Monday, December 30, 2013

Little Pieces of my Heart

So about 5 years ago I started playing around in Photoshop.  I dabbled into "digital scapbooking" and found that I LOOOOOOOOOVED the creative outlet it provided without the huge mess on my kitchen table.  I could go in, create, exit out and be done.  It was awesome.  

I did my family's Christmas card that year along with a sweet friends' and Slightly Askew Designs was born! 

 It's so much fun to get to be a small part of big milestones and events in my friends lives... birth announcements, party invitations and Christmas cards!  A couple of years ago I started getting emails from "friends of friends" and since then it's taken off just a bit.  

This year I was blessed to get to be a small part of LOTS of Christmases and I couldn't feel more honored.  
Real life friends, friends of friends, Facebook friends and new friends who found me through Blogland.  I've loved designing every single card and have learned a lot through the process.  Next season y'all can expect direct shipping via FedEx (BIG lesson learned - hahaha).

So without further ado... Christmas cards!!!

Shay is my longest and most loyal client and I look forward to doing her card every year.  Shay trusts my design style and I know her aesthetic almost better than my own :)  Our families have come a long way since our first cards in 2008 and I'm so blessed to have had her as a friend through it all.  I hope to be doing her cards forever... and then Luke and Kensington's cards when they get married. hahaha

Shay also included a double sided recipe card with her Christmas cards... because would Mix and Match Mama really do anything else??? :)

Loved the traditional colors and seriously... the pic of their little girl running on the back... PRESH!

Melanie contacted me through Blogland and she's super sweet.  I just did a birth announcement for her sister and hopefully several blog redesigns (from her and her sister) will be coming your way in 2014!

I am obsessed with the patterns on this card, OBSESSED!

This may be the prettiest couple ever.  The pic of them wrapped in the tartan blanket should be in a J Crew catalog!

This was Hannah and Ty's first Christmas card as a married couple and I was so excited to get to design it for them. Hopefully I'll get to design for them in the future and watch their sweet family grow and change.

Kelly Beth is one of my oldest and dearest friends and this year I could not have been more excited to design cards for her and her adorable husband.  And yes... she looked GORGEOUS on her wedding day, but I think that their dog, Henry, kind of steals the show on the card :) 

Krystin wanted her card to coordinate with her daughter's outfit and I think I delivered :)  They had also recently moved and so I incorporated that onto the back as well.

How fun is this design!? And I MAY or may not have this same outfit for Griffin. hahaha 
MArcie... you have great taste!

Rachel has also been a long time client (and bestie) and as much as I loved doing her card this year I was distracted with thoughts of designing birth announcements for her baby GIRL coming this Spring :)

Another mama with great taste :)  Does the pic of this sweet family not just SCREAM happy?!?!?!

When Erika gave me the CD of her pictures I knew I had to go "non-traditional".  I think her card probably "stuck out in the stack" this year.  LOVE!!!

I am totally jealous of LaShawna for two reasons... 1) that her kids look like they happily pose for pictures and 2) that her daughter has the best. hair. ever. That is all. :)

The Shillings family has two daughters at Texas A&M and wanted to show some Aggie pride with their card.  Mission accomplished. 

How gorgeous are the Navarros?!?!?!  

The Hickeys were killing two birds with one stone... birth announcement on one side, Christmas card on the other!

Loved the formal pic for the front of this card.  Gorgeous family!

Narci is behind LOTS of the gorgeous images on my friends Christmas cards and the pics of her kids with Santa are no exception...

Shelby is a sweet friend I met through IG (I did her daughter's Vintage Cinderella party invitation , the invitation for her hubby's 30th birthday party and her blog makeover this year as well) and she hosts a Girl's Christmas Soiree every year.  I created this fun design for her to print, frame and have at her party.

Erin is another loyal client and she's a travel agent as well! She wanted a "beachy" theme to go with the pics from their recent cruise.

I know Celeste through MCA and couldn't have been more excited about her snowy family pics.  Maddie Grace was Luke's "kite buddy" for Kite Day at school last year and I can't wait to have that sweet girl in my class next year!

Jenny was one of the contest winners from the giveaway that Shay and Sheaffer did

Jill was scheduled to have her baby the week before Christmas and she looked GORGEOUS on her family's Christmas card. Fingers crossed she get in touch with me for birth announcements :)

LOVED her non-traditional colors and how pretty is her daughter?!?!?!

Love their outdoorsy pics and "woodsy" feel to their card.

I love how fun this Lily Pulitzer inspired card is... and speaking of fun, you should totally go check out her blog.  ADORABLE!


Sallie was a joy to work with and I love how she wanted to incorporate her son's engagement and wedding into the back of the card. 

WHEW!  That was a lot (and not even all of them!)  It was an exhausting, but super rewarding Christmas card season and I hope y'all enjoyed flipping through them with me.  

If you're looking for a custom card (birth announcement, invitation, stationary, etc.) - shoot me an email (  

I'm looking forward to getting back to my "regularly scheduled projects" like blog designs and such and will keep everyone posted on those as well!


  1. I love, love, love looking at your card designs!! They are all just soooooo good!!

  2. Amazing, Andrea!
    I seriously love them all,
    especially the ones that have the three frames on the back!

  3. You are so very talented! I started reading your blog through Mix and Match Mama's. I really enjoy reading both of yours! I hope to next year have you do my Christmas Cards! great work!

  4. You just gained another customer for next Christmas! Every card is PERFECT! Well done!

  5. How awesome to see so much of your beautiful work!! I love them all!! :-)

  6. You are so talented!!! Beautiful work!!!

  7. These are all awesome! I loved getting to see all of your different creative ideas!

  8. I'm so honored that our family made the blog! Love all your cards...don't ever quit this because you have a client for life!

  9. Your work is AMAZING!!!! I didn't get our pics done in time to have you do cards this year, but next year I am having fall pics done- so mark me down as a client for cards! Is it odd to be excited for my next year's cards already!?? Beautiful work!!!

  10. awwww!! This was such a FUN post!! I loved seeing the sign you made for my Christmas soiree (& because you're that amazing you changed it for my other party too!) You will always be my top choice for card design!!

  11. So fun to see my card on here! I loved it and so did everyone that got one. The twins loved being on it with me! Thanks for making it for me! Now I need a super cute blog design!

  12. I found your blog through Mixandmatchmama. Just wanted to say you have a sweet family and I loved your "resolution" post. Your mantras for 2014 really resonated with me as a busy mama myself who always feels like I never have enough time in a day….
    That being said, I also love your creative design style. As someone who has "completing my boy's baby scrapbooks" as a New Year's Resolution (they are 5 and 2, so I have my work cut out for me…), I like your idea of doing online layouts. Any advice on what programs to use? Thank you in advance :)


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