Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up today with The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday!

1) Simplified Planner - Back in Stock!!!
And at the time it was sold out... but ALAS!  Emily Ley has decided to do ONE more release of them! HOORAY!!!  Click HERE to visit her site and preorder.
2) #eandajanchallenge
Tomorrow marks the beginning of the LAST week of Erika and I's Photo-a-Day challenge on Instagram.  Even if you haven't participated up to this point - start today!!!  All you have to do is post a pic that corresponds with that days "theme".  Add the hashtag #eandajanchallenge and link up with us!

3) Sweetness!
These two crack me up.  They're so super sweet to each other and it's adorable!

Kensington made Luke a Valentine :)

 4) Compare and Contrast.  
I hear all the time how much my kiddos look alike and I just don't see it.  I did a couple of little 9-month comparison collages...

5) A couple of weeks ago, a girl emailed me, saying that she thought she and I shared the same passion for girl clothes... and asked for my address.  Yesterday a box FULL of clothing (including this AWESOME dress that I've been on the hunt for!) arrived on my doorstep.  It was so sweet, thoughtful and special.  I'm planning my own "Pay It Forward" this month and can't wait to brighten someone's day like she brightened mine :)

 A couple of other randoms from the week... 
Mason thought that Griffin's vest would make the perfect bedtime accessory.  That kid is crazy.

On Tuesday, I did a "Day in the Life" post.  If you missed it and you're curious about what a normal day in the life looks like for me click HERE.


  1. I Love the side by side comparison-- they look related, but totally different! :)

  2. Awww--I love Kensington's sweet Valentine to Luke!
    Mason in the fur vest--too cute!

  3. Love playing along with the photo challenge!
    How cute are Luke & Kensington :)
    The side by side photos are cute, but I don't think they look like each other.
    Have a great weekend Andrea!

  4. You seriously just made my day by telling me the planner will still be available!! ahhhhh!! <3 <3 <3 I can't wait to get my hands on it; have set the standard pretty high on how organized it will need to be hahaha ;)

  5. What a sweet Valentine! I also love how you are good at creating the side-by-side comparison photos of your'll cherish those. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. I love the side by side pics of your babies! Soooo sweet!

  7. How sweet of her to send you some clothes! I'm pregnant with my second baby and find out next week if it's a girl (our first was a boy). I've bookmarked and saved your post about Griffin's adorable clothes for reference if this one is a girl. I can't wait to go crazy with all the fun girl clothes!


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