Thursday, January 9, 2014

Matchy Matchy

Before I continue with my regularly scheduled post... I feel like I need to address something from my post from yesterday.  This shirt:
I got several comments about it on here and on Instagram so I thought I'd explain.  

The square root of negative one is an irrational number (because there's no number that you can square to get a negative) and you denote that with an "i".  Two to the third power is 8.  The Sigma symbol means "sum" and hopefully you all knew pi :)  So... it says "I 8 sum pi" and it was delicious.  Get it?!?!?! :)

On Monday, I posted this pic of the outfit I picked out from Griffin to wear on Tuesday.
I got a BIG response on IG and when I mentioned that Griffin and I have matching scarves I was encouraged to "match" with her.  So.... not missing an opportunity for a theme outfit I did. 

She was asleep when I left for school, so I had to settle for a blurry pic of her that DAve sent me later in the morning and some crummy selfies I took before school. :)

When we got home I had Dave take a couple of actual pics of us together. SWOON!

 I wish that we'd taken this pic when I'd first gotten dressed in the morning instead of 11 hours later when I got home. hahaha.  But crazy messy hair, a wrinkled dress and pretty much no makeup left and it's still one of my favorite pictures :)

Note about my scarf... people seemed to be shocked thatI was wearing two scarves... I've done it lots of times before so I was surprised that everyone else doesn't do it too!  When I have scarves that aren't "cuttin' it" in the heft department I double them up!  I have lots of those "gauzey" summer scarves and so I'll often wrap them with a heavier knit scarf in the winter.  You might be thinking I'm a weirdo right now... bit it works for me :)

I thought since I was talking about being matchy matchy I'd show you a few other opportunities I've seized to be twinkies with G...

I found these super cute shirts (they were a breast cancer fundraiser) that she and I sported on a CRAZY windy trip to the park...

I'm not in this pic with her, but I jump on an opportunity to show off my favorite picture of her EVER (that I snapped with my iPhone!!!)

Here we are in the summer in some fun matching headwraps :)


And back in October we sported some coordinating leopard to church :)

I hope that she wants to coordinate and be matchy matchy with me FOR EVER... but just in case she isn't on board with that I'm going to take every chance I have now and DO IT!  There MAY be an epic matching Christmas jammie pic coming next year (yes... I'm a freak) and there's FOR SURE some coordinating Spring outfits planned out for the next few months. 

She's going to think I'm a big dweeb when she's a teenager, but I'll have an awesome collection of matchy matchy pics :)


  1. Love this!! I am working on a matching post for Monday, so I totally appreciate this!! <3 <3 Matching is also my fav, & it has got to be one of the most fun things to do with your little one-- especiallyyyy when it's a little girl, right!?!? :) I can't wait to keep seeing all of the matching pics to come!

  2. So adorable!
    G's polka dot sweater is pretty!
    Totally going to practice wearing 2 scarves today...

  3. Those pics of you and Griffin are priceless! With your cool style, she'll probably want to dress like you when she's older too! And I'm glad you posted about the shirt b/c I was wracking my brain trying to figure it out! I definitely chuckled! :-)

  4. I love how you guys match! I just LOVE your style!! I always try to make my daughter (3yrs) match me too! I know it is just a matter of time before she will refuse :-/

  5. CUTE CUTE!!! I still would LOVE to know where most of Griff's clothes come from :)

  6. So I CLEARLY need to step it up with my matching game with Claire. Adorable pics of you and your sweet girl!


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