Monday, January 27, 2014

Wedding Watch Party and Weekend Recap

We were EXCITED about the Bachelor wedding this past week! Luke couldn't wait to see Kensington on TV and he made her this sign on Thursday night :)

Friday Griffin rocked some serious "headband hair"

Friday night Haha stopped by and ended up watching all of Wreck It Ralph with my littles:

Saturday afternoon I took THIS kid to WalMart :)

Griffin got a new anywhere chair and she LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES it :)

And Mason has decided he wants to sleep in a tent for the rest of his life. hahaha

Sunday morning Luke was looking extra cute :)

and I managed to get a SOMEWHAT okay picture of my three.

I had an open house at school from 1 - 4, and Griffin was looking PRESH before I left.

I rushed home to get everything ready for my Wedding Watch party! SO FUN!!!

Since we weren't AT the wedding, I decided to bring a little wedding to us and so I made these "weddingish" cupcakes...

Luke walked in right as Kensington came in and it was so cute... he goes, "Woooooooooooow". :)

We all wore bangles to support our bestie!

We loaded our plates with enough cream cheese filled foods to last until the next Bachelor wedding and settled in to watch.  I'm not going to lie... the first hour and fifteen minutes was PAINFULLY awkward.  PAINFUL!!!  BUT at 8:20 we were all SQUEALING and clapping!!!

It's been a CRAZY 2 years... from the time Shay told us that Sean was going to be on the Bachelorette all the way until last night. SO MUCH FUN!

And this morning I feel like Griffin looks in these pictures from yesterday afternoon. hahaha


  1. Great idea to have a watch party!! And your kids are the cutest!! So adorable!

  2. So glad I am not the only one who thought ABC made it painful for all of us up until the wedding! What a beautiful bride and family in general! That Papa Jay had me crying! Hopefully Shay is proud, her kids did great! :)

  3. Words cannot express how much I love you girls. Thank you so much for being there for me over these last 2 years. XOXO

  4. Your cupcakes look fabulous!!! You really can do it all can't you ?? ;-)

  5. Griffin's new chair is really pretty!
    I LOVE the wedding cupcakes that you made.
    So fun that you could host the watch party--(I agree about the awkward) but the ceremony was beautiful!

  6. Your party looked soooooooo much fun! Sad I missed it!!!!!!!

  7. Hahahaha, I agree with the painfully awkward!! Is it bad that I thought of Smith's, Kensington's and your little's reactions when they had too many "grown sexy" concepts that should've just.. NOT shown??? hahaha wondering how mix and match mama would explain scenes to the ring bearer and flower girl.. anyway this was the first time I commented but I love love love your blog! I want to be just as crafty and awesome as you are when it's time for me to be a working mom!!

  8. I LOVED watching last night {but I know what you mean about the first part}...I just wish more of my friends were fans of the show b/c a watch party would have been so fun! It was especially fun to watch since I feel like I "know" Shay since following her blog. Such a crazy and fun time for their family!! :-)

  9. Oh my goodness, I could not get over how completely awkward and inappropriate the first hour was. Why was it SUCH A BIG DEAL that they were waiting until marriage, and WHY was it the only thing anyone could talk about?! And the "Honeymoon Suite Cam"?! Ewww!!! Thankfully, I thought Mr. Lowe's ceremony was PERFECT, and I was so glad ABC didn't make him censor it. He talked about Jesus and God and how marriage is for your lifetime, and it was SO refreshing! It ALMOST made up for all the awkwardness earlier. Ugh!

  10. Your wedding watch party looks so fun! You girls are just the sweetest friends and Shay is so blessed to have you all in her life. Even though I know none of you in real life, I can just see how special your bonds are with each other and I love it!!!
    The wedding was beyond Beautiful and the ceremony was perfection....loved every single word Papa Jay spoke and he had me in tears right along with Sean and Catherine's vows. What a special family they are!

  11. Regular on says....
    I agree the Grown Sexy and lingerie was awkward. It isn't as if any of us married couples don't get it and understand, but out there for all public was strange. Sophisticated with sey feel? Regardless, it was precious!

  12. My friends and I had a watch party as well and it was so fun! We had a cake with a topper and everything. So fun! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and the kids did so well! Why oh why did ABC have a honeymoon cam? So so so awkward. But Seans dad was the perfect person to officiate the wedding. So refreshing to see such a sweet Christian ceremony and message on nations TV.

  13. I know I saw most of those photos on Instagram, but I love seeing them again...those kiddos are so cute :)
    And you Bachelor Wedding party looks like so much fun!

  14. Awkward is a good description of the first hour! I'm guessing it is mainly what ABC thinks would capture viewers...regardless, the love and faith of the Shull and Lowe families shone through.
    Your party looks like a blast, I wish Ohio wasn't so far from Texas! (although we did have our 9th snow day today!) Griffin's new chair is gorgeous, her sleeping in that position is precious, Luke looks like a mini-boden model in his cute outfit, and the pic of your three is perfect! Have a great week! xoxo

  15. What a fun party! And Griffin sleeping like that-so funny!

  16. Totally loved this entire post!! I have no words except that you perfectly explained it all so well! How fun to see one of your besties & her sweet family on Live TV!! And as always, love the pics of your sweet darlin little ones!! :)


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