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Christmas Gifts - Recapped

I debated about writing this post - but ultimately decided to run with it just in case anyone was looking for gift ideas for kids around the same age as mine.  It sounds completely obnoxious, but sometimes I have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for my kiddos (they have so much!) and often get great ideas from friends... so I thought I'd go ahead and share!

First of all - Dave and I give each of our kids three gifts.  Right now the price points are different... Luke is the most expensive (Legos aren't cheap!) and Santa brings them each one gift (plus a stocking filled with little things... snacks, socks, new forks (hahaha), candy, etc.).


This year Santa brought Luke this Imaginext Batcave and several figurines to go with it.  He's played with it EVERY day and Mason has actually really enjoyed it as well.

Luke is LEGO OBSESSED and his first gift under the tree from Dave and I was this Lego Chima something.  hahaha  And yes... it says ages 8-14.  He's that good. :)

He had been asking for this Lego Police Helicopter for a sweet forever and the reaction we got when he opened it was priceless :)  Definitely a great Christmas morning memory!

Luke's last gift from Dave and I was this Nerf gun.  There was also one of these under the tree for Mason AND for Dave :)

Luke's Gram and Papa Mac got him the Lego City Town Square he has been PINING over, and I think he may have shed a tear when he opened it :)

My parents totally spoiled Luke with the new Kindle Fire HD...

... and an Otterbox Defender case to keep it intact :)
 The Kindle is awesome because we can set up controls for how long he can play on different apps and games.  He is in LOVE with Minecraft and he can earn time playing that by reading books, practicing spelling, etc.  It's been AWESOME!


Santa brought Mason the Mike The Knight Klip Klop Stable...
... and honestly he was more interested in Luke's Bat Cave. But honestly, I think that would have happened no matter what he got :)

Mason LOOOOOOOOOOOVES to pretend he's a chef and cook us food, so most of his gifts revolved around that.  

Dave and I got him this cookie set which has been a HUGE HIT!  He makes us cookies every day.

We also gave him this sandwich making set...

... and a set of wooden fridge food.  We have plastic and cardboard food, but he plays with them SO MUCH we thought this would hold up better.

Gram and Papa Mac got him a set of produce...

Gibi and Haha gifted him with everything he needed to cart his groceries around.  This shopping basket...

... and a shopping cart really similar to this one. (His is blue... but I couldn't find it).

He loves playing "store" and cooking food for everyone...

  ... and the cart is great for pushing "Gwippin" around as well.

This was my first trip down the "girl aisles" at the toy store and let me tell you - I was IN HEAVEN!  I feel like I've purchased every Lego, Duplo and Mega Block set out there.  I can name the Hot Wheels cars and I know about Bey Blades, Imaginext and Thomas the Train.  It was an overload of PINK and it was fabulous!

Santa brought Griffin this stroller/walker and the baby that goes in it.  EEEK!

I am obsessed with this little tea party set and it shouldn't surprise anyone that Mason almost immediately confiscated it and started serving everyone tea with their cookies. hahaha

I have an undeniable love for all things Matilda Jane and I got her this AMAZING MJ blanket...

I think it's safe to say that she likes it :)

The last gift from Dave and I was my very favorite.  I picked one of my very favorite outfits from when she was a newborn...

... and had it turned into a HoHo!!!  Check out Little Bit Funky to have your very own keepsake HoHo made.  She's so sweet and creative and I love that I get to keep her outfit and remember it but that it's not just stuffed in a box somewhere.
My parents gave Griffin several books and other little things along with this super cute Three Little Pigs play set.

Gram and Papa Mac gave her several adorable Matilda Jane outfits and she got some super adorable clothes from Aunt Diana and Uncle Mark and her very first Disney Princess toy from her Uncle Stephen.

Dave is CRAZY hard to shop for because he wants nothing.  NOTHING!  

I ended up getting him a few books (Phil Robertson, etc.) and a few shirts from J Crew.  I couldn't find the exact one I got him, but it's super close to this one.

And he has a definite thing for socks... and these pairs were under the tree for him as well...

I was totally spoiled!  Dave had me pick out a bunch of stuff from Anthropologie and, of course, I obliged.  He shared the list with is mom as well :)

I loved this fairley tunic and I got it in two different colors.

This top isn't available anymore - but it's almost sweatshirty material and I looooooooooooove it.  Comfy and cute!!!

This may have been my favorite gift. I love it!!!

I got a couple of the Anthro "Backstory" tees as well.


He also picked out this cute blazer from Anthropologie as well.

 And among all the cute clothes, a standout gift were THESE measuring spoons from World Market.  I love baking and HATE cheap, flimsy measuring spoons!

Over the summer I texted Dave a picture of this super cute bracelet I found at TJ Maxx.  It was pricier than what I wanted to spend at the time, so I sent it and told him that I would love it for Christmas.  I totally forgot about it and was super surprised to find it wrapped up under the tree. He said that he knew when he went to the store that I would love it because it was weird.  hahaha.  Not sure what that says about what he thinks about my style :)

I got some cute Stella and Dot pieces, a great necklace from J Crew and a few other things as well.  I told you - SPOILED!

Anyway, I hope you found a few cute ideas for your kids (seriously... y'all need a HoHo!) or maybe something for yourself (get you some measuring spoons!!!) and enjoyed this peek into our Christmas.  


  1. I think this post will also be great to mention again in November when people are struggling for ideas! I love how different each kid is. Sweet Mason as a chef...melts my heart!

  2. Great gifts!!
    My niece got a princess Klip Klop stable, and I think it's just so cool!
    Another niece got the Melissa & Doug cookie set, and Nolan loved playing with it and cutting up the dough :)
    Griffin's HoHo made out of her own clothes is so cute!
    And I love your "Fairley Tunics"!

  3. I had a lego maniac frustrating because yes, they aren't cheap, and he would have it finished the day he got it...and be ready for a new one!!
    BUT he can put ANYTHING together now that he is grown....! He's who we go to with any detailed instructions! He'll make a great Daddy someday!

  4. I think it was a great post as well! I got some great ideas. I also a little boy who will be 6 in april and I never would have thought about the kindle fire! Thanks for sharing. Looks like your family had a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I have been following for a while and I LOVE your blog!!! I have never commented but Its time :) I have to know where Griffin gets her bows?? we have kids around the same ages...and I know Matilda Jane is a place u love...any others I should check it???

  6. I may get my little girl that walker/stroller. So cute! And I love that chef outfit for dress up!

  7. LOVE your new floral blazer!!! It's SO cute!!! Nix got a batcave too, but he doesn't play with it much YET (I'm hoping!!). I need to read up because Ebby Lee got a Kindle Fire too and homegirl spent $20 on new apps the other day!!!! We need some controls!!

  8. I am SO very happy you posted this! I always feel like I have "discovered" all the toys out there, so it is nice to get new ideas! ...even for birthdays coming up! Thanks for a very informative, detailed post on some great ideas!! <3

  9. Happy New Year! i just read the past week's worth of your posts - for some reason i couldnt get them to come up- anyways i saw your post about the Christmas Smocked Dress for Griffin and how you hope you can let her use it as a top-- i have a (soon to be 4 yr old) and she has been able to wear a 12 mo smocked dress as a top up until the end of this past summer! so SAVE those smocked dresses and reuse :)i love the one Griffin is wearing. Also, have a question, my daughter also has all of those wooden cooking\food sets and some :) haa HOW ARE YOU KEEPING THEM ORGANIZED?? it is so hard for us?? she has a few grocery buggies and a wooden kitchen but no system is working.. just wondering if you had found one? thanks and happy thursday!


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