Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In My Bag... A Hot Mess

If you've been keeping up with the #eandajanchallenge on Instagram, then you know that today's picture is "in my bag".  Last night I attended a parent/staff event at my school and a co-worker was poking fun at my stuffed purse and so I thought it was only appropriate to share with y'all the HOT MESS that was in my bag.  Excuse the dark pics... it was about 11:00 when I snapped these pics.

It looks innocent enough from the outside :)  I switch bags all the time, and this is the How Does She Do It bag in Metallic Ikat from Stella and Dot. (click HERE).  
In my case, it's "how does she fit all this JUNK in her bag???"

A peek inside reveals that apparently I am a hoarder... a hoarder who carries around half of her life with her on a daily basis.  In my defense, I stuffed the mail in here after school and my planner and pens as well so I could get a little bit organized during the meeting I was running to.

Yes, people.... all of that was shoved in my bag...

Starting on the left, you mean everyone doesn't carry around a little girls swimsuit in their handbag???  hahaha  I picked up this super cute suit for Griffin on the weekend, and didn't bother with a bag.... I just shoved it in my purse.  (In case you're curious it's by Frankie and Daisy)

This ADORABLE package as in my mailbox today.  I'm a SUCKER for cute packaging!

Inside??? Sparkle princes necklaces!!!!!

I love Lola and Darla Designs (I got the My Little Pony necklace Luke gave Kensington from this shop as well).  I ordered these during a sale a couple of weeks ago to stick back for Griffin.  I'm totally guilty of picking up little things every once in a while and sticking them away for my kiddos.  That way if I ever need a little present I'm prepared.

Sunglasses, my new planner and a paci of Griffin's.  (I'm blogging ALL about the best. planner. ever. later this week!)

I'm a nerd who has special pens for her planner so those were in there along with my current nail polish, Luke's kindle, a pair of socks and a Starbucks card and sweet note from a friend.

I keep a little notebook to jot things down and it was shoved in there with my little lip gloss bag, wallet and a bag of old cheez its.  #momproblems

Also in today's mail was the Spring Boden catalog.  SWOON!!!!

If you know me you know that I RARELY wear anything tight.  I've kind of always been this way... even 3 kids and lots of inches ago :)  I feel much more comfortable and relaxed in "flowy".

Apparently I am loving this stripes mixed with floral, because I have this jacket and the matching shorts already in my shopping cart online. hahaha

Boden has an AMAZINGLY easy return policy also - which is fantastic.

My little lip gloss bag has a couple of essentials and a mirror...

... and I have a bag of dark chocolate covered honeycomb for emergency purposes :)

I keep these Mellow Mushroom mystery envelopes handy in case we make an impromptu dinner trip...

The patchworky bag holds pens and a couple of other "essentials" and the Petunia Pickle bottom zipper pouch actually unzips to a "market tote".  

My wallet is crazy old and not super cute... but I haven't found anything that I like quite as much.  

There were also two sizes of diapers and a package of wipes in there as well.  hahaha.  I don't pack light. 

I showed y'all my bag back in October, and it was funny for me to see what was the same and what was different this time.

If you're a little bit nosey like me, be sure to hop on over to Instagram (I'm @andrea2220) and search for the hashtag #eandajanchallenge to see the pics that everyone else is posting!


  1. Andrea! I cracked up! Your bag totally cracked me up! I think my favorite part was the chocolate honeycomb :).

  2. Andrea, my bag totally looks like that as well. Question...where did you get the little bag with your initials on it? Super cute! Thanks

  3. Love your purse and all the cute bags inside too.

  4. Now that is a serious bag! But I would say better to be prepared for anything :) Do you have a favorite place to get your monogrammed pouches? I am getting ready to get married and would love to get some on order. Thanks!! Love you blog and your kiddos are too cute!

  5. I can.not.bleieve you have all that stuffed in that bag, hahaha! It doesn't even look like all that could fit in there! Well, bottom line is that you are prepared for many different kinds of situations!!!

  6. Fun to get a peek!
    I like the idea of having the smaller zipped bags inside--for lip gloss and pens, etc... I love having a big purse with everything in it, but I'm tired of digging! :)

  7. It's kind of like a Mary Poppins bag! Looks small on the outside and then you start pulling everything out! Super funny!

  8. I'd love to know what you think about the Simplified Planner! I have a MayBook but am eyeing the SP for next year! :)

  9. Your bag is great! You are definitely a mama! A stylish mama! I love seeing what is in people's bags! My bag is boring!

  10. Your bag is amazing! I have been working on sprucing up my wardrobe that I've completely neglected my purse {yes, I use 1 purse and it looks horrendous}. I will have to check out Stella and Dot's purses so my friends stop teasing me - ha! :-)

  11. Andrea...what is chocolate covered honeycomb?? I thought bees LIVED in honeycomb? AM I WAY off??

  12. I have never heard of Boden! I think my life just changed!

  13. I am sooo cracking up for several reasons: 1- Erika's comment on the fact that she thought bees lived in honeycomb! I love it! Honeycomb makes me think of the Berenstain Bears! 2- My bag looks SOOO similar. My husband always says that someone could live out of my bag for a week. I am seriously too embarrassed to post a pic! I actually found a pancake in it the other day! I am obsessed with that bathing suit and those necklaces!!!! Such a fun post :)

  14. Thank for you introducing me to BODEN.... I saw your picture and immediately went to their website..... I will now be the owner for 3 new Boden items! Thanks so much! Love reading your blog!!

  15. I love this post, and that bag! I'm assuming it must be pretty sturdy since it held all that stuff! ;) I am currently looking for a bag I can use during the week, and I'm looking for recommendations. I am a new speech pathologist in a school, so I need something cute but sturdy for all my stuff :) Would you say the straps and everything hold up well?
    Also, I love your blog, especially all the pictures of your adorable kiddos!!! And I love your cute style! :)


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