Tuesday, January 28, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram (andrea2220), then you're probably familiar with my "Gwippin" posts.  Mason pronounces Griffin's name "Gwippin" and I started tagging pictures of the two of them with this hashtag to show their "unique" relationship :)  

Mason was NOT interested in "baby" while I was pregnant and really didn't start even warming up to Griffin until this past October (when she was 6 months old).  Mason is "hot or cold" and he's that way with Griffin.  It's super funny though, because Griffin ADOOOOOOOOORES him.  She follows him around, climbs all over him and if he's in the room she wants to be right there.  She's his biggest fan and audience and giggles at pretty much everything he does.

"Hey, Gwippin!  I'm going to party dance.  You're going to laugh"

"Tell Gwippin stop smilin' at me!"

"Hey, Gwippin! Pwetend to eat my face!"

"Hey, Gwippin! Stick out your tongue and I'll check for fever"

"Gwippin! Say neigh like a horsey"

Paci standoff with Gwippin

Saturday morning snuggles with Gwippin.

"Tell Gwippin stop chokin' me!"

"Gwippin! Sit still so I kiss your toesies"

"Gwippin's hurtin' my toes!"

She babbles, he corrects. :)

"Tell Gwippin stop smellin my pillow"

"Hold on tight, Gwippin!"

"Gwippin! Stop jumpin so I can kiss your face"

"Gwippin is NOT using good manners at my tea party. She needs to leave"

He kept a watchful eye on Gwippin in case she made a move for his pillow.

"Gwippin! Stop in name of law!"

Mason put up the "Gwippin" wall...

Love the "love" these two have for each other :)


  1. The Gwippin posts are my favorite on Instagram! So cute!

  2. How cute to see the special relationship between number two and three! Makes me think I COULD have a third just so my littlest son can kiss his/her toes :)

  3. Oh my goodness...cuteness overload!!! All 3 of your kiddos are just adorable!! Some of these pics made me laugh, because it sounds like my son w/ my niece. When she was first born, he was ALL about her, then after about a month he didn't care for her, now she's 6 months old & he's SLOWLY starting to warm back up to her. HAHAHA!!!

  4. Those IG's are my FAVORITE! So Funny!

  5. Their relationship is so sweet and you've captured it perfectly in photos! My middle and youngest have a similar relationship. :)

  6. I have seen these on IG but seriously they make me laugh so hard every time I see them!! My fav is the one where he says "Tell Gwippin stop chokin me"....I just laughed so hard at that one again. Love their little relationship, SO cute!!!

  7. Completely adorable!

  8. This post was amazing! I'm a new reader and the "Gwippin" posts are my favorite :)

  9. Griffin & Mason's relationship is giving me baby fever! lol! I need another little one!!!

  10. Gwippin posts are seriously the best things ever!!! I think that you need your own reality tv show so that we can crack up at Mason all the time! :)

  11. I seriously love your Gwippin posts on IG! What will Mason say next? Love it!!

  12. Definitely gonna try to Instagram challenge! You fam is too cute!


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