Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up again with The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday.  My five things this week are completely random.

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1) I HEART Sink Baths
Is there anything cuter than a sink bath???  Griffin is WAY too wiggly for the big bath tub, so she's been taking her baths in the kitchen sink.  I die. 

2) Son of a Nutcracker
Mason's favorite movie EVER is Elf.  Any time he has a chance to pick a movie he ALWAYS picks it.  I think he watched it no less than 15 times during Christmas break.  He loves to reenact the snowball fight scene... complete with "Son of a nutcracker!" :) hahaha

3) These Two
These boys crack me up!

I was attempting to take a decent picture of the two of them before they headed to the Home Depot Workshop last weekend...
When this happened.  LOVE IT!!!

I crack up every time I look at it.

4) Speaking of cracking up....
Griffin is THE happiest baby ever.  Except when she wants food. She's fake crying because there's no food on her tray the minute I put her in her high chair.  Drama.

5) Printables
I've had several people email me about wanting printables of the quotes I posted last week in THIS POST.... and.... they're coming!  Along with a couple of cute Valentines printables!!! YAY!  Check back next week!!!


  1. Um, excuse me...there should be an entire post on that adorable Valentine's Day tree in the background of the first picture! So cute!!! (And the kid in the sink is pretty cute too :))!

  2. I can. not. wait. for your printables!!!!!!!

  3. any chance you can make some boy printable valentines...such as a yellow digger truck with some hearts falling out?!?! :-):-) would be super cute if you added "I dig you"!! :-) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi....totally off subject here....I found you through Mix and Match Mama and I have some daughter is expecting my first grandchild and it's a girl!!!...I love how you dress Griffin so some get your headbands from Jameson Monroe on etsy...are those the large shabby chic ones? or medium?...size wise on the bands, they state 6 month through child or you can request newborn or 3 - 6 month....???...what size is Griffin wearing?...did you purchase different sizes?...I'm trying to put a box together of a bunch of headbands, bows, etc for a shower gift (one of many gifts...ha, ha...) and just wasn't sure about that is listed 6 month through child seems a wide range to me???....also in an earlier post....the outfit your daughter has on where you are matching in the animal print? that outfit Matilda Jane? cute, I've been to their website but most of the photos show the outfits in larger sizes so hard for me to think of what it would look like on a smaller any help in how to shop that would be appreciated....ha, ha....thanks so much....we're so son-in-law is from a family of boys...there hasn't been a girl for generations so to say we were all shocked that it's a girl is an understatement!!!! your style, how you dress and how you dress your baby girl....any knowledge or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks so much!!!!

  5. Cute baby in the sink!
    Excited to see your Valentine's printables!
    Have a great weekend, Andrea :)

  6. I have to add, I played the Mason video just now, and Nolan kept saying "And again, Mommy?" We watched it at least 10 times... :)

  7. I just have to say that the grandma who commented is just too stinking cute!! She will be giving one heck of an awesome gift if she takes her cue from you. Your daughter is always SO adorable! I have a six month old girl (and 3 year old girl) and it's so fun to dress them up!

  8. Such cuties! My son is 2 and acts just like Griffin if there isn't food ready to go when he sits down. lol! Have a great weekend Andrea!
    Can't wait for the printables :)


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