Thursday, January 2, 2014

i HEART instagram

I'm not going to lie... I HEART instagram... I HEART Instagram HARD! :)  

I loooooooooooove taking and having pictures and love Instagram so much because it's quick and I can take pictures that I normally would miss getting out my "big camera". 

This early morning pic of all my peeps in my bed was a favorite from IG this week...

And y'all know I love a great Griffin pic on Insta : ) I soooooooo wish that I'd had Instagram when the boys were babies.


Definitely not enough time to grab the big camera for this shot :)  

And I love getting to share some "real" moments from our life.  Like this "Mason sandwich" (see the feet?!?!)

... my little Ninjas...

... my failed Christmas tree pic after Luke's Christmas program...

... this snow day snuggle pic...

... and these two caught during a foot war :)

Lately I've been posting some moments I catch between Mason and Griffin.  Search for #gwippin :)

 And yes, I'm a sucker for the cliche outfit pic...

Overall, it's just a really fun way to share moments and I'm pretty much obsessed.  Which is why I am SUPER excited to share something Erika and I will be doing all month!  Our very own photo a day challenge!  If you have an IG account, simply follow along with the list below and then add the hashtag #eandajanchallenge  that way everyone will be able to see each other's pictures for the day!  If you don't have an Instagram... GO GET ONE! ASAP!!!

We skipped January 1 - but don't hold that against us. Try to do every day... but if not just post when you can.  :)

If you're looking for me on IG you can find me HERE. (andrea2220)  and Erika is HERE (slaughteren)


  1. I love that you love makes my heart happy to see your sweet family!

  2. this is such a cute idea!
    I don't have IG on my phone, but I'll be excited to see your daily photos!

  3. I love this! I am pretty obsessed with IG myself, so I can totally relate!! I have been LOVING the #gwippen posts!! And I can't wait to join in the photo challenge with you & Erika!!

  4. Hi. I just found you....after you commented on Mix and Match mama on IG....whom I also just found. Loving both of your blogs and can not get enough of your little girl's outfits and bows. Do you share where you get them? I tried to find an all about me or questions asked...I am sure you get asked a MILLION times!


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