Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to reality

OOOPS!  This was supposed to publish this morning!!! :) 

Anyone else feeling my pain this morning???   By the time most of y'all are reading this I am probably already dressed, ready, and at Starbucks on my way to school... unless you're Shay.  In that case you've been up for hours :)  

I have loooooooooved Christmas break!  LOVED it!  We had no major plans, didn't have to travel and spent lots of time just hanging out in our pjs.  PERFECT!!!

I've loved every minute of watching my kiddos built countless towers...

... watch lots of movies...

... and make a huge mess in every room.  All day long. 

Griffin decided these two weeks would be a good time to become totally mobile...

... and she LOVED getting to spend her days crawling all over her big brothers.

The boys played really well together...

... in between spurts of crazy loud screaming :)

They practiced their "karate moves" on each other...

... and spent lots of time outside together.

We got in as much snuggle time as possible...

... and I had a blast getting to dress Griffin Joy up every day :)

We got to see Frozen...

... and take lots of "silly selfies"...

Luke had a great time playing on his new Kindle...

... and Mason was his normal "goofy" self :)

Last night, we snuggled a little longer than we had planned because once the boys went to bed it meant that break was officially over. 

But, despite our desire to snuggle until LATE, we put everyone to bed knowing that the alarm would be going off EARLY this morning. :) 

I prepped pasta salad for lunches for the week, made cookies and was all ready to sit down and finish up this post when Miss Griffin decided that she was going to get up... and that she couldn't go back to bed without a solid 30 minutes of snuggles with mommy  SWOON!

This break has been GREAT and I'm determined NOT to be sad that it's over.  I am so blessed to have a job where I get to spend two SOLID weeks with my kiddos and am grateful for all the memories we've made (and not just the big ones... the little daily ones, too).  Let the countdown to Spring Break begin!!!


  1. Andrea!! My post messed up this morning too! Loved seeing your sweet kiddos! Looks like they had a blast hanging out over the break. Countdown to spring break is ON!

  2. I feel ya! I go back next week and don't want to but I am grateful to have a job I love. And you are lucky you got to see her crawl for the first time!

  3. Looks like it was a fantastic two weeks of break!
    Love Griffin's fur vest with gold & red headband!
    Hope you've had a good first day back :)

  4. I love your positive attitude and your idea to prep pasta salads for the week. Great way to be organized!

  5. That quote at the top made me laugh out loud!! I hope you had a good first day back friend!

  6. Looks like such a fantastic break spent with your sweet family! Loved all the pics, especially Mason and Luke practicing their karate chops on each other...too funny!

  7. My countdown to spring break has already begun too and I'm just the wife of a teacher. Is that sad?? Hope it was a great start to your week! :-)

  8. Totally love the quote about "real pants" true....especially after enjoying two weeks of va-ca in pajama pants. Ha! I must share that one with my fellow teachers.

  9. Ok this post has been one of my favorites!! You captured the special time spent with your sweet kiddies JUST perfect!! And of course SO happy you could dress Griffin up all of those days!! This was such a fun read! Happy countdown to Spring Break!! <3


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