple of pics together...

Ignore the dead plant and garden gnome (it's a running joke between my mom and I) and focus on the cute baby :)

This is how most of our pictures went today...

... she did NOT want her feet to touch the ground :)

While we were taking pics, this kid was napping in the car :)

After lunch and playtime, I was folding laundry while these two decided to "watch" Monster's Inc.

... and in the theme of "keeping it real" here's the wide shot.  Messy nightstands (yes... that's a nativity), laundry on the floor, etc.

After naps we headed to the park.  We didn't realize how windy it was going to be... CRAZY!!!

The boys tried feeding the turtles and fish... but apparently they were all hiding.

How lucky am I???? Love that middle pic :)

Mason LOVES this speaker on the playground...

... but not the zipline :)

Luke rockin' the zipline!

He was TERRIFIED to drop... but he did it!!! :) 

Mason got super cold at this poing and so I stuck him in my sweatshirt :)

Super blurry... but adorable.  Love this crazy kiddo.

Staying warm while the boys played.

After the park it was dinner and a movie and then bedtime for everyone!
This weekend was kind of a whilrwind.  We had great weather and I caught a bit of Spring Fever.  We have lots of fun things coming up this week and I can't wait! :)


  1. I really don't know which pic was my favorite? Maybe Mason post-nap? Maybe the Chef Mason? Maybe any of the ones of Griffin? Or Luke? Too many cute ones!

  2. Mason just makes me happy. My fav. picture was of Mason chilling in your shades on the counter. That boy is hilarious!!!!!! And thanks for the shout out friend! Love you!

  3. love the pictures you took
    yesterday after church,
    and last night at the park!
    looks so springy!

  4. Mason on the counter post nap....that kid cracks me up! Looks like a fun weekend!

  5. The picture of Griffin at the park is adorable! Love all of her little outfits!

  6. Looking at your photos always makes me smile! Griffin makes me want another little one so bad! And the photos of Dave & Mason "watching" a movie are identical to what I see my husband and Xavier doing every weekend! Too funny!

  7. Ok seriously you get the best pictures. The pic of Mason on the counter is stinking hilarious. The pics of him inside your sweatshirt are precious!


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